Raila-Uhuru Handshake Was a Betrayal of the Kenyan Struggle – Martin Ngatia

Since the much-talked about handshake between Raila Odinga and Uhuru Kenyatta, Mr. Martin Ngatia, Chairman of the Kenyan Red Alliance (KRA), has never commented on the event. In this video, Mr. Ngatia gives his opinion and says that the handshake was tantamount to a betrayal of both the Kenyan people and the Kenyan struggle.

According to Ngatia, Raila Odinga betrayed at a time when the struggle to topple the Jubilee government was almost being won. He says that although the Kenya Red Alliance understood that the opportunist wing of the Opposition could betray, it was least unexpected that Raila would be the person to do so especially after hundreds of Luos had lost their lives during the struggle following the rigging of the August 2017 election.

Mr. Ngatia says that when KRA decided to support Raila Odinga and the NASA bandwagon, it was because Raila was the most progressive element within the NASA formation and since he was carrying the NASA flag, supporting Raila was the best option under the circumstances. According to Mr. Ngatia, Raila is a major disappointment to Kenyans who believed that he could get them to Canaan. Ngatia says that by accepting to work with the thieving Jubilee ruling class, Raila has not just betrayed but also killed Opposition politics in Kenya.

If Raila was tired with the struggle, he could have retired quietly and allowed Kenyans to continue with the struggle. Nevertheless, Mr. Ngatia says that “aluta continua” and urges Kenyans not to give up the struggle following the historic betrayal. Watch the video and have your say.

Okoth Osewe


  • scholastica maina

    Totally agree with Ngatia .When human intgrity and betray the trust .it is very absurd .Am bitter and shaming us fighters of democracy .we cannot go back to slavery in our own soil and impunity.Raila you better style up..Never Never will kenya be the same with the same kikuyus dump murders robbers grabbers thieves unless they move back to CENTRAL PROVINCE to burry their catchet of enemity there. It is not yet UHURU in Kenya

  • Raila may have had a plan for his political survival but he should know that he is no longer relevant in kenyas political struggle because he has shown selfishness and unreliability. He is the kind of shepherd who can abandon his flock in the wilderness.

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