NASA’s “Smoking Gun” Expunged From Election Petition Evidence

1. All accounts in the integrated electronic electoral management system are based on authorizations contained in the IEBC IT Access control and user access management policy.
2. The Access control list provided for only 341 users. Between 6th August 2017 and 22 August 2017:
a. There were 3395 failed login attempts
b. There were 3851 successful log in attempts
3. The KIEMS RTS user accounts:
a. Gave read only authorizations;
b. Deletion of files was not granted;
c. Provided for configuration of election settings and user management. However from the Access Control List no one was granted these privileges.
4. Contrary to IEBC IT Access Control and User Access Management Policy, user accounts were misused by both internal and external parties as follows:
a. Access was granted to strangers who were not identified by role and who were not defined in any access lists. Among these are vendors, anonymous users using Gmail accounts, Morpho and and Administration staff who were noted to be logging into the KIEMS Kits between 08th August 2017 and 22nd August 2017. Eg,,, among many others. Watch the video for further details


  • There is no smoking gun here or anyone. Just the nasa mischief of lies, exxergerations and distortions. Why was NASA trying to get admin rights when they were only supposed to have read only access? What of the fake logs from a Microsoft operating system that NASA had flaunted before going to court and then silently ommitted it out of the petition after the lies and mischief was exposed? You NASA people should stop lying to one another and to the nation! You think everyone is as foolish as you all are? You have fallen into deception and it is gradually becoming some kind of reality for all of you NASA fanatics. Just sober up and face the TRUTH! Even after the few irregularities in numbers are factored in Uhuru still wins BIG! Uhuru’s 2000 votes were given to other candidates and so the crying of NASA is all childish. Even the international community has seen Raila and NASA for the hypocrites, liars, violence mongers and mkate-nusu cravers they are!

  • Kenneth Munge Wamburi

    Arrest Kidero and freeze his assets so that we can recover stolen revenue.

  • Those failed attempts to log in taken together with the death of Msando as well as the absolute panic among the file and rank in Jubilee can only point to one inevitable conclusion :the system was manipulated to give someone a huge lead. The Supreme Court Ruling has brought the malevolent plans of the thieves to nought and that’s why they are traversing the land vomiting unprintable insults and issuing threats left and right. I watch with glee as prominent lieutenants of the Jubilee patrons sweat it out like cornered rats knowing that this time round the whole wide world is watching keenly to see how they will wiggle out of the mess they got themselves into. Long live the five judges, long live the Chief Just! Come the morning after the election we will celebrate the change of guard at State House. Nothing is more soothing than the breath of fresh air sweeping the land.

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