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Martin Ngatia on The Kenya We Want: Titbits of KRA’s Political Program


As a matter of principle, a serious political party must have a political program outlining the Party’s or Movement’s agenda. The Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) is no exception and in this video, Chairman Martin Ngatia talks about “The Kenya we Want”. He touches on the question of medical care, education and land. Currently, millions of Kenyans have no access to

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Message to Maasai Community on Leadership Following Demise of William Ole Ntimama


Following the death of William Ole Ntimama, the Maasai community has been mourning the death of a “great leader”. Many Maasai leaders have come and gone with the most recent heroes being people like Stanley Oloitiptip, Ole Tipis, Ole Kaparo et al. However, according to Martin Ngatia, Chairman of the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA), the Maasai have actually been leaderless

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Martin Ngatia Speaks on Ababu Namwamba, Koigi’s Defection, Aging Moi and Ailing Kibaki


Ababu Nwamba, the former Secretary General of the Orange Democratic Movement, quit the Party, citing various reasons. Koigi wa Wamwere, a former radical politician and former political detainee who was thought by millions of Kenyans to have been Left-leaning on the basis of his association with the Mwakenya Movement in the 80s, abandoned his Party – Chama Cha Mwananchi –

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Vumbi Dekula Band is Back at Little Nairobi


After long hiatus without action at Lilla Wien, Vumba Dekula Band is back! For the last eight months, Lilla Wien, also known as little Nairobi, has been closed to customers because the joint has been undergoing renovation. The work is now complete and Little Nairobi has a completely new and welcoming face that will no doubt dazzle revellers who flock

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