Martin Ngatia on The Kenya We Want: Titbits of KRA’s Political Program


As a matter of principle, a serious political party must have a political program outlining the Party’s or Movement’s agenda. The Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) is no exception and in this video, Chairman Martin Ngatia talks about “The Kenya we Want”. He touches on the question of medical care, education and land. Currently, millions of Kenyans have no access to medical care because it is too expensive and beyond the reach of a starving people simply struggling to survive.

Secondly, education has also become inaccessible to millions of Kenyans because education system has been privatized. This means that the more money you have in Kenya, the likely it is that your child will get better education. The agenda of KRA is to abolish a political system which allows children of the rich to have the best possibilities of attaining an education as compared to millions of poor Kenyans.

The question of land is also an issue which has refused to go away 53 years after flag independence. Millions of Kenyans remain landless in their own country because land has been grabbed by both wealth and land grabbers, either in government or with political connections. The Kenyatta family remains one of the boggest land grabbers in Kenya.

The issues affecting Kenyans and solutions to the key problems are available at KRA’s web site ( where the Movement’s political program is also available for scrutiny. In the meantime, listen to Chairman Ngatia touching on the three issues mentioned above. Enjoy!


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