Why is the Uthamaki State After Miguna Miguna

The Uthamaki state arrested Miguna Miguna on Friday, February 2nd 2018. Despite a Court order issued the same day for his release, the State disobeyed the order. Another Court order issued on February 5th 2018 calling on the Inspector General and the Chief of CID to release Miguna Miguna or produce him before the Court was also ignored.

The Uthamaki regime continued to ignore Court orders amid fears and rumours that Miguna Miguna may have been seriously sick or had suffered an asthma attack.

In this video, Okoth Osewe goes through the reasons why the Uthamaki state is after Miguna Miguna. As a matter of record, Miguna Miguna has been a thorn in the government’s flesh since his days at the University of Nairobi and later during his days as the Chief Advisor to the former Prime Minister and now President of the people’s Republic of Kenya Hon Raila Amolo Odinga.

His illegal arrest can directly be associated with his revolutionary politics as the General of the National Resistance Movement – Kenya (NRM-K). Watch the video and have your say.

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