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Why Kenya-Stockholm’s Wazee Lost to Vijana at Saturday’s Football Match

Whichever way you look at it, the Wazee-Vijana Football match held about a week ago exposed a stark reality facing Kenya-Stockholm’s wazees that could have remained expunged from scrutiny. The wazees were thwacked 14-12. However, this defeat, with a margin of only 2 goals, should be deemed “respectable” and a sports critic could be persuaded to credit the wazees for

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Shocking Revelations About Hellen’s Deportation Case

Kenya-Stockholm world continues to wallow deep in shocking controversy and unspeakable scandal. In an unprecedented, unrivalled and unparalleled moment of revelation, it has emerged that Renah Chentelle is not the daughter of Bryan Arwa and that the story regarding the paternity of Chentelle is steeped in unbridled deceit and open subterfuge. Jaqueline, the mother of the 23 year-old Bryan who

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Strange Ways Of Diaspora Returnees

Every time some Kenyans come back from abroad, expect some comedy. Suddenly they have forgotten directions and their mother tongue and need local guides and interpreters to find their way around. And as a village teacher who is slightly literate, I have had the privilege of acting interpreter to some returnees. “Tell Mom that my system cannot handle this kind

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KSB Statement Following President Obama’s Election

OBAMA’S YOUTUBE ACCEPTANCE SPEECH The Kenya Stockholm Blog (KSB) takes this opportunity to congratulate President Barack Obama on the occasion of his election as the President of the United States of America. The Election of Obama, a Kenyan-American, as President of the world’s greatest Nation is evidence that Kenyans and Africans in general are intelligent people who are capable of

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Ulambaji: Should Kenyans In Stockholm Turn To Prayers?

Wakenya wenzangu, sometimes KSB is accused by critics of spreading propaganda but let us look at the naked facts that are readily available to everybody who has been in the loop before throwing a single stone. Sometimes last year, an ailing Mr. Cheruiyot, a former Kenyan diplomat, escaped being kidnapped and deported to Kenya from his hospital bed following instructions

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“Kenyatta Day Alternative Bash” At Sätra

The African Boogy-makers invites Kenyans and friends to an African Bash at Sätra. This could be a good compensation after the community went without a bash to celebrate Hero’s Day. You have been told. FRICAN MUSIC DANCE NIGHT DATE:SATURDAY 25.10.08 TIME: 21:00 – 03:00 PLACE:Red Line Disco Bar SÄTRA CENTRUM  T-BANA Djs: Dj Tonny & Dj Spaxx (Sweden) ENTRANCE:100Kr

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