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Nicholas Biwott: An Alternative Eulogy of Looting, Corruption and Mass Killings

Nicholas Biwott is dead. In as much as a section of Kenyans would like Nicholas Biwott to be remembered for philanthropy and other good things he allegedly did, Biwott goes down in history as an arrogant and corrupt politician who misused his powers when he was in government, time when he was instrumental in influencing multiple political assassinations, detentions without

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Ngatia: Why Uhuru Kenyatta Will Not Hand Over Power to Raila Odinga

With the General Election drawing closer and closer, there is a general fear that Uhuru Kenyatta may not hand over power to Raila Odinga. This is because Jubilee has not only messed up Kenya but has also engaged in multiple corruption scandals worth trillions of Kenyan shillings that Jubilee fears, may land key officials in the regime in trouble after

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Martin Ngatia Reveals Jubilee’s Two-Pronged Election Rigging Strategy @makozewe According to information reaching the Kenya Red Alliance, Jubilee will try to rig election as much as possible and then use security forces to quell any resistance. KRA is taking this early opportunity to warn NASA following an intelligence leak to the effect that while NASA is preparing for an election, Jubilee’s strategist have studied the situation and

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