We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answered them below. The questions were sent via email by our esteemed readers.

#What is KSB?
KSB is a blog site which mainly focuses on news and information about Kenyans in Stockholm. The blog site is not a Newspaper. It can publish anything from anybody as far as the rules of publications at the site are followed.

#Who is behind KSB?
KSB is mainly managed by Mr. Okoth Osewe although there are a series of contributors who also help in running the blog. KSB has a wide “Intelligence Network” which helps in gathering details about relevant stories to bring out “The Inside Edition” of what is happening.

#Can anybody post at KSB?
Yes. Anybody can do so. Send your contribution via email (kenyastockholm@gmail.com) for publication. We do not however publish anonymous contributions or libelous articles. The comment feature has been enabled and commentators are encouraged to use it responsibly. The Management reserves the right to edit comments or to block publication of comments without explanation.  KSB is NOT a discussion forum and the Management reserves the right to publish or reject contributions. Since anybody can start a blog for free and say anything, we believe that having control of the site is pretty fine especially for purposes of maintaining the agenda of the Blog.

#Does KSB represent Wakenya in Stockholm?
KSB is not an organization which represents anybody. The blog site runs under the umbrella of “free speech”. We report what we gather in Kenya-Stockholm. When we use the term “Kenyans”, we refer to Kenyans we have had contacts with or those who have contacted us on a particular issue. Our contacts mingle with Kenyans on many forums. Our contacts are on the ground while our tentacles in Stockholm are spread over a wide area. We can measure the pulse of opinion of the community on a given issue. If you don’t agree with us, fine. As human beings, we cannot agree on everything.

#What do I do if I have a problem with a story in KSB?
Write to us and say what the problem is. We easily correct factual errors because we are not perfect. We will be happy to hear from you. The idea behind KSB is to inform and promote harmony within the Kenya-Stockholm community.

#I have had an interview with KSB which has been published. Can I change anything after?
We do not retract stories which have already been published especially if an interview was conducted. If you feel that you were misunderstood, relax because you can do a new interview and correct the misunderstanding. In certain exclusive cases, an entry can be pulled down from KSB if the Management is convinced that such a pull down is necessary on grounds of evidence presented. If you want a story pulled down, it is important to take direct contact and pin-point what you wish to get off the blog. In such cases, KSB may request for a discussion about the circumstances of the story and why you wany stuff pulled down. The Management must be convinced that a story needs to be pulled down for such an action to be taken. Taking contact does not however guarantee that a story will be pulled down. The Management reserves the right to pull or retain stories at KSB. In any “Pull down request”, the decision of the Management shall be final.

How can I advertize an event or a business at KSB and does it cost?
Send it in. It’s free. We have not started making money at KSB but probably, we need to.

#Does KSB have any political position especially on the situation in Kenya?
Yes. We side with progressive forces in Kenya. We do not remain aloof in the politics of our country. We are not another media out-let that sits on the fence when a dictator is ravaging our country. To be exact, we support the idea of revolution in Kenya although that is a much wider topic for now.


In certain situations, any similarities to actual persons or events mentioned at KSB is pure coincidence, and not our intent. We cannot emphasize enough how coincidental some of our fictional entities are to any real life individual, entity, or character.

Readers should take note that in certain cases, stories are presented at KSB mainly for their humorous value. If one or more of the stories happens to become fact, it should be considered a lucky guess. If our story happens to parallel any other parodied or real story, that too should be considered coincidence. There are seven billion of us on the planet and millions of chances that a story reflects a real life situation.

If any real world people take offense as a result of an entry/entries at KSB, the name of the character in the story corresponding to a real world person can be changed…just let us know what the problem is.

In certain cases, names, characters, places and incidents at the blog site either are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to actual events or locales or persons, living or dead is entirely coincidental. Readers are strongly advised to use their discretion before translating KSB stories into reality because some stories are for entertainment only. Stories which depict real life situations could be coincidental, circumstantial, inadvertent and purely unintentional.

Under the mentioned circumstances, KSB management does not take any responsibility whatsoever for any similarities (real or imagined) of characters, names, situations, scenes, depictions and presentations with real people, dead or alive. In such situations, the blog management apologizes in advance and regrets any inconveniences that may be caused to individuals.

This page is subject to update without Notice.

Last Updated: 29th November 2008