Ngatia: Why Uhuru Kenyatta Will Not Hand Over Power to Raila Odinga

With the General Election drawing closer and closer, there is a general fear that Uhuru Kenyatta may not hand over power to Raila Odinga. This is because Jubilee has not only messed up Kenya but has also engaged in multiple corruption scandals worth trillions of Kenyan shillings that Jubilee fears, may land key officials in the regime in trouble after they lose power.

In this video, Mr. Martin Ngatia outlines some of the circumstances that may led to Jubilee not handing over power. Within the government, Jubilee has populated key positions with Kikuyu loyalists whom, Jubilee fears, will all lose their jobs especially within the security forces and the financial sector under a NASA government.

Also, there are numerous corruption scandals within the Security department which have not come into the open because tenders within the Ministry of defence are shrouded in secrecy.

uhuru will not hand over power to raila odinga

NASA has said that it will implement the TJRC Report once it comes to power. For starters, the TJRC Report reads like a who is who in the land grabbing industry in Kenya since the days of flag independence.

Specifically, the Kenyatta family is known to have grabbed thousands of acres especially in Coast and Central provinces thereby rendering millions of Kenyans landless. The fear of NASA looking into the injustices in land distribution, together with other concerns raised by Ngatia, may prevent Jubilee from handing over power.

Okoth Osewe

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