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How Jacob Juma Was Assassinated as Narrated by the Assassin to Boniface Mwangi


The amazing confession of one of Jacob Juma’s assassins is no doubt one of the most compressive documentation of how the late anti-corruption crusader met his death. Equally disturbing is what appears to be an unchallengeable link to DP William Ruto’s involvement in the assassination of his former friend. Not only is Farouk Kibet, Ruto’s Personal Assistant, named as a

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Q&A: What is Martha Karua’s Fate with Her Kirinyaga Gubernatorial Project?


Martha Karua is a politician who must have been doing a lot of re-thinking in the past six months. For her to have concluded that she has to return to Uhuru Kenyatta, she must have undergone through a lot of psychological torture. Indeed, she appears to have interrogated her political options ahead of 2017 and made decisions which have seen

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Ngatia: Kenya is Led by Criminals; Raila is the Rejected Cornerstone; Ruto will Never be President


According to Chairman Martin Ngatia, Kenya is led by criminals bent on stealing public resources and this, according to Ngatia, explains why corruption in government continues to thrive unabated. Mr. Ngatia says that unless there is a regime change and the corrupt thieves are apprehended and their assets frozen (including bank accounts), corruption will continue to be a scourge in

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Kikuyus Are Suffering Under Jubilee and Should Stop Kulamba Lamba Uhuru Kenyatta


The Chairman of the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) Mr. Martin Ngatia, has appealed to members of the Kikuyu community to stop boot-licking (kulamba lamba) President Uhuru Kenyatta and his deputy, William Ruto. In this video, Mr. Ngatia argues that despite being the President of the Republic of Kenya, millions of Kikuyus continue to suffer under the government of Uhuru Kenyatta.

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PAC IS Fooling Kenyans Unless It Interrogates The Big Fish and The Untouchables


The Parliamentary Accounts Committee (PAC) has been investigating the mega corruption scandal at the Kenya National Youth Service (KNYS) in which Ksh 1.8 billion was stolen by a notorious cartel running the Jubilee government. Although there have been very dramatic scenes during the hearings with witnesses being confronted by PAC members to explain how money got stolen, the Kenya Red

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Lawi Shipping International Next Cargo Departure from Stockholm: 27th/Nov


After establishing itself as the leading Shipping company in Scandinavia for Kenyan bound cargo, Lawi Shipping International is pleased to announce that its next cargo consignment to Mombasa, Kenya will be leaving Stockholm on Sunday, November 27th 2016. All customers intending to ship cargo are therefore advised to get in touch with the company for further cargo handling and delivery

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