Martin Ngatia Reveals Jubilee’s Two-Pronged Election Rigging Strategy

According to information reaching the Kenya Red Alliance, Jubilee will try to rig election as much as possible and then use security forces to quell any resistance. KRA is taking this early opportunity to warn NASA following an intelligence leak to the effect that while NASA is preparing for an election, Jubilee’s strategist have studied the situation and concluded that they will lose election unless they rig it. Jubilee is therefore preparing for election rigging. Why is Jubilee planning to rig the Election?

First, the Mount Kenya mafia cartel that runs Jubilee has been engaging in nothing but corruption since Jubilee was rigged to power by the Kibaki regime’s cartel who masterminded the 2013 rigging operation. The amount of money that has been looted by cartel members during Uhuru’s presidency is so huge that they cannot afford to have a new NASA regime seize power to embark on a vigorous scrutiny of the economies of the looters in order to catch them to face justice. The fear that the looters will be caught and possibly prosecuted is one key factor that is fuelling the need for the cartel to rig the August 8th 2017 election.

A second major concern is that once Nasa takes over power, the new regime will embark on a de-Kikuyunization of government. That is, Kikuyus who were appointed by Kenyatta to head top government institutions (including the security docket) will be replaced. The retirement of Kikuyus from government positions is the ultimate nightmare of the ruling class because their allies heading various institutions have been shielding their bosses from corruption scandals. With a new NASA regime, everything will come out in the public domain.

To be precise, the Security department is in panic mode because 99% of corruption scandals perpetrated within the docket have been out of the public domain because of the rule that any audit related to tenders within the docket are classified. In this way, the security docket has managed to get away with multiple scandals that could choke Kenyans if they are made public as those involved are lined up to face justice in court. The urge to rig election is therefore at its boiling point.

Another issue is that majority of thieves who have stolen from the taxman have invested in Kenya with a few having stashed the stolen money in mafia-controlled bank accounts. The fear is that once NASA takes over power with Raila Odinga as President, property acquired using stolen money will be recovered to be converted into public property. This is yet another reason why the Mount Kenya mafia is working on a strategy to rig election.

In this video, Mr. Martin Ngatia, Chairman of the revolutionary Kenya Red Alliance (KRA), reveals major strategies the Mount Kenya mafia cartel is planning to employ in election rigging.

It is possible that support for NASA at the election will be overwhelming making the rigging of impossible. However, KRA would like to warn NASA to note the points raised and develop a strategy of preventing Jubilee from using the methods stated to rig election. It is an interesting video which, no doubt, takes the issue of election rigging to another level. If you have not done so, and if you appreciate our work, support us by subscribing, liking and spreading the word. Kenya must be free and KRA will be here to play a leading role in the emancipation of Kenya, now and in the future.

Okoth Osewe


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