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Debunking Mutahi Ngunyi’s Wicked Lies About Nasa and Kalonzo Musyoka


In the video under review titled “No Raila no Nasa” published on 4th February 2017, Mutahi Ngunyi and his six political kids takes a vantage position and pontificates wildly about Kenya’s political future. What I wish to challenge in this video are certain characterizations and conclusions which are either misleading or untrue. The conclusions in question are as follows: The

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Mutahi Ngunyi Fights Back! Pulls Critical Video from Youtube


Although Mutahi Ngunyi criticizes others, he does not want to be criticized. This observation emerged when Mutahi filed a copyright violation to remove a video in which I had challenged him on the wild claims he routinely makes on Kenyan politics with abandon. The basis of Mutahi’s complaint to Youtube was that clips from his video had been used without

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Challenging Mutahi Ngunyi: NASA is not Uhuru Kenyatta’s Creation


After weaving a deceptive theory of tyranny of numbers which failed in 2013, forcing the Mount Kenya Mafia cartel to rig elections, Mutahi Ngunyi has changed his propaganda tactics ahead of the August elections. This time round, he has surfaced with a series of video messages, not just to undermine Raila Odinga’s Presidential bid but also to try and split

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