Why Are Western Powers Meddling in Kenyan Politics? Okoth Osewe Explains

Since flag independence in Kenya, both American and European imperialism have been meddling in Kenyan politics but from the background. Since the twin election rigging in August and October 2017 by the mafia cartel that controls the Uthamaki Republic, Western imperialism has not only increased overt political intervention in Kenya but these powers have also come out strongly to: subvert democracy, undermine the Kenyan democratic struggle, support a rogue State and display a level of political arrogance that has never been witnessed in the relationship between representatives of the West and the Kenyan Opposition.

Why is this unwelcome intervention being witnessed now? For starters, the West has always had a perpetual political, economic, military, technological and strategic interest in Kenya since the betrayal of the Land and Freedom Army in the 60s. When British colonizers realized that they were bound to lose the war of liberation that was spear-headed by Kenyan revolutionaries, they decided to negotiate with home guards and the aspirations of Kenyans was not just defeated but Kenyans ended up being neo-colonized by the British and the Europeans.

Much of the land Kenyans fought for was never recovered and today, the British and their European counter-parts continue to run the Kenyan economy through the control of companies that are at the commanding heights of the Kenyan economy. In order to maintain a firm grip on Kenya, and in order to continue sustaining an economic and mental slavery of Kenyans, Western imperialism has always had puppet regimes to safe-guard their interests in Kenya. Jomo Kenyatta, a key land grabber, was the first puppet who was used by the British as supervisor of the country’s exploitation and plunder until he passed on in his sleep in 1978 before former dictator Daniel arap Moi took over.

For the next 24 years, Moi served his masters loyally and delivered Kenya’s wealth as the despot and members of his Kalenjin mafia cartel lived luxurious lives at the expense of millions of poor Kenyans. When Moi was finally defeated in the only known democratic election to have taken place in Kenya since flag independence, dictator Mwai Kibaki took power in 2002 and served his masters loyally until 2007. When Kibaki was defeated by Raila Amolo Odinga in 2007, the British and the Americans conspired with the Mount Kenyan mafia cartel to rig the 2007 election then they sent their sycophant Kofi Anan to negotiate for a settlement which left Kibaki, the stooge, in power as Raila Odinga settled for the post of Prime Minister.

In 2013, Raila won the vote once again but for the sake of peace, Raila accepted a flawed court verdict that handed over victory to Uhuru Kenyatta. In 2017, Raila won the vote once again but what Kenyans saw was a systematic attempt by Western imperialism to sabotage the democratic process once again by taking sides with the Uthamaki regime that had stolen election. The West, through its diplomats, proceeded to accept yet another flawed election that was boycotted by 80% of Kenyan voters.

Today, representatives of Western imperialism are pushing Raila Odinga to recognize Uhuru Kenyatta as President despite the fact that Uhuru never won the election, is in power illegally, is using the state apparatus to entrench dictatorship and running the country like a private family business. In this video, Okoth Osewe exposes key economic interests of Western imperialism that have seen them openly side with an election thief and former ICC indictee.

In the video, the presenter exposes the fears of Western and EU imperialism to an extent that they have surfaced from supporting Kenyan dictators from the background and are now openly ruling Kenya through Press conferences as the American Ambassador to Kenyan converts himself into the Governor of the Republic of Kenya.

Watch the video, have your say and give us a thumbs-up. Subscribe if you have not done so and spread the revolutionary tidings because the revolution will not be televised. It will be Youtubed.

Okoth Osewe, sec General, Kenya Red Alliance


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