Why Was Purity Marginalized at Victoria’s Wedding?

Purity in her old Kitenge: dumped at the pavement after being bussed in with Odiangabuks

The summer is here, Kenya-student parties have been a hit and the World Cup has been galvanizing as ever before. KSB has been going slow to give agents time to relax, gather and fill up the propaganda silos because unlike diamonds, summer is not forever. However, some storos cannot just go away.

KSB has been overwhelmed by email-phone responses to Ambassador Purity Muhindi’s debacle during Princess Victoria’s Saturday wedding. If you missed the juicy part, Plenipotentiary Ambassador Purity had been invited to the wedding by the King of Sweden and basically, this meant that she was within the bracket of “Official guests”.

Our Ambassador is known to have converted Vitenges into her official “Trade Mark” especially within the diplomatic community. If you are a man and you have a woman in your life, you must know a thing about women’s concept of changing attires – that it is based on “non-repetition” of clothes at functions especially if the lady’s circuit of friends and acquaintances are the same. This is good for fashion and the general well-being of the ladies because why buy a nice looking dress if there is nowhere to show it off? A good comment will always earn you some respect among the ladies and if you are the type who does not recognize style, then you are just another good for nothing twit.

Purity has been “shining” with her Vitengez and, jokes aside, this has been very good for our country Kenya and Africa in particular. Vitengez are very unique clothes, both in texture and design and when compared with Western fashion, they definitely stand out as sophisticated. When she was invited to the big wedding, obviously Purity had to do it her way – she had to fix a Kitenge! However, she must have miscalculated big.

Given the nobble clientele that was expected at the function, Purity must have figured out that the Kings and the Queens had never seen her before, leave alone her Vitengez. When she went into her collection at the Residence in Nacka, she pulled out a Kitenge that is probably one of the most overused since she was posted to Stockholm. Her calculation must have been that she was getting into “a new territory” and so no one would actually detect that the Kitenge had been “repeated”. In the eyes of the nobble ones, it would as well pass for new, possibly with positive comments here and there as she muttered “thank you” to every “You look nice” kinda extension.

Purity miscalculated with her Kitenge choice because she hadn’t factored in the possibility of a KSB Paparazzi hanging around at a wedding where black faces were “as scarce as a goat’s hunchback”. Together with her hubby, they were obviously shocked to notice that KSB was also “among the media” that was coving the event. It was at that point that a shot was taken and posted at KSB, exposing her overused Kitenge that should have “gone into pension” by now.

The only positive thing is that only Kenyans who have seen Purity in that same Kitenge (now fit for mitumba) could immediately detect the “error” so she had some reason to smile. However, the damage had been done because the storo would hit KSB anyway. As the Swedes are busy with analysis of the wedding in every media, KSB is also bizzi with a different kind of analysis – thanks to Purity.

In every event of this magnitude, officially invited guests are supposed to be seated somewhere when the function gets underway. In fact, Kenyans in Stockholm might have to lodge an official complaint with the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs because how on earth did the official representative of the Kenyan government in the person of Ambassador Purity Muhindi end up standing for long hours at the pavement and in the scotching heat when the wedding was well underway in Church?

Purity Standing Outside the Gate at King’s Palace

When the picture was taken, Victoria was saying “Yes I do” and at KSB headquarters, staff members were very disturbed when news arrived that Purity and hubby had been kept by security within the confines of the pavement (almost 500 meters away from the Church) when she was supposed to be taking the seat where President Mwai Kibaki should have been sitting. Assuming that Kibaki was in town to attend the event, could he have been left to stand by the pavement or is this a typical case of racism and discrimination aimed towards Purity because she is an African woman Ambassador? Are we dealing with a case of sexism or is this the way events were supposed to unfold? Kenyans must demand an explanation.

Just before being dumped at the pavement, Purity had been forced to join a huge crowd of Odiangabuks who were bussed in and dumped at the pavement. Our Ambassador had expected to get there in her flashy official white chauffeur driven Benz car. For the first time since she arrived in Stockholm, Purity found herself riding in a bus and a contact who was in the bus told KSB that she looked very disappointed because other Kingly notables arrived in some of the most expensive cars on the planet.

The good part is that it was time for Purity to experience “the real life” in Stockholm as the bus zigzagged across town to take them to their destination. The question which the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs ought to answer is why Purity was blocked from using her official Benz. The question of security should not arise because our Ambassador enjoys immunity and this ought to go with her basic travelling arrangements which has it that she ought to travel in a Benz at the minimum. Cramming her in a bus with a huge group of Odiangabuks was an abuse to our country, the homeland of the President of the United States of America. After this bus trip, it amounted to “adding salt to injury” by dumping our Ambassador at the pavement. Is this matter gonna pass without being taken up with Swedish authorities?

We could have left it there but then, the worst thing happened. At the reception, Purity never even entered the gate of the King’s palace despite her “invited guest” status. Once again, what is the explanation? At the Church, Purity’s face never appeared on national TV although there were over 40 cameras coving the event for over ten hours. In the main hall where distinguished guests were being ushered and shown their seats live on TV, Purity was nowhere to be seen.

Remember that it was a Saturday and our Ambassador was on duty being paid by Tax payer’s money! If you were following events, you will notice when guests were being ushered into the hall where the magnificent cake was cut. Surely, how do you attend a wedding on your official capacity as a government representative then you end up standing outside when guests are dinning and when the cake is being cut? As Kenyans who live in this country, there must be an explanation. No stone should be left unturned until the truth behind Purity’s marginalization at the wedding is established!

Okoth Osewe


  • Osewe for those who don’t know Purity and her anti Kenya-Stockholm attitude, they would assume you are very sympathetic, thus questioning why she was left to “sun-burn” on the pavement. However, your sarcastic language once again gives it to her the way she deserves it. I laughed aloud when I read how she rode the bus to see the other side of life.

  • Jamani munatumia nguo mpaka hata watu wa miruna hawawezi kuiuza tena kama 2nd hand ama you wait untill the clothes start saying nimechoka

  • You mean the Ambassador was being paid with tax money to hang around the pavement with her hubby and later watch things from the gate? I never saw Purity eat the cake but my assumption was that she was somewhere in the palace and was served. Osewe, is this the truth or KSB propaganda?

    KSB: The picture speaks for itself. She is standing on a carpet on the pavement together with other odiangabuks. What other evidence do you want?

  • This is hilarious. The Ambassador is representing the Kenyan government and her 35 million plus people at a Royal wedding and the best position she can be given in that capacity is a carpeted space on the pavement to watch the Church building where the wedding is taking place while she is standing with her dear husband? I am rolling on the floor laffing!

    KSB: Yep. Welcome to Sweden and don’t coff yr lungs out in the process of laffing as u roll on the floor lol!

  • Kenyans ,
    That is a if,lets support “our nation”.The Hon.Ambassadors Vitenges are a personal dress code.I do not see anything unbecoming when one decides to dress the way he or she likes to.It wpuld be so encouraging if we got together and put all our energy in making us more cohesive.This is is not to make it sound as if am being critical of Osewe ,no but surely some jokes go to far.Its me Odera Anthony.Lets be civil to those who represent “our nation”.Differences have to be and must be backed by civil debate.When Mandela was being innaugurated as President ,which space di former President occupy .it was outside the arena so its polite to accord the emmissary some respect.Thats all

    KSB: Odera, and what did you make of this in the text: “Purity has been “shining” with her Vitengez and, jokes aside, this has been very good for our country Kenya and Africa in particular”. Be real.

  • The line of people standing outside that u refer to as Odiangabuks are actually representatives of different foreign missions in Sweden. Her Highness, the Ambassadour of Kenya did infact get into the church and was seated close to His Highness the Egyptian Ambassadour; with their spouses.
    Hating is given, but the Kenyan Ambassadour to Sweden is dilligently serving her term.

    KSB: Beryl, you are bold and do stand up with your ID. With due respect, your views are based on you having carried the joke to it’s logical conclusion. Have you ever wondered why the Ambassador never attends Kenyan functions? This is the main beef.

  • Marginalised? Wacha propaganda bana! what about the junguz infront and behind her? are they marginalised too? Pls Osewe, be fair to this nice Lady. About her kitenge, i think she just wanna be simple, in any case what do Kenyans gain by her attending the princess wedding? Someone asked me why some people have nice and cool dreadlocks, but i old him that, everyone has a right to do what pleases them and not others. We r supposed to be different, not same. Her kitenge is her thing and we have to learn to live with it. Good day pple.

    KSB: Odhis, just like Tonny, you too missed the point. What do you make of this in the text: “Purity has been “shining” with her Vitengez and, jokes aside, this has been very good for our country Kenya and Africa in particular. Vitengez are very unique clothes, both in texture and design and when compared with Western fashion, they definitely stand out as sophisticated”. My problem was her habit of “repeating” that very one Kitenge several times at important functions including at the wedding. Doesn’t she have cash to fix new ones?

  • Her Highness Purity Muhindi do infact attend Kenyan functions; she was at the launch of Kajuju Laiboni’s African Women Aviators function. I don’t think you would attend Kenyan functions after all the abuses and name calling she is constanly subjected to through your blog! I personally have no objection to criticism; especially for people in public offices like her Highness who MUST deliver, but the level its done in your blog has been lowered way too much…..It has infact degenerated to personal insults.

    The Kenyan Ambassadour to Sweden, just like any other heads of foreign missions here is doing a great job (according to Beryl school of thought). She is here to represent Kenya in Sweden; and this entails participation in all that you call ‘white gatherings’. I personally have never met a Kenyan government official soo powerful; yet sooo humble and down to earth. My engagement with Her Excellency both proffessional and personal have been brilliant! If Sweden can say the same of her, my heart is at peace!!

    KSB: You probably need a “Comparative Analysis of Ambassador Sergon, Kinyanjui and Purity” to grasp the point but niko jobbo. Both Sergon and Kinyanjui were Moi’s apointees. Naturally, Kenyans had political differences with them but few complained about their level of interraction with Kenyans here. You can point to some isolated Kajuju function and try to argue in Purity’s favour but for those in the know, it doesn’t wash and (according to Osewe’s sikul ov dhot), Purity remains a Public Relations disaster when it comes to Kenya-Stockholm interractions.

  • Cheers! Got ua point about vitenges, but are you aware that the King and family actually live on social welfare? was the wedding worth shining kitenge? Nah nah!

    KSB: Odhis, of cozz, the King lives big on tax money and the wedding cost a whooping 60 million kronazz. That’s why he is called the King: You work and pay taxes for his family to live beyond anybody’s level. On the other cheers, if you invite someone to share a platform in yr crib and he/she shits on yr table, what are you supposed to do? I do kick butts in my own style so take note!

  • Again, my small head tells me that I need not compare the 3 Ambassadors; especially on the basis of their public relations with Kenyans in Stockholm to fault Her Highness. Something tells me that foregin missions have higher purposes; and if therefore a comparison be made, it should be on their relations with the host country primarily; how the countries they represent are henceforth percieved abroad and if by the end of their term, their countries (in this case, Kenya) have gotten better growth, recognition; in any sector really as a result of the foreign missions’ presence.

    But then again….ushasema…..

    KSB: There are two things you may be mixing here: Purity’s “Diplomatic prowess” and her “Public Relations” abilities. The PR segment which has been in question is mainly in relation to her connection with Kenya-Stockholmers. By the way, she may have had very good PR with the Swedes and even succeeded as a diplomat as you insinuate so get this right. The point being hammered home is that on the Kenya-Stockholm front, her performance has been a fiasco. This view can be authenticated by examining available “performance data” of her two predecessors and it is in this context that I was raising the option of rendering a comparative analysis.

  • Kenyans,
    I admire Osewes steadfast position ,however l still think that Her Hihgness ,the Emissary should be spared disparaging comments based on assumptions ,that Kitenge being referrd to ,could be one of very many of the same colour and design.Its polite to invesitigate if its the same one,BUT STATING CATEGORICALLY THATS ITS BEING REWOUND IS UNCALLED FOR.Ean Odera

    KSB: Tonny, thanks for your compliment. Nevertheless, I thought you pocessed the necessary faculty to discern the “Kitenge strategy” in the satire but unfortunately, you end up wallowing in the same miasma of naive realism. I may have to close my case becaue I will not belabor, trying to elucidate on what should be obvious especially to the trained eye.

  • I thought you only cut out parts of contributions if they were abusive or something…..well, half of my writing seem to have evaporated into thin air and I wonder why!!! Anywho, keep running you blog, keep doing ur thing; as I said before, whatever makes u sleep better at night. I still think that Her Highness’ failure to attend kenyan functions doesnt warrant the kind of abuses she has been subjected to; attacks on her person etc. You moderate this blog and if u wish can moderate civil criticism of her office.

    KSB: Now you begin to shock me. I haven’t deleted a single word from your postings unless there is an error somewhere. Let me know the post number in question and I give you the original log. Abuses are normally edited but you have been very civil so far. I hope you are not playing games here to try and gain mileage:-)

  • Osewe my dear, you speak for me and you have my vote.

    KSB: Thanks. I have closed my case for now unless something new comes up.

  • Oh ,,
    If it was satirical then that gives reason to not also belabor,however some cases do warrant ,if not demand that satire should be only used when it does not cast aspertions that end up demeaning the office,its should enhance the intended targeted individual in a humourous fashion.As for closing your case ,thats your decision ,l close mine when am down and out six feet under.Jaduong ,its nice to have a space to rekindle our thinking sense.Thanks

  • Bravo Osewe. You are being too diplomatic with Purity. She is an eye-sore. She needs to pack and go. It aint strange that she is being supported by some very useless people.

  • Teacher-Goodmorning class
    Pupils-Goodmorning teacher
    Teacher-Sit down
    Pupils-Thank u teacher
    Teacher-good n before we carry on you little girl come here,why do you put on same kitenge to class everyday, dont you know this is standard four!,toka hapa rudi nyumbani mwangalie sura kama matiti ya panya.

  • Personally i second, what Beryl is saying, every word of it. Don’t get me wrong though, i have no personal relations to Her highness but i would like to believe that there is atleast one thing if not two that she is does that is right. When i first read this article, my first instinct was, kwani is Osewe having some personal vendetta with Hon. Purity and if so what can it be, how bad is it to make you wonna bring her down this much? Something must be driving him.. The beef here you say is the fact that she choses to disassociate her self with Kenyans, surely we cant crucify her because of that, she too has a right to live her life the way she wants it. Given the way wananchi of Kenya behaves and does there things here who would blame her for wanting to keep off?? I think she should be given a break, as long as the hosting country is not complaining about her and her embassy. If we Kenyans wants to know madam Purity well, i guess its upon us to make it our duty to get to know her, i don’t think she is that bad that she will chase somebarry away. Most of people are against her not because they know her but because of the negative publicity they get from people who have already made up their minds, your blog is doing a good job too. Mpatieni a break.
    #15: Jackline, the mind reflects who you are, quit calling people useless, you are what your mind tells you, in this case you crown yourself in that group too. The mind has said it…hehehe

  • Beryl, you have tried so hard to support the Ambassador and that is good if it makes you happy. If I may give my opinion, it needs to be appreciated that there are always two sides of the coin. Your line seems to be to give readers the good side of Purity while Osewe appears to be giving us the other side of the coin or what he sees as the bad side. I think Osewe has succeeded in tilting opinion against Purity because of consistent and one sided propaganda since Purity was posted to Stockholm. It might similarly take a lot of work to change the current perception and that is why your current initiative will remain a drop in the ocean.

  • Msema ukweli, at first, you pose like a wise man then you immediately wobble and begin to make accusations without the evidence. Purity has a right to live her life and i doubt whether anyone has been interfearing with that right otherwise she could have reported that person to police and pressed charges of infringement of persdonal freedom. As the Kenyan Ambassador, meeting Kenyans in Stockholm should be part of purity’s responsibility especially if these Kenyans want to meet her. If people are influenced with what they read at ksb, that is up to them because the work of the media is to influence opinion. I don’t agree with Osewe on many issues (especially his confrontational approach) but I think he is right in challenging Purity.

  • kenyadamubutabroad

    Hie people
    Seems that cloners are in the house. Why cant people be original and come up with their own pseudonyms? I am not the kenyadamu that is flexing his muscles here. And then this Ean Wuod Luo fellow even baptised me Milton when I commented in another article. Sorry Ean, I know of this guy but I’m not him. Try again…
    For the record Beryl Otumba is a very sober and honarable woman, she has and is still doing Kenyans proud in Sweden. Her comments are very true even if hard to swallow.

    KSB: Naturally, your mail has been edited because I am legally responsible for your dirty remarks. If you have stronger balls, use yr ID then throw abuses because then, you will personally take responsibility. As long as you cannot do so, you will not name names and hurl matusi here.

  • Hello,
    Its so encouraginging and healthy to read Kenyadamus comments.It is time for us as a “nation” to combine our interlect ,energy , comittment to focus on relevant topical problems that face us a a collective unit known as “Kenya”.I would suggest that Osewe with his tenacity, bring together those who can ,to a seminaer that will lay foundations of the future of our community in Sweden.Lets discuss whats happening to our kids ,grand kids and those yet to be born.Its so simplistict to use adverbs like “USELESS”.Makes it a reason to judge ,why judge without reasonable and well founded facts.
    Ean Wuod Luo

  • Hello!
    To the fans and cheerleaders of our Ambassador.
    I just want to say that our Ambassador doesnt not handle work professionally like some have mentioned above. We know how it has gone to people who have had problems
    with their passports and not had the problem resolved, and some have waited several months to have their cases heard mostly after external pressure
    Yes people bring the Scandals to KSB and we will see.
    I would remind you who hold Purity so close to your hearts that I personally have a friend who could not attend his brother’s funeral when he had problems with his passport. The Ambassador was really ignorant when my friend reached her by phone and only when he said he introduced himself as a person from Ericcsson phonecompany.

    He got his passport “fixed” after six months after he phoned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs here in Sweden where his friend works.

    Those of you who know of other cases who have been treated badly by the embassy in the name of ” Professionalism” here in Sweden knows it best themselves.

    The fact remains that the Ambassador has the greatest responsibility for the Embassy, she needs and ought to know what’s going on in her “house”
    and the buck stops with her.

    After the “disputed” elections in 2007. Some Kenyans i know demonstrated outside the Embassy in Stockholm, some of whom i thought were my friends
    and to realize not after i couldnt get them a “job”.

    The Ambassador supported her Boss and President until the very end, while several thousand people were brutally murdered.

    Last year, Kenya’s Prime Minister Purity´s other Boss for visited Sweden and Purity organized an event where he got to meet Kenyans who lived here in Sweden, for “2 hours”

    The interesting thing for me was that Raila Odinga had at least time, strength and desire to listen to Kenyans and their daily livelihoods and even had time to
    dance with them late at night and just be himself, although he is more or less the ambassador’s Boss with more power than her. (funny)

    It should be noted that the last time i was in Kenya, Raila also mentioned the poor courtship that Kenyans got from the Ambassador.

    When Raila left the Scandic Hotel with his friend and Säpolivakter the same soo “powerful” ambassador ran after him into the street without Raila saying goodbye to her because he was disappointed in her behavior and approach during his stay.

    All in all:

    Some of those who today support Ambassador were the same people who were demonstrating “Kibaki stole elections” outside the embassy after Purity’s boss had “stolen” the election. It should also be mentioned that
    the Ambassador was in Spain if I remember correctly, and when she learned that her boss “won” she celebrated while people were being maimed in Kenya.

    Could it be that the same people who today praise Purity can do it for personal reasons such as free food, wine, spirits and beer for one can otherwise find it
    strange that a person of Purity’s status mingled with the people who dropped out of their university studies in Political Science , a subject Purity handles excellent and also has a Master’s degree in.ask her to help you.

    As a woman and yes i work in Vården i think it is soo bad that some “progressive women” here likes to put u down all the time instead of helping one another.

    I personally think it’s bad that people are such hypocrites that so long as a person is “nice” towards you, you turn a blind eye to everything bad that person does.

    Well i wouldnt be suprised if Kibaki shook hands with some of the people who are now coming out in support of the Ambassador they would also sing praises to him and forget that they demonstrated outside the embassy yesterday.

    ps. pls note am not defending any personal insults on Purity but i hate Sychophancy to the fullest and oppurtunism.
    Moi is/was soo powerful and polite yet we know what he did to us.

    At least i got a stand am sticking to……..

  • @ Eva,
    Lovely highlights I must say. I am truly sorry if it has in anyway appeared that I support the Ambassador ‘fanatically’; because that I do not. All I asked of Osewe as the owner of the blog is to moderate a descent criticism towards her office. I also clearly stated that if it should happen that she has worked well in her job to represent Kenya in Sweden; then my heart is at peace. My argument; which I still stick to is that I dont think she should be faulted, insulted and all that just because her relationship with the Kenyan community in Sweden is sore. I am so much for civil criticism; especially for people in public offices; whom are in essence at our service.

    About the 2007 elections, my stand was, and still is; that Kibaki and PNU stole the presidency. I not only demonstrated infront of the Kenyan Embassy, I was also interviewed by Swedish television and Radio and said the same. This much I can tell whoever wants to hear. I am not a hypocrite, especially when it comes to democracy and human rights issue. My stand is clear and I do not mince my words. I just like many other kenyans have Kenya’s best interest at heart and I believe what happened in Kenya following the elections of 2007 hurt the country deeply. I am still ashamed to say the least. This however does not stop me from objecting to personal attacks on the Ambassador should I feel so. Unlike you, I have had brilliant relationship with her person both privately as proffessionally.
    I dont mind if you think that I say something positive about our Ambassador because I get ‘free drinks’ from her or whatever u call them; that is ur personal opinion, and to that level I shall not stoop. Thanx

    KSB: Beryl, I do have one question for you. In my article currently under discussion, can you quote a text where I am “insulting” the Ambassador so that I can concretize your concerns? I don’t have much to say about the stolen election because I have written a book about it. By the way, I don’t support insults being hurled in your direction.

  • My comment might not be to the point but what i know is that Beryl is supporting the Ambassador because of personal reasons. Beryl is a strange feminist who will support any woman in a position of authority, not because of any performance but because she is a woman. We had Ambassador Michael Sergon and Kinyanjui who were both constantly attacked by Kenyans but Beryl never said anything although she was here. I know Beryl and I know that she hates men (no offence to her dear and loving husband).

    As soon as a woman Ambassador was posted to Stockholm, she saw an opportunity to practice her distorted form of feminism. We should all support our women who are in public service but when they are wrong, they should also be told that they are wrong otherwise the support becomes sycophantic. Being feminist is not negative but blind feminism is misleading. The Ambassador does not talk to me after I called to question why she does not attend Kenyan functions. I just wanted to know the truth instead of reading everything at KSB.

    Personally, I have a very low opinion of Beryl because of what she did to a close friend of mine. This is something I cannot write here because it is not related to this debate. How can you support somebody because she gives you beer and wine for free or gives you fake attention? Supporting the Ambassador will not help her clean her dirty image. That’s my personal opinion and I hope you will publish it because I need to have my say. It’s good that Kenyans are seeing through Beryl’s cheap tricks and kudos to Eva # 23 for putting it clearly. I am encouraged that I am not alone.

    KSB: Caroline, Do you have any evidence to support your allegations of Beryl’s dirty image? Generalizations without evidence tends to weaken arguments.

  • Heee haaa Eva Larsson you have my full vote on this subject. The newborn supporters of Purity are simply called WALAMBAJI. With free food and drinks, such bootlickers see Purity as a GODDESS. I know that there was a time a group of Kikuyus got frequent invitations from her to visit the official residency for whatever reasons. Ex-ambassadors Sergony and Kinyanjui were very welcoming both officially and unofficially, so Kenyans never attacked them during their tour of duty. In one of Osewe’s many rightful attacks on Purity, somebody commented that her husband is more receptive at Kenyan functions and quite attentive when mingling.

  • Beryl can blow her trumpet defending Purity as much as she can. However, she needs to single out Osewe’s “insults” on her within this context. There is nothing wrong in emphsizing that the Ambassador’s vitenges have lost their original flavor. With the examples from Eva Larsson #22, it is clear that their is no professionalism at the Embassy. The likes of diplomat Kottut and Awour (Purity’s fomer assistant), were also mentioned here several times as poor-performers in terms of their Kenya-Stockholm public relations. Mrs Catherine Kiboi (from the Embassy) socializes with Kenyans in a dignified manner, something that Purity needs to copy.

  • Beryl is possibly a sycophant – just read the number of times she praises Purity’s title: Her Highness, etc, etc. Reminds me of Moi days when respectable politicians were reduced to singing baba na mama to get favors. Beryl could be getting some favors in kind, thus the sympathetic language instead of being objective. After all, Osewe has never changed his thinking about Purity, then why waste time challenging him? Purity is answerable to Kenyans so should face them when challenged yet shies awy and only assembles herself with a clique dancing to her beats.

  • Caroline #24, I am shocked at some of the allegations you have concerning Beryl. Am now scared of her so much that when I see her, would be passing meters away. No wonder some of her comments about men are so bitter I wonder why she is married to a man. Her brand of feminism must be thoroughly outdated.

  • Osewe, Beryl is not in a position to advocate for decency in this debate because she once went physical with a friend of mine over an issue which should not be given space here out of respect. She is trying to emerge as the lone public face of the good Purity although she has not produced any evidence why Kenyans should support Purity. Politicians/public figures the world over are ridiculed everyday in the media and in cartoons without anybody taking offence so what is the hullabaloo about the KSB article? Does it mean that with all her so called education, intelligence and “professionalism” she still cannot distinguish the humour in that article? The basis of Bery’s contribution here is personal agrandishment. As Kupe #27 put it, why should Purity be treated as a Godess when she ought to be pissed on due to her poor service? How comes Beryl is always in the group invited SECRETLY at the residence by the Ambassador to drink whisky at Tax payer’s expense? The Beryls of Stockholm ought to enjoy their favours secretly and quietly instead of exposing what they really are – bootlickers whose place in civil society is the dump site.

  • Leave Purity alone!!!
    You are just mad because you don’t get free alcohol as you used to. What’s really wrong with her Vitengez ANYWAY? According to me they look very decent and presentable.

    KSB: Adhiambo and what to you make of this in the text: “Purity has been “shining” with her Vitengez and, jokes aside, this has been very good for our country Kenya and Africa in particular. Vitengez are very unique clothes, both in texture and design and when compared with Western fashion, they definitely stand out as sophisticated”. My problem was her habit of “repeating” that very one Kitenge several times at important functions including at the wedding. Doesn’t she have cash to fix new ones?

  • Adhiambo, one chooses to take the free alcohol so there is nothing like being mad for not getting it. What is wrong with Osewe having a different opinion? Not all see the vitengez as fashionable anymore. Osewe has a stand, so you should also leave him alone. You are wasting time punching the wall with bare fists.

  • Beryl akwende huko, she just flows with the wind. mara feminist mara traditionalist.Her hatred for others is well known. You meet her you think she is an angel until you hear her nasty comments about some of her relatives in Stocky.now she wants to convince readers eti Purity is good coz she attended Kajuju’s function.What about other Kenyans she has never honored their invitations? Caroline #29 kudos and zidi kumyoa Beryl kabisa na wembe bila maji.

  • Beryl I wish you could spend time writing progressive things instead of trying to undo Osewe’s criticism of Ambassador Purity. This is not the first and last article. KSB archives hold worse storos on her. You should instead write an excellent piece concerning a project or assignment you have had with the Ambassador, then people will have a different opinion about her. Otherwise kuja hapa challenging Osewe juu ya his thinking about huyo mama is a full waste of time. Moreover where is the humor in you? Stop being too uptight.

    Elsewhere, there is so much dirt written about Prezzo Obama, yet nobody has been prosecuted. Who then is Purity and what personal insults do you note in this article? If mama Purity’s vitenge have seen many harsh summers, and Osewe points on this, then that is his opinion. If her vitenge are good to you, sawa pia. You could do better instead of holding an empty brief for her.

  • I am a Kenyan in Helsinki. Whereas i think the ambassador attached to Finland does alot of NOTHING!…she certainly needs a reminder. It only gets bad when the same reminder comes from the same person everyday. It gets to sound like Osewe has a vendetta against Purity. Whereas am convinced she does nothing, i think Osewe needs to go slow on her coz she aint perfect and neither is Osewe perfect. No body is perfect. We need to be constructive in criticism. Too much criticism will only brew hatred. For example the Kitenge issue, thats really a non issue, she is Purity the ambassador and NOT Halle Berry. Mind you, she was not the one getting married. So at the end of the day, this onslaught on the madam is meaningless and uncalled for.

  • ”Of cause, one could be tempted to think that I am just exaggerating the situation because I am propagandistic. But. How do you view the case of Njenga who was sacked by Purity, denied his salary, forced to take coffee breaks in a garage and, worst of all, forced to carry his own shit in a jwala because he was unfit to shit in Purity’s toilet, the same toilet he used to download his waste products when Kinyanjui (who hired him) was in charge? That is the real Purity, in sharp contrast to the Purity smiling at Jamhuri. Is there any Kenyan who will shade tears if Purity is recalled? If you ask me, I would say bye bye Purity and sing “God be with you until we meet again”. Purity “Sunset-Blues” to be continued.”

    On a second thought….i just read that paragraph from this blog. Holy shit!!! how do you do that to another person?? Down with this so called ‘purity’ for she is nothing but IMPURE and a servant of the DEVIL! That is inhumane! Thats is what Kenyans are fighting against. Osewe, i am with you mundu khu mundu!!!

    KSB: Aha! That is what Sam Pippo call “being baptized aka seeing the light”! Welcome to the fellowship bratha. Whenever a new version of the “Sunset Blues” hits KSB, Watu Wengine begin to sneezza.

  • Ambassador Idha Salim who was Amb Sergony’s predecessor, was another recluse who had no time for Kenya-Stockholmers. Although he was an accomplished academic, he had a disastrous PR with Kenyans.

    Beryl, the lone supporter of Purity, should be reminded of how she treated Njenga with hatred at the beginning of her mission. That was the start of the ongoing animosity.

    Ambassador Salim was very cruel to his female house help whom he treated like a slave, and was forced to wake up around 5:00 am and went to sleep after midnight. She had to scrub all the floors inside that huge storeyed Ambassador’s residence everyday. She was also subjected to eating food remains after the family members had filled their stomachs.

    The lady went to the Swedish newspaper (Dagens Nyheter) and narrated how evil the Ambassador and his wife were to her. She was of Arab descent like Ambassador Salim, just like Njenga is a Kikuyu like Purity.

  • #36 @Tausi….probably Beryl wants to be employed as a househelp by Purity….could you blame her?

    That Purity i read a nasty story about her mistreatment of others…pissed me off so much!

  • Brothers and sisters,
    The way we are going about the simple issue here,has degenrated..If there was and that is a “if” a social forum for venting personal problems ,yes.Lets us as “Kenyans” rise above being petty.Its portrays and still feeds into the collective mindset that you and me are tribes.No am from a proud people who have been and will always be a community .The Luo.So do not without evidence attack each other .If any anyone has committed a criminal offence ,then,there are insititutions in place to handle that.I pray that the debate be civil and mature.

  • @ Ean Wuod Luo….toa ukabila hapa!….peleka ulikotoa. Nobody talked ill of luos here. Its not about tribe but character. So if you just want to sing to us how you are proud, sing it elsewhere. Some of us forgot about tribes long time ago so i dont see why you remind us. Bure kabisa. Talk about issues and character of a person, not their tribe. If you mistreat your workers, i will not say Luos mistreat their workers, i will say Ean mistreated his worker and deserved to be punished!!!!

  • Sam #39, Ean has a poor habit of evoking his Luoness in every debate. Tell him off. You have my vote.

  • I wonder why Beryl never challenged Osewe for his numerous past entries on Purity. Here is another link with more details on her dealings with Wakenya:


  • Sam, Ean is a desperate Kenyan man who jumbles around with words and often ends up not writing anything sensible. Just ignore him.

  • Ean #38, what has degenerated in the comments concerning this article? Get off the beer cans and write meaningful things! Don’t be like Beryl who could not point on what she called insults from Osewe.

  • Brothers and sisters,
    Its my wish that its time to be realistic.Lets not have specks in others seen before our own logs have been cleared.As for saying that l evoke my pride ,that is me ,why does it wrankle anybody.Purity as person should and must be respected.If the office is not performing then read the
    Acts that´ established the diplomatic missions.Lets stop all this nonsense.Anthony Odera

  • Anthony Odera, what nonsense are you refering about? Do you think you can stifle the freedom of expression at KSB? No way, not even Beryl managed it. Stick to your parochial thoughts that propagate Ujaluo wako.

  • Tonny, meza dawa sasa alafu upumzike kidogo then return online.

  • Hello those hurling insults,
    My problem is we have let the thinking process stall.It is in my opinion ,the biggest drawback ,for us as a collective whole.So instead of fighting the unknowns ,its my hope that we as a collective group ,here begin to be resposive to our immediate concerns.Saying that others hide behind beer cans ,never helps .It goes to show that what is at stake , has been sidelined.My use of words is a reminder that l have a thinking brain.If you have beef with it then l am here to take that on .I have and will never insult anybody,its not civil Decorum demands that respect must be accorded to all irrespective of ones staion in society.I pray that as a colective whole lets love and be progressive.
    Anthony Odera

  • Hello ,
    Mimi umeza dawa kila siku kwani?So its not for anyone to dictate to me how l should meza dawa.Thanks for the reminder. However lets be civil in our interactions online .Anthony Odera

  • Tonny, can you please take more medicine – meza 1 asprin, 1 piriton and 1 valium (500grms) from the last prescription. In the meantime, weka mikebe kando, jilaze for at least 45 minutes then return online after world cup.

  • I am new here so I have been going through the archived links at KSB posted here to trace any insults by Osewe to Purity but so far, I have only gathered new facts to support the view that she has been a non performer. The treatment of Mr. Njenga for example, the deportation attempt from hospital of an ailing Embassy staff member, secret invitations to the residence for beer and other accusations are so factually presented that anybody accusing Osewe of vendetta is either being malicious or having a score to settle with him.

    What I did not know is that Purity even brought a Doctor from Kenya to help deport one of her own staff who was on his death bed! Is saying that these despicable acts happened an insult? I take this opportunity to personally thank Mr. Clay Onyango and other Kenyans for having been part of the struggle to stop the deportation of the Embassy staff member. This is something I did not know. Many thanks to Ndugu Osewe who has been fearlessly exposing Purity who should be herding goats in Kikuyu land.

    KSB: I feel humbled by your elaborate defence. Purity needs to return to Kenya to rest after her disastrous performance in Stockholm. Kenya-Stockholm is ripe for a new Ambassador who understands Coalition politics. Purity is stuck with Narc mentality at a time when we are talking about the Principals. Kenyans should unite aginst Purity and approach the Office of President to recall her. Asante kwa pongezi.

  • @Daktari,i think you are either being childish or something is wrong with you.Whats has asprin that Antony should take got to do with this article about purity.Tony can express himself the way he wants and i think that you should critisize him according to the text.Lets all channel our critizim towards the main subject(Purity).Big up to Mr Osewe for his entertaining blog where we can exoress what we feel about people who lead us.

  • #52 Guru, Tonny is my patient and when he takes medicine, his contribution becomes better. I normally remind him to take medicine when I notice that he is losing direction. He has some pain in the brain which can make him angry and asprin relieves it. Valium is to calm him down when he is emotionally unstable and a little rest keeps him sober. When he is out of his senses, he thinks pombe is maji so he needs an online reminder kuweka mikebe kando when I cant reach him on his phone via sms. By the way, why are youcomplaining when tonny is happy? Mind your own business.

    #49 Mimi umeza dawa kila siku kwani?So its not for anyone to dictate to me how l should meza dawa.Thanks for the reminder. However lets be civil in our interactions online .Anthony Odera

    KSB: Daktari, I assume that this is a joke you are trying to crack.

  • Guru2guru, u should not be here defending Tony who is also provocative by querying others unnecessarily. The recommended medication is a satirical way of telling him to chill and be more realistic instead of repeating his Luosim, which exposes ´his narrow-mindedness. That freedom u talk about is accorded to others too, not just Antony Odera, so let all express themselves. Tony has also moved beyond the Purity topic, that is why he needs to be reminded to get back on track.

  • Caroline, any more details on Beryl in relation to this topic? Osewe, your archives are rich with facts about Purity’s evil acts, so her supporters should read them before attacking you blindly. Amazing that PM Odinga also saw her disgracing side when he visited Stockholm last October.

  • Kenyans,
    I will ask ,who is quering what on this blog?My only problem is we have trivialized ourselves,by being not so civil..If you are true to yourself come clean and be counted.Thats me ,and l commend Guru for being him or herself correct.Let us not loose sight of the bigger picture here..I will repeat that my community the “O people” are never cowered down by simple statements .Come clean and be counted.So if any of you cowards have anything thats worth dissussing ,l will be happy to be part of it.And l will repeat, am from The Luo people so what.
    And tht will not me a tribalist.Puroity deserves respect as a lady and a human beinf accoriding to so many conventions .If you dare aske ame as Odera l will supply an archive for you to read.Lets love and respect-Anthony Odera

  • Hello ,
    My tping is some times out of base.Thanks Osewe for the fredom to e seen and heard.Anthony Odera

  • Tony, I pity Guru2guru who is backing you because the more u write rubbish, the more pathetic u become. U have been repeating ur shallow Luo identity phrase since 2008, as per KSB archives. What has this got to do with the current topic about Purity?

    At 50 years you could do better, but u are simply deteriorating. Come with a substantive article aboút your ideas instead of ur perpetual retort of phrases like “the O people”, “be real”, “let us unite”, etc. Tony, u belong in the gutters and u know that! Too much ado for ingenting!

    Since u have turned out as another sorry ass supporter of Purity, read the links posted above on her past deeds in Kenya-Stockholm, then you will see why many people hate her guts. You seem to be one of those enjoying her secret free drinks invitations.

  • Guru2guru are you Tony Odera’s son? He can defend his dumb ideas without you involving yourself. Or are you his mkebe friend?

  • I have finished reading this article and the comments, yet no matter how much drama I have heard about other Kenyan Missions abroad, the Stockholm scene wins the trophy for the worst example.

    Osewe, you are a real scribe who knows how to tune a text with humor, cynicism and other ‘isms’ to jog the minds of your readers. You are consistent in your attacks on Ambassador Muhindi because she is a failure in her Kenya-Stockholm PR.

    Those who missed the sarcastic and satirical angle became emotional in their weak attempts to support Purity. Interestingly, her lone supporter called Beryl, could not fish out a single insult meted on Her Highness:-).

    Beryl derailed by playing a defender for a cause she was clueless about. She brought out the sycophant in her by passionately defining the Ambassador’s official role. She got into name-dropping, showing that she eats crumbs with Ambassadors so and so, representing countries XYZ. She had possibly talked to Purity after the wedding, claiming she could teach Osewe a lesson by coming out in the open to “shut him down” once and for all, so that he could stop his attacks.

    Osewe’s beef with the Ambassador is traced back to her bad blood with a section of Kenyans right from the time she succeeded Ambassador Kinyanjui. Those heralding Purity’s innocence ought to read the archives which display her merciless actions including that of an attempted kidnapping of her then seriously ill member of staff.

    Osewe, your blog is both informative and entertaining, so keep up the good work. For Purity’s few blind supporters, I hope you can review Osewe’s past entries to understand his beef with her, otherwise stop wasting time defending the indefensible.

    KSB: It is good to note that there are Kenyans who can see beyond the curtain. The archives are available for anybody who wants to know the truth about the real Purity. Thanks for your compliments.

  • Hello,
    I will still stand up despite simple brains not being counted.Hurl the vitriol ,but when push comes to shove who gets the job done.I could be in the gutters but l have a legacy of production .Evidence is there and operating as we speak.So nothing will shake my firm identity as a human being ,thats why l will always respect others wthout resorting cheap insults.Please lets be civil.Anthony Odera

  • Tony Odera, what productivity are u talking about? U sure need medication to ease off your wayward thoughts. Stay in those trenches with ur bitter cans of whatever. Peace out!

  • Marwa, that’s a sober analysis. Purity’s supporters can continue with their free food and drinks before she gets recalled. DOWN WITH PURITY!!!!!! Osewe should keep attacking her until she returns to mama Karucy, her homegirl.

  • Nyinyi supporters wa huyu Mama Purity kwendeni mbali na ujinga wenu wa sapoti hazina mbele wala nyuma. Beryl atunze keja yake na awe mama mzuri bila kulamba xxxx Purity. Aaache udaku za Ubalozini ili ashugulikie maslahi yake.

    xxxx kissing will take Beryl nowhere because once Purity is recalled, there goes all the supposed fringe benefits.

  • @ Beryl:

    In relations to ur comment:

    You wrote:
    @ Eva,
    Lovely highlights I must say. I am truly sorry if it has in anyway appeared that I support the Ambassador ‘fanatically’; because that I do not

    We are not blind so stop insulting me again, what do u call it????? maybe just moral support.

    First i want to say i have no beef with you, i once respected you and all one can do as a friend is to
    appologize if u have offended someone especially a “friend”.

    I have no beef either with your sis or anyone else for the record except the other “MTV girl” earlier mentioned here in a long article…


    My sister, can you please give examples where as Purity is representing and worked well to represent Kenya here in Sweden, As u stated.

    how many newly Swedish companies are there in Kenya now just because of Purity?????? yes just because of Purity.

    Or u have access to files at the embassy while being the new handbag carrier for her highness? no offence put that´s what you depict.

    Beryl wrote:

    I also clearly stated that if it should happen that she has worked well in her job to represent Kenya in Sweden; then my heart is at peace. My argument; which I still stick to is that I dont think she should be faulted, insulted and all that just because her relationship with the Kenyan community in Sweden is sore. I am so much for civil criticism; especially for people in public offices; whom are in essence at our service.

    Well if your heart is at peace after all the scandals during her tenure, then you should understand why i took a distance from you. Your heart is always at peace when it favors you..

    I know people who have gone to Kenya to put up businesses and approached the embassy but they have been referred to the Swedish Trade council in
    Nairobi or the Embassy there.

    Secondly if you want to go to Kenya now, the Kenya tourist office is there and they give better help, keep up the good job. Thumbs up for you…

    Beryl i hope am civil now in my criticism 🙂

    As well as you demonstrated outside the embassy which in my eyes was sooo civil, whats the beef here my gal. am i not being civil?

    Remember the girl who gave you construtive critic and you went “verbal” and well u didnt go physical but ur friend did the ” MTV girl” mentioned in another article here in KSB and you never objected?

    Yes i know that u unlike me because i work in vården have brilliant relationship with Purity , and thats why u and your ” Aviator” had to put me down all the time and the others.

    thanks for that….. good for you that your relationship is growing by day, and by now wakenya might think you are in for big things, maybe as the next Awour. good for you.

    I will never stoop that low that i will put friends down just to elevate myself, ” Hey my name is ….. and am student at Stockholm University and this is my friend and she works in Vården”…. is that the way to introduce a friend???????

    Tack så mycket. Jag jobbar och studerar också idag och kanske får jag vara med i ” MTV klubben” snart.

    Beryl i know that you do mind my “personal opinion” which denied , coz why i am the only one who you have replied since Osewe set the record straight. I knooow you you know me. Welcome to the field but i would rather take it privately

    and that u wont stoop to my level is even so laughable. so please dont be paint ur self with roses when we know what u have done.


    to cut it short those ones who have attacked Beryl most of them have been right but i personal think its better if we do it in

    private which am about to do soon with you in a civilized manner.

    @ the person who said Beryl hates men that is not true she is committed to a very humble man the problem is that she doesnt like

    if someone is doing better than her. she wants to be on the top all the time and be in charge and tends to lean to pple who shares her “opinions”.

    Beryl its easy to forgive but not to acknowledge and admit when one is wrong.

    Longing and hoping for that day to come.

    Beryl you dont hve to remind me that you were interviewed on Swedish television, you reminded me almost everytime we met.

    @ Ean woud luo

    What is you problem ” Mr Prosecutor” …. Well Tonny it was a long time ago i saw you but i soon going to appear on the radar again so that you can give

    me more “high profile” contacts in Kenya. Last time i used you as a reference in Kenya i was shown the door but its ok.

    Tonny one thing i admire you for is your ability to stick to ur ” believes” which i like but its time to now when to surrender.

    You are not a bad persona.

    Hope everyone had a nice midsummer, which i had with family and real friend.

  • Hello ,
    Thanks Eva for showing that its within us to disagree and have respect.If you used as a reference ,l am not awre of the fact.Then this time around ,if you need references then we should sit and talk,and see what kind of contact you need to go to.As for my beliefs,they are rooted in my faith that one day we shall overcome being petty and insulting others without fact.I am and will always be proud of my identity ,because that is my constitutional right.Lets repect.However this thread is not baout being insulted,it was about how our Ambassador was handled at the Royal wedding.So those hurling insults have lost sight of the bigger picture here.Anthony Odera

  • Eva, thanks for your thread which presents a deeper insight into the character of Beryl Otumba. You have smartly weaved her behavior into this topic to make readers understand why she considers some others “lowly”, while looking upon Ambassador Purity with so much reverence. It’s about assuming she is better than others; see how she introduced her friend by stressing her job in the elderly care business. I pity her because she is in a country which does not accord many Africans a higher social status.

  • If this was an essay to be analyzed, Beryl could have failed flatly. Why did she bother to challenge Osewe on his pet topic known as Purity?

    There was a time Beryl used to attack Osewe on baseless grounds through other blogs, so this time, she ought to show her prowess in interpreting the current text, instead of claiming she’s being insulted.

    Eva, kudos and keep us informed on the real Beryl.

    Osewe, I have quoted below a paragraph that captures the core of your sarcasm on Purity’s vitenge. Man, I have been rolling with laughter because your words are just classic!

    “Purity miscalculated with her Kitenge choice because she hadn’t factored in the possibility of a KSB Paparazzi hanging around at a wedding where black faces were “as scarce as a goat’s hunchback”. Together with her hubby, they were obviously shocked to notice that KSB was also “among the media” that was coving the event. It was at that point that a shot was taken and posted at KSB, exposing her OVERUSED Kitenge that should have “gone into pension” by now.”

  • @Auja &Njogu u guys simply are stooping so low that i have no words for u,at no point did i mention that i am supporting Antony.,But if u force me to,i can say that the guy even with his cans of beer is way more smarter than u two,and the fact that Tony has a problem doesnt make him a bad person.infact its better coz his problem is known to all,what about yours,i could unveil u in this blog only that this is not the forum for it,u r much terribly than anyone u r talking about so keep ur dum mouth shut,Sorry for this guys but i felt provoked by this two loosers.

  • Berly, FYI Osewe has been consistent in attacking the Kenya-Stockholm Embassy. Former Ambassadors Sergony and Kinyanjui were never spared either and records are there. All you need is to remove the possible bias making you think Osewe is attacking Purity because she is a woman. Both Sergony and Kinyanjui had better PR with Kenyans, something that Purity lacks and will never have. Oh, when will she be recalled?

  • Guru2guru, you are digressing just like those two you have taken a swipe upon. You could have turned out more brilliant by using smarter words than the poor choice you picked.

    Threatening to unveil others identities will not help you any bit, because yours could be unveiled too. Remember this is Osewe’s blog and you have absolutely NO SAY on whose ID can be revealed.

    How do you know Tony is smarter than the two commentators you point upon? Starting to tell other commentators to shut their “dum” (sic) mouth is the beginning of flaming, which I reckon you do not want.

    I recommend you use the right English dictionary to assist you in distinguishing simple words like “Loosers” and “Losers” within a given context.

  • Eva you are simply a gem. You have opened up a whole new way of looking at Beryl. Keep it coming!

  • Kweli huyu Beryl ni mnoma.

  • Purity should be recalled and hopefully a better Ambasador will take over.

  • Eva you have given us a full coverage of Beryl I have nothing more to add.

    I will not waste a moment answering Guru2guru coz he simply did not understand my response.

  • Hi to all ,
    Its evident that serious intervention is needed ,so that Kenya Stockholm community can heal to be able make an impact as other nations a re doing.It would be a good place to start by Osewe letting contributers also give in written pieces of issues that affect us a collective.The simple reason for this idea is that Osewe has opened up space ,the space has gathered momentum ,it would be,in my opinion not fully utilised.We should as a collective rally together and fight relevant battles.The written word is so fundamental in shaping a community such as the one we have in Stockholm as well as in the in diaspora.Once again l call for civil debate.If Ambassador Purity has transgressed that should be in the public domain as an offical representative,however the persin in her should ,and must be respected ,despite official shortcomings,for which she has been publicly called to account for by Osewe and others.It is the right of every “Kenyan” to have access to information about the dealings at the embassy.For now my case rests.Thanks for being blunt guru2guru ,thats the way its supposed be.Anthony Odera

  • Oh Eva, you have added kachumbari into the Beryl storo.Give us more.

  • Huyu Eva ametoboa siri ya Beryl mpaka she has made my night. Aendelee.

  • Wapi Beryl to defend or counter attack Eva? I liked Beryl’s sober approach to the earlier comments but wonder why she is not adding more now.

  • Osewe am surprised Beryl does not understand that Purity’s official position includes having a good PR with Kenya-Stockholmers. Seems she has been mingling with her privately and “professionally”, so assumes it’s the same with all Kenyans. Eva, more power to you!

  • I think Beryl had a good defence but did not mention a single insult Osewe hurled at Purity. It’s about understanding the meaning of the story first.

  • Hello fellow countrmen,
    Lets be a bit civil ,l will not as Anthony accept unecessary putting down of anyone.Beryl has said her piece why stretch this futrher with uncalled for comments .We should as a collective appreciate our differences and strengths.If one or anybody needs a good laugh ,there are many avenues to achieve that. Beryl is not the discussion point here,but as l will keep on reminding readers, commentators alike,it was the way Hon.Purity was handled according to Oswewe´s version.Maybe satire or not that is the gist of the thread here not Beryl please.Lets be civil and accord one another respect .Anthony Odera

  • Eva we need more on huyu mama Beryl. My goodness what a character she has.

  • Is Beryl surprised that Osewe is attacking Purity? This he has been doing ever since she took her position.What I don’t understand is why she claims Osewe insulted and abused Purity.

  • Eva, the linkage you give between Beryl’s character and her approach to Osewe’s story about Purity is perfect.It shows how nasty she could be as a leader,just like Purity among Wakenya.

  • Eva Larsson,thanks for telling us the truth about the “Prosecutor” who is a well-known liar,pretending he has connections in Kenya.

  • Guys, as repeatedly stated by Tonny, Beryl is not the issue here. The big picture has been overlooked. I guess it would have been opting to find answers why our Ambassador was treated that way, being that she was invited. But then again beryl did reassure us that she was placed in church beside Zambia’s ambassador??

    You people throwing stones at Beryl, are you trying to claim that you are perfect and has never done something wrong with your life? Beryl is human, so she is bound to make a mistake, one or too many coz that’s what humans do, we are programed not to be perfect.

    My question to Eva, what is it with you? Why are you busy undressing Beryl here, i thought with your last imput you stated that you were going to do this privately but then you kept the dirty business going on, could be that you perceive Beryl as a threat to you? We don’t need to know whether you are studing and working, most of us has been there done that and has careers to prove it. Wewe! my point, wacha Udaku and leave the lady alone. Sorry she did put you down at one point, so what! get over it, move on. you don’t have to do pay back here. Call Beryl and sort the issue out, that is if she will want to talk with the likes of you. Im not purity surpoter neither am i beryl surporter, i just don’t like it when people practise character assasination just because of envy or whatever you may call it. Eva! i sense alot of animousity from you towards beryl, watch out coz the very animousity might just destroy you.

    Personally i don’t know Beryl much but my opinion towards her has not changed, i will not judge her character just coz someone else has done me an easy job of analysing her. Pole sana Beryl.

  • Beryl where are you to answer Osewe? Mama Purity should go!!!! Am so fed up with her one-sided dealings with Kenyans. Arudi nyumbani. Beryl, u stuck your neck out, thus the bombs coming your way.

  • Beryl gave a new dimension in the debate and has not answered Osewe’s grand query of wanting to know how he insulted Purity. She will be reminded 1000 times to answer this.

  • Both Caroline and Eva Larsson have my vote for smoking out Beryl for her bootlicking and madharau kwa wengine.

  • @ Msema ukweli
    FYI in my first post i never mentioned Beryl by name neither did i mention Ean woud luo.
    Beryl reacted to my post which i know hit her because it was the truth, i only replied or responded in my second post. I think i have all the right to do that in the name of freedom of speech.
    To reply you:
    I was just setting the record straight, i dont think i insulted her, i gave some “examples” of her behaviour because that us how i have been treated. You stated that you don´t know Beryl, well there are some who just do/did and as a matter of fact, the post wasn´t meant to change your perception about Beryl as a person because frankly idont give a d…n, so how you judge her is up to you and ur problem.
    I gave an example here where as a person couldnt go and attend his own brothers funeral and Beryl reacted by saying: UNLIKE you i have had a briliant relationship with Purity professionally and privately ( who is insulting who?)…..How am i supposed to perceive a statement like that? On the other hand, doesnt it say much about you as person giving a comment like that. She had it coming Msema Ukweli.

    God forbid these scandals ever happen at the embassy, because then KSB might be the only forum here to protect you and not the person you are protecting right now…and that is the truth.

    Well to be honest i dont envy Beryl but i respect and admire her willingness and determination to get things done but there has been some situations or call them faults as i stated in my last post.
    Dont try to fire up the situatio again, animosity is a strong word here Msema Ukweli, like i said i have no beef with her, but i am armed intellectually to defend myself nowadays and if u put me down with no reason expect fireworks.
    The reason why i mentioned my work and educational background was to show the, am doing this but am also moving forward despite the “obstacles and hurdles” i had to pass( read in the context of being put down.
    Well am proud and i have every right to be proud. Well am not perfect and i will never be and we all do mistakes here in life. I try to learn from my mistakes and move on.
    I rest my case

    Over to you again.

  • @Lengo,we live in 2010 now and i hope u do write wrong spellings and the computer corrects,if u cant use that simple fact to cuorrect the word loosers(losers)I guess u r just trying to pick it up with me instead of being realistic and contribute to the debate,I guess your place is in the quarantine coz ur only trying to divert the main issue.So before u reply re-think sir/madam-LENGO

  • Hello swedes,
    This is quite a lively group here. Anyway, interesting topic.. i gotta throw in my 2cents. First Osewe blogger, I read ur post and felt slighted at first for poor Purity amabassadeur.
    My thinking is this- she purposely wears Kitenge as u acknowledge to ‘promote’ tradition. Now being eco-green, its OK to recycle outfits esp for a cause. I may the only one here to provide an answer why its OK to ‘overuse’ such outfits- its hip for a cause in the U.S Anyway, here goes..you guys are in Sweden- I doubt that theres many real kitenges in shops, 2ndly, it gets costly if she were to keep ordering them from Nbi- (She could you know via diplomatic bag) but sadly u would then be writing how she wastes Kenyan tax payer $$ or is it kronors in outfits. We dont want another imelda marcos fiasco or ugandan, mobutu wife scandal in kenya over outfits. I’m sure you get my drift..now theres some ppl who just like to floss even though it costs an arm and leg, I wont go there, but we know that stereotype too. Am glad she doesnt fit in either and has sensibilities there.

    Ironically, my support for her stops there. After reading the posts and links, was aghast to see bizarre reports of grabbing diplomatic land- now thats a new low. Anyway, coming from DC and kninowing the diplomatic circles, can tell you the 2 main reasons for embassies are 1) Being a good emissary to the host nation and foster relations and 2)Care for and assist nationals. I can tell you in the US, we’ve just sent our top guy Agego out and theres excitement for fresh faces/ideas. As much as you guys feel for Sweden, its really the USA that sets the tone for foreign relations via the EU nation so that the west vote as a bloc. I wish we had vigilant ppl like you. Sadly though, ppl get here and some are struggling while others are apathetic and the ones who care are bought in by the lure of power- Its a crazy free for all here at the capital of the western world and stakes are high. Agego was the biggest mistake kenya made diplomatically. Beside insulting Obama even before he gave his diplomatic credentials, he was aloof and cold toward him and even refused to attend the inauguration Kenya Embassy party for Obama (I was there and saw for myself). The dumb 2 clowns ‘leading’ kenya back in Nbi realized this costly mistake too late after Obama snubbed Kenya in his past visit. They then hired a PR firm and Washington lobbyists to try and woo power back in vain. Meanwhile other african prez are having a field day here in DC being given all kinds of goodies, aid etc. So the only group that embraced Ogego was a kenyan conservative christian right group. Do you wonder how before the kenyan yes no ballot, some US christian group almost forced their say in the draft? (Google KC FA DC and you will see the fake farewell dinner they held for this loser) My point in all this is its important what you do in office, and so these guys should be held accountable.
    That Purity woman should lure swedish firms, tell Volvo to open assembly line in kenya with cheap labor, get Kenyans to partner with the 101 wazungus dying to invest in kenya etc etc.
    Remember there are traitors in the midst of all good, thats why Kenya is still a basket case despite all those ‘3rd liberators’,dissidents, refugees now in govt. Sounds like this Betty chic has become such a mole. That Eva Larsson narration was sooo moving, I was swayed by that rendition of how personal betrayal and hurt came out of ppl who meet Betty. Dont give up people though. And Osewe, keep up with the exposes..just dont loose focus on womens outfits (wink)

  • Guru2guru, you’ve been done in and u know it:-)))

  • Msema ukeweli, every time you wriggle back here, you make me want to puke because your contribution is crap and does not add anything new to the debate. You say that Beryl is not the issue here, the picture has been overlooked puh puh puh and then you shift the issue to Eva thereby making the same mistake of “losing focus”.

    If Beryl reassured us that the Ambassador was seated in church as you claim, how can we believe Beryl since she is not the Ambassador’s official spokeswoman? Don’t you think you are being silly by believing everything Beryl wrote?

    The people “throwing stones” at Beryl are not necessarily perfect and you don’t have to remind us about human imperfection since this is a matter of common sense. You don’t have to remind us that Beryl is human either because we all know that she is neither a chicken nor a maggot. You have this poor habit of telling people that blood is red, milk is white, oranges are round and that the ocean is blue. Please, KSB readers are not kindergarten kids so stop behaving as if we have diapers which ought to be changed.

    Eva did not “undress Beryl” at KSB. She simply gave examples of negative experiences she underwent at the hands of Beryl to illustrate her point that Beryl was in no position to defend the Ambassador after what she did to her. Because of your state of dumbness, you missed her point which needs to be injected into your sleepy brain. She gave the example of her education, not to show off but to let KSB readers know that she had moved on. You are yourself telling us that you have been through it and that you have your career thereby repeating the very crime you are accusing Eva of committing and this further shows how thick you are upstairs. You don’t have to advise Eva to call Beryl and “sort the issue out” because you don’t know the personal relationship between Eva and Beryl. In any case, the movie is showing at KSB and Eva may have decided to sort it out here so why are you poking your big stinking nose into matters that do not concern you?

    Those contributing may not all be against Beryl. They are against her defending someone whose picture should be on my door mat so that I can step on her face day in day out. Can’t you realize that Beryl has retreated into her kitchen because defending the Ambassador was like jumping into the frying pan? She has not returned because doing so would amount to jumping from the frying pan right into the main fire. You say that you don’t know Beryl so why can’t you leave those who know her like myself to deal with her accordingly? If you have a lot of time on your hands, you better go for window shopping or watch TV instead of wasting energy, punching your keyboard and producing warm shit all the way.

    You then end up wasting your sympathy on Beryl – ha ha hao – God save the queen of England! I feel like I am on heat and need my man to give it to me right away ho! If you have a lot of “sympathy credits” I would advise you to spend them on starving Kenyans and if you have more left, spend them on starving kids in Palestine because spending them on Beryl is a total waste. The Ambassador has people at the Embassy who should defend her and Beryl has no business trying to be Purity’s lawyer here. Your cheap lecture on Eva shows how shallow-brained you are. You seem to be very frustrated because Beryl is being attacked. If you can’t deal with it, swallow a razor blade or take sleeping pills instead of dropping dog crap every time you show up at KSB. By the way, I hope you will copy Berly and not come back here because if you do, I will be on your neck you chicken feed!

  • Att: Caroline or whoever the …u think you are, you’ve always struck me to be very shallow / imature as you always resort to name calling etc, you must know that you are the worst idiot of all, you think you have everyone figured out and you think you know all! Well FYI, if you think you know all then you’ll agree to the simple fact that, that is impossible hence make you the biggest loser of all.

    Your problem! You are trying so hard to make us realise that you are learned, if you are why put alot of effort trying to prove it, be simple woman/ man if you are one. If you are that smart why not aim for Nobel price? Why waste your time here telling me how dumb i am yet you don’t even av a clue as to who i am, now who is the dumb one. Besides, i dont see anywhere you are adding anything constructive to the debate apart from hurling insults and bringing up what other tom jane and atieno has already said, that makes you lose focus too or? I believe you do realise how much you’ve ridiculed yourself with your last contribution, it clearly analyses your persona and i believe you are what you think.

    Your comment shows how much venom you have insde you, you so hatefull and seems you are very disappointed with your surrounding who tells you its ok to unleash them to anybody and anyone? Then again doing that must be your valium, Guess it makes you feel better about yourself, oh! sorry you. I will not stoop low to your level of insults we all know its imature and never solves a thing, then again why waste them on someone you don’t know. The only positive thing about you and your imput is that you are a very funny character, full of laughter when you aint insulting. Use that positively instead of calling people useless, idiot etc etc SAWA chicca.

  • #96 Msema ukweli on paragraph 2 u wrote: Nobel Price? Surely that was low considering u live in Nobel’s country.

  • Msema ukweli is a master of contradictions. Writes Caroline does not know whom she/he is yet says the only good thing is Caroline’s full of laughter. They know each other.

  • Att; Liam, i don’t know caroline personally, but her writing / contribution here is kinda full of laughter. I mean her way of writing and insulting people, i find it funny but shallow at the same time. She states purity’s pic should be her door mat, describes Beryl as retreating to her kitchen since defendind purity is like jumping in a frying pan and me, oh yes! so dumb i need injection in my sleepy brain, honestly what do you make of such a writer? Is she clever /smart or funny?

    Att Mjumbe; Your point????? I kinda missed it. Enlighten me futher. Maybe i need to learn something from your imput unles its just another bla bla.

  • Guru2guru: eti “dum mouth” and those two “loosers”. Lengo was right to mention that u should use words correctly within a given context. It’s not an issue of how to spell them as u claim.

    Kweli kuponda school fees na kukosa kuhitimu ni mbaya.

  • OMG Msema ukweli, how could you stoop so low and write Nobel Price? LOL!

  • NOBEL PRIZE, not Nobel Price. Simple and unchangable.

  • Beryl then ni mtu wa wivu if she does not like competition. Also, must be full of madharau considering what she did to Eva Larsson. A good combination for bootlicking Purity.

  • Msema ukweli, why do you bother righting what you suppose is wrong within some comments at KSB? You therefore repeat the same stuff without any impact coz people keep commenting.

  • @Manyake ,i think u better choose another name coz that name “manyake” brings out your true shallowness,who ever u r i can tell u that short messeges(sms)or comments at this point is full of wrong spellings all the time so the reader should try to make up the meaning,if that doenst get to your manyake head then i should advice u to visit http://www.leta.se u have a lot to learn MANYAKE weird name.

  • I’ve just puked again coz this “SAWA chicca” called Msema ukweli has been here at door #96. There is both good news and bad news. The good news is that this time, you have clearly dropped the names “Purity”, “Beryl” and “Eva” from your post. You have also said nothing about them because I have removed you from that pond where you were swimming without direction. Hura… hura… hura! The bad news is that with your low-brain, you have personalized the matter and it’s now between me and you square – shame on you!

    You write that “You are trying so hard to make us realise that you are learned…”. If this were the case, I would begin by identifying the numerous spelling errors in your posts then correcting them. At #96 alone, you actually prove your dumbness before our very eyes and in broad day light. You write “imature” (immature), “alot” (a lot), “dont” (don’t), “av” (have), “insde” (inside), “hatefull” (hateful), “imput” (input) and the list goes on.

    After spelling errors, I would pick on your numerous grammatical errors then correct them before identifying your weak sentence construction and strengthen them. To display how learned I am, I would then expose your lack of logic (with alternative arguments) before dismissing your post as crap. I will identify one example in your post which point to your low reasoning capacity.

    You write that “Why waste your time here telling me how dumb i am yet you don’t even av a clue as to who i am”. Without touching the errors in the sentence, I do not have to know you personally to evaluate your degree of dumbness. What I need is a text you have written especially on a debate article then examine your arguments and presentation. When I did this, you sounded like a drop-out who saw the inside of a classroom but whose thinking was stunted somehow and after failing all your secondary exams, you accidentally came abroad to try your luck. This could explain why you have been unable to develop your logic in the current debate and why you feel academically challenged. The only way to deal with you is to knock your head with facts until you begin to see light at the end of the tunnel.

    I do pray that I don’t get to know you personally because I may be faced with a big calamity for the rest of my life – calamity because I may know you in real life and may be, I have a high opinion of you, not knowing that your brain is full of maggots. I don’t want the shock of realizing that you are the numskull using Msema ukweli handle.

    If you cannot even differentiate between “Prize” and “Price” and you claim to be having a career, then knowing you would be the biggest dilemma in my life because you would add nothing to my person. I may not even discuss the whether with you because you may not have heard of Columbus clouds. Whoever made you pass your exams must have been drunk on changaa or high on LSD. You should be selling charcoal at Kariobangi North, not getting online to try your hand on a debate at such a forum. In fact, you should not even be near a keyboard because you are wasting electricity and bandwidth.

    If wishes were horses, I would wish that you be blindfolded, four strong and powerful robots pin you down with your back on the floor, force your mouth open then I squat to pee on your face before you wipe it off with used toilet paper. Just keep your distance SAWA chicca? Now that you are completely off topic after losing touch with the debate, my mission may be complete.

  • Caroline, I have just been told by Poshe that you have pitched tent here and flexing your muscles. It’s good that you are passionate about Kenya but can you please leave these guys alone because you don’t belong here. I have gone through some posts and it seems as if you are here to scare these guys. We are going out on Friday, same place so get ready. Nothing is happening on Monday so you know.

  • Guru2guru keep it up. There u go again adding the word ‘shallow’ everytime because that is where u belong. U seem not to understand the term “context”. Uliharibu school fees kweli. Who is shallow then?

  • Guru2guru, u are displaying ur own shallow brain by not knowing how to use “Loose” and “Lose”. The more u add unveiled insult upon manyake, the more stupid you sound because you are personalizing the matter. You will remain on record as a fool who does not know the difference between applying Lose and Loose within a given framework.

    You should have taken cover other than your continuous quipping and exposure of your ‘headless chicken’ attitude. Endelea kuonyesha upumbavu wako hapa.

  • manyake, leave that foolish Guru2guru alone. I followed your civil engagement with him/her but can see the repetition of “shallowness” hurled at you. This exhibits a lack of mature reasoning. In this case I also find him/her a fool who does not know how to apply the term loser and looser. Lengo had earlier pointed this out but wapi. Mjinga hata umwambiye maneno mara hamsini, ubongo ikiwa maji, basi ni kazi bure.

    guru2guru: the correct term for your assumed “two loosers” is “two losers”. Jinga hii and stop posting useless Swedish links that nobody will read. I pity whoever paid your school fees. Get this inside that stupid head of yours; do not argue and insult when your foolishness is so obvious. Go back to kindergarten. End of this hollow flame. You can now add your cheap insults because that is all you know.

  • Caroline, al be very short and precise since your contribution here does’nt make any sense to me. Ever heard of ” don’t arge with a fool for p’pple may not notice the difference” You are the fool here. The more you write the more you unveil yourself, how can u claim academic credits yet so shallow in thinking. You are contributing nothing
    constructive, your part of debate always comes with insults is that your academic way of a civilised debate? I wonder in deed.If you gonna correct gramma and spelling misses start with yours ie “whether”.I just dont have time to level with you, im too grown for this behaviour. You had no mission here, so it’s not complete. I guess you will keep hurling insults at people coz that is just so you.

  • Brothers ,sisters,
    What has become of our community in Sweden.It is so impolite to trash talk on a public site .This gives the controlling agencies an insight into the divisons amongst us as a collective ,then they are used to determine what capacity we as a community hold to achieve something tangible.I pray that we should have civil and relevant interactions, if not debates.What is unfolding in this thread is not pleasant.Lets respect one another.Anthony Odera

  • Msema ukweli, once again, no Purity, no Beryl and no Eva – good progress because you cannot handle the elements in this debate. I am not hurling insults at “people”. I am engaging YOU dik-head so be very clear on this. I giggled after throwing you the “Whether” bone and you chewed it proper, like a rabid dog which has not eaten for days – welcome to my feeding center!

    Hey! First things first. It’s “don’t argue”, not “don’t arge”; “grammar”, not gramma and (for the second time), don’t not “dont”. You must have arrived here after someone left your cage open at the zoo in Africa. You need to keep “being short and precise” because may be, someday, you will be able to say something intelligent (even accidentally). In consolation, don’t feel offended because having brains in your scull is not everything. In your case, it’s nothing really.

    Be careful because I can set your brains on fire then piss in your ear to put it off. You need to go to hospital and have your brains examined because you may be having a teaspoonful of a brain. On second thoughts, I think it is a big mistake that you exist and if you were a dog, I could have suggested you be put to sleep.

    I hope you have not been to the mental hospital where so many drugs may have been tested on your brain. You are so worthless that your only reason for existence is to serve as a warning to others. I am saddened that you have only one brain cell and yet it is fighting for recognition! May be, you were the first in your clan born without a tail.

  • Caroline after reading your emotional post all I can say is serve this Msema ukweli kabisa! Whenever she narrates it’s always to highlight her career or life or in this case defend the accused.
    Beryl whatever they may say about you, you are still one of my favorite girls!!!
    TO TONY, please go back to India or somewhere else where we don’t have to be reminded of your existence. To Eva, your account was really enchanting.

  • Caroline, keep dicing this Msema ukweli whose thinking is so low, cannot explain basic things in this debate. This is the same with Guru2guru who despite being told in a civil manner to understand how to use loser and looser, still calls people shallow.

    Such are the people one commentator called “Observer” mentioned on another thread as 8-4-4 failures who cannot express themselves yet call others “shallow”. Guru2guru thinks that one’s choice of a handle determines how “shallow” that person is. By insulting manyake he/she thinks the person is stupid. What about using the word “Guru” which should represent some element of wisdom yet the character can’t differentiate the usage of loser and looser?

    In as much as we have the freedom of expression accorded us by Osewe, let us remain civil and accept when basic grammar and spelling mistakes are pointed out. Msema ukweli for example, has all the numerous slips you would not expect from one who thinks Caroline is nothing. If you don’t have it, you don’t have it. You cannot be a jack of all trades.

  • Msema ukweli, one’s prowess in text analysis comes with pointing out weaknesses that deeem one “foolish”. In this case, you claim Caroline is a fool because she is has unveiled herself in the latest input. Can you categorically prove this? You are the one exposing your inability.

    Caroline wrote what she thought about Berly, yet you began your own rendition of her text by expressing sympathy for Berly, whom you claimed you didn’t know. You are the one with “raw egg” oozing down your face for exposing within your input, things you cannot comprehend.

    A quick analysis of your texts and those of Caroline clearly indicate you began the current bad blood. Let people express themselves without your judgmental approach.

  • Hello ,
    To all ,l think l will take Adhiambo´s advice and go back to India.Thanks for the reminder,its nice of you ,however lets remain polite and courteous in our comments.This inot about anyone but the way The Ambassador was treated according to Osewe. My existence is God given so do not worry yourself about it.Anthony Odera

  • Beryl u are a true inspiration to many people….a living testimony and i thought twas all about Purity…strange how grown ups shift focus every time they have to talk about a particular stuff!its quiet evidential that you envy beryl!Go girl…let nothing pull u down!

  • Bela you miss the point. The focus remains on Purity but Beryl was exposed when she claimed Osewe had insulted her, yet when challenged she dared not elaborate. How she got entangled in the debate is clear. So where is the envy on Beryl?

  • Tony Odera doesn’t have much to do in real life, so appealing for peace at KSB amidst an unrealistic cyber war is the best he can do.

  • Msema ukweli can now receive his Nobel PRICE after Caroline’s slicing.

  • @ Msema Ukweli

    I will not “insult” you or “expose” you.
    You have already exposed yourself. I thought i said OVER TO YOU AGAIN, after replying your post.
    but since you have failed to reply or respond i will rest my case. Keep it real next time and dont just write something for the sake of writing, and never ever defend pple on the wrong basis.

    Everyone has a “reason” or right to support whom ever they want, but i hope they can do it with good facts or explanations otherwise their arguments will not hold.

    That was the case with Beryl and Msema Ukweli. They could not defend their actions and arguments. si ndio Msema Ukweli? And i still repeat they had it coming. i dont regret writing anything about these girls.

    In all if you want to attack someone please do it with facts and evidence it will help to strenghten your arguments. If you have been given a challenge after you have written a post at least try to take the challegne seriously……

    Msema Ukeweli maybe you wanted to shift attention from Purity and Beryl but the facts remain here and that is Purity has in general failed as the Ambassador to Sweden, the facts are there for everyone to see. “Some” claim the opposite and the “reasons” are quite clear. You don´t bite the hand the feeds you with liquor and fake invitations.

    I rest my case and i hope i see you guys in Fittja, maybe we can take it from there. 🙂
    Ta det lugnt allihopa.

    Vi ses.

  • Hello,
    If its unrealistic ,why particpate.There must at the core, of all that is unfolding ,some unresolved isssues that are better addressed at a forum ,which in my opinion the time is ripe for.It is much more realistic to comment on the thread meaningfully instead of dragging names of others and beginning to be petty ,its not polite nor correct.We should not loose sight of the original article Osewe posted its not about anyone else but the Amabassador.As l have always stated ,its beneath me to abuse someone without facts ,and l will not stoop to that level.Anthony Odera

  • Antony Odera, the thread is still on Purity. She is anti-social according to others. However, when others like Beryl claimed they were insulted by Osewe, they diverted attention.

    You have also been appealing on what u know will never happen coz u attempt (through ur words) to muzzle our freedom of speech despite the crude words used. With all the academic achievement we hear you have, why don’t you create a new thread to analyze both Osewe’s and Beryl’s contributions? It is pointless repeating appeals that will not change how people comment at KSB.

  • KenyaDamuButAbroad

    Ean Wuod Luo kende!

  • Antony Odera, the thread is still on Purity. She is anti-social according to others. However, when others like Beryl claimed they were insulted by Osewe, they diverted attention.

    You have also been appealing on what u know will never happen coz u attempt (through ur words) to muzzle our freedom of speech despite the crude words used. With all the academic achievement we hear you have, why don’t you create a new thread to analyze both Osewe’s and Beryl’s contributions? It is pointless repeating appeals that will not change how people comment at KSB.

  • To the haters who capitalize in speli(ii)ng miiisttakes i do it very intentionaly since u r just empty debbez waiting to open your idle stin**ng mouths can have a aaawoord to say.So since you are the English teacher from kawangware please get some chock and do the job(b) coz i am odering you to tell the public how smart or learned you are.Now that you have completely gone out of the topic lets get it on coz u might have just woken the lion in his sleep,so spelling buster,bust some spellings if thats what brought you here PUMBAVU BURE KABISA,MAVI YA KUKU

  • Hello,,
    Its encouraging that at least someone is acknowledging that l do have some sort of education.Creating a new thread is and will not help in solving the vitriol and hatred spewed on this th thread.Thanks Merika and Ean Luo Kende for the compliments ,l have no intention of being drawn into Beryl and Osewe´s issues ,my position in this saga has been that of one who is studiosly keeping the debate on track.I am not muzzling anybodys freedom ,instead ,all who are commenting are frustrating freedom by being petty and trash talking. Lets be be civil.courteous enough to respect one another.Anthony Odera

    KSB: Tonny, this issue has nothing to do with Osewe and Beryl so keep focus. It has all to do with Ambassador Purity Muhindi but some desperate attention-seekers have brought in some side shows to divert attention in their direction. They make wild claims but when challenged to support these claims, they retreat into their spider holes to wait for a new opportunity.

  • Hello,
    By saying all am not putting all contributers in the same boat,but to those who call each other unnecessary names .We shoud as a people of one “nation” be respectful and mindful of our own personal misgivings.So ,l should not be taken to have condemned every contributor on this thread.Thanks ,and my apologies if l have been been misread.

    KSB: Tonny, stop being oversensitive. You seem to have woken up in the morning with a lot of energy. Pumzika ju it’s too early. Ni 04.21.

  • Osewe, isn’t it time to close this thread? A fool like Guru2guru who definitely has been clipped in the bud for his rotten wayward thoughts, has no single sensible contribution, and just dwells upon exposing his underbelly when told the truth. He has very limited vocabulary and adds nothing new here. A lot is being personalized and this perpetually repetetive Antony Odera must be one lonely guy who brings no input but cries out for attention.

    KSB: A thread cannot run for ever and this could be a good idea.

  • Hello folks,
    I am being repetitive with a cause ,its folks like you as a ghost writer not having the balls to be courageous enough to pen your real name ,that makes effective debate muffled.Please do as l am always diong , being repetitive ,but do not call anybody any name unless you can stand up and be counted .What attention ,l am already so well attended to , attention on this thread is not my concern.My worry is that when someone like “Madigi” comes online and writes my name ,yet he/she hides makes my case .”Madigi” whoever you are, be civil and know that am not a push over.I have voiced concerns about social problems facing folks in the diaspora at some levels that need guts to tackle. If you need evidence its living testimony many already know me and that is why l will say once again ,l do not seek attention,l am already well attended to.To Osewe its nice and polite that you seem to think am oversensitive ,what is it that am oversensitive about?Lets move on and be a collective of production not petty diversions on the net. That is all Anthony Odera

  • am so happy to see all the negative comments that hasbeen wrote on beryl ooh this girl thinks she is on top of everyone expecialy now xxx xx xxxxxx in a xxxx,beryl why are u wasting time writing on the blog instead of xxxxxxx ua sister xxxx and xxxx her to look for xxxx,the sister has xxx in sweden xxx xxxx xxxxxxxxx the xxxxxxxxx come to sweden and xxx away to xxxxx coz xx couldnt handle the xxxxxx,beryls sister xxxx up and xxxx for xxxx stop working xxxxx,if u met with xxxx they think they are the xxxx haha,i saw the xxxxxx in sweden did they xxxx her married for xxxx to get papers,her xxxxxx is a good xxx i hope he can find anice xxxx who xxxx him well not one to xxxx him to bring xxx her family xx sweden,xxxx grow up u xxx have xxxx sister left in xxxxx,stop being xxxxxx beryl

    KSB: This is an example of a censored post that could have been deleted in its entirity. It is not just an attack on Beryl but an attack on her family members who have nothing to do with this debate and who needs to be left alone. There have been worse of these types. Some people seem to enjoy attacks on Beryl which I find nasty. Readers should as well make their concluding remarks because this thread will be closed in the next 48 hrs or less.

  • Tony, u know so well that at Obama’s age, instead of reaching for the skies, you are ‘under the bar’ and always want sympathy at KSB.

    I can revive some of the archived balderdash you wrote in the past to prove that you are now at a stage where the world is so small for you, that your relief is to jot down points to re-assure self-sanity. You need it, but know you were supposed to be in a better place socially, economically and psychologically, but chose to be the kid you still are.

    You should know that “handles” are allowed in blogs (and by extention within all electronic media with comment sections), so this is not about having cajones to use my own name.

    Do you know why Osewe sometimes pens stories about Kenya-Stockholmers anonymously (without writing names)? Do you think he has no guts? Common Tony, you need to increase your level of thinking in the cyber world.

  • Hello ,
    Thats is nice to know that l have the ability to be someone ,but this thread was not about anybody but ,what Osewe wrote about Purity.As for being Obama`s agemate has no relevance .Please be in tune .The world is small ,yes and l will be happy for you troll up all the “balderash” please.Makes no difference in my fight for cowards like you some on the net.I could be under the bar ,but why are you hiding under the bar.The disscusion here was about The Hon. Ambassador.Thinking in the cyber world only elevates ones position when he/she comes out in the open and pens their true identity.Thanks for reminding me of my potential. Makes my day .Anthony Odera

  • Osewe I passed by the Kenyan Embassy today and the 1st thing I recalled was Purity’s vitenge, then laughed out aloud. This has been the best thread for me at KSB. Keep up the humour, despite the weak support some give to Purity.

  • Msema Ukweli, Beryl’s die hard supporter is missing in action. Wapi yeye?

  • Hello ,
    As a simple dare ,if any one ,and l repeat anyone has a beef with me as Odera ,stand up and be counted .Am not a person who will stoop to levels of postings that have been sent on this site .If we all had blogs then there would no convergence of collective thinking.Progress shall only be achieved by being a whole unit that dsplays a cohesive thinking unit.In these parts of the “small world” division makes it easier to tame us.It´s so humbling that we can have diffrerences of opinions and thought without resorting to infanticile name calling.Lets be all grown up.Who ever insults, should and with due respect be able to decipher that it´s also a mirror into his/her mind.This thread was about Purity the Ambassador please .Anthony Odera

  • Lol Madigi!!! That was a nice one u gave Antony Odera. He needs to chill, but as you said, he is so lonely and KSB is his best friend.Ignore him because he is like a leech who sticks so hard on repetition. The guy is not tech-savy, so would not understand when you use certain references. The thread still reads “Purity” but does he know? KSB is his only mirror to Kenya-Stockholm. Give him a can of bitter water and he gets excited!

  • Wow Osewe, you noted that by 04:21 Tony was awake to post at KSB? He needs a shrink.seems he has no private life.No wonder he thanks Osewe for this forum. Where else would he go?Meanwhile, down with Purity. Huyo mama ni hatari kwa usalama kwani ana tabia ya kutisha. The hubby is a gentleman and as some said earlier, he could have made a better Ambassador.

    KSB: I was myself up and I was just teasing Tonny. No offence. Please, go easy on Tonny.

  • Lol Ochot, Ber kabisa .Thanks for the for thr leech comment.Being tech savvy was not the thread here ,it was about Hon .Purity sobe correct .Ochot, Onge wach.Anthony Odera

  • This thread is now closed.