African Woman Assaulted in US for speaking Swahili


An African woman was brutally assaulted by a racist white woman for speaking Swahili in the United States. Here, she tells her story.


  • Majority of Kenyans oppressed people should elect Mr Martin Ngatia as next 5th President of Kenya.Martin Ngatia is the right person to lead Kenya.For those who have followed and observed Mr Ngatia Video’s ,he is a true patriot , to his country and to the millions of oppressed people of Kenya.

  • A smart Kind dog with a brain than many African leaders especially Kenyan politicians.

  • Coons Rapid used to be predominantly white just a decade ago but many African immigrants are moving to the Twin cities northern suburb like Coons Rapids to buy houses. A lot of Somalis, Liberians, Kenyans, and other west Africans are purchasing houses there. Some whites are known to get agitated when middle class blacks move into suburbs that were previously white.

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