Message to Maasai Community on Leadership Following Demise of William Ole Ntimama

Following the death of William Ole Ntimama, the Maasai community has been mourning the death of a “great leader”. Many Maasai leaders have come and gone with the most recent heroes being people like Stanley Oloitiptip, Ole Tipis, Ole Kaparo et al. However, according to Martin Ngatia, Chairman of the Kenya Red Alliance (KRA), the Maasai have actually been leaderless because all their so called leaders have been conspiring with corrupt governments to short-change the Maasai especially on the question of land. In this video, Chairman Ngatia expounds of why the Maasai have been defrauded and what the community needs to do about their crisis of leadership, a crisis which has given opportunists a chance to surface and cheat the Maasai’s. Enjoy.

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