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Jared Odero Says Former KUWA Officials Stole SEK 1,000 from Him

Jared Odero, a Kenya-Stockholmer, has accused former officials of the Kenya United Welfare Association (KUWA) of stealing SEK 1,000 from him. In a Kenyan email Forum managed by the Kenya Support Network in Sweden (KESNET), Jared alleged that the officials stole his money after allegedly collecting cash from members under the pretext of setting up a fund which he did

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Challenging Mutahi Ngunyi: Nasa Will Lose to Jubilee if Principals Split Up

In this video, I challenge two key ideas put forward by Mutahi Ngunyi. The first one is Mutahi’s proposal that NASA principals should abandon their quest for Presidency by trying to negotiate with Uhuru Kenyatta for positions in government after elections. Why is this idea weird? It is because there is nothing to negotiate with a thieving Kikuyu ruling class

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Uhuru Must Take Responsibility for Castration of Kikuyu Youths by Expatriates

A program to castrate Kikuyu youths is underway in Kenya. Under the guise of “effective family planning” thousands of Kikuyu youths have already undergone the procedure especially in Central Province. In November this year, live broadcasts of the procedure were featured on Facebook and reported on BBC to popularize the practice in Kenya. The procedure, known as vasectomy, is as 

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Doctor’s Strike Will Fail Due to Lack of Political Support – Martin Ngatia

Once again, Kenyan doctors are on strike to demand the implementation of the 2013 Collective Bargain Agreement (CBA) reached by the government to increase doctor’s wages. Since the dictatorships of Jomo Kenyatta, Daniel arap Moi and Mwai Kibaki, workers on strike have consistently been duped by these corrupt governments on agreements that have notoriously failed at the implementation stage. Why?

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Q&A: What is Martha Karua’s Fate with Her Kirinyaga Gubernatorial Project?

Martha Karua is a politician who must have been doing a lot of re-thinking in the past six months. For her to have concluded that she has to return to Uhuru Kenyatta, she must have undergone through a lot of psychological torture. Indeed, she appears to have interrogated her political options ahead of 2017 and made decisions which have seen

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Ngatia: Kenya is Led by Criminals; Raila is the Rejected Cornerstone; Ruto will Never be President

According to Chairman Martin Ngatia, Kenya is led by criminals bent on stealing public resources and this, according to Ngatia, explains why corruption in government continues to thrive unabated. Mr. Ngatia says that unless there is a regime change and the corrupt thieves are apprehended and their assets frozen (including bank accounts), corruption will continue to be a scourge in

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