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Current Disagreements in ODM: Who is William Ruto?

Chasing The Presidential Dream: Raila Odinga’s Strategic Alliance With Political Opportunists Extract from “Stolen Presidency” Before the advent of the November 21 Referendum, the unfolding crisis with the writing of a new Constitution after NARC came to power, the dumping of the MoU and the formation of ODM, William Ruto, Uhuru Kenyatta, Kalonzo Musyoka and Musalia Mudavadi who all became

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Kenya’s Bourgeoisie Media Picks Up “Stolen Presidency”

DAILY NATION SATURDAY MARCH 21 2009 Book Review By  KWAMCHETSI MAKOKHA Posted Friday, March 20 2009 at 20:22 So it is impossible to know who won Kenya’s 2007 presidential election? Not true, according to a new book published in Sweden that could rekindle debate on who exactly deserves to be president of Kenya. In his book, Raila Odinga’s Stolen Presidency:

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Report From Raila Book Presentation In Uppsala

On Monday, March 9th, Mr. Okoth Osewe gave a presentation of his new book titled: “Raila Odinga’s Stolen Presidency: Consequences and The Future of Kenya” at the Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation in Uppsala. The invitation had been extended by the Foundation’s Director, Dr. Henning Melber, who is renowned for his research interest in Africa and is currently at the forefront in

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“Odinga’s Stolen Presidency” Book Review

An explosive book about Kenya’s December 2007 bungled election has been launched in Stockholm. The book, Raila Odinga’s Stolen Presidency: Consequences and The Future of Kenya written by Mr. Okoth Osewe, a Kenyan author, takes the position that the December 2007 election was rigged by the Samuel Kivuitu-led Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK) in favor of Mr. Mwai Kibaki who

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Update: Raila Book Presentation Poster

EXCERPT FROM STOLEN PRESIDENCY: “The post-election violence that erupted across the country was a result of election rigging but it was also tied to growing inequalities in the Kenyan society,mass poverty, mass unemployment, lack of opportunities especially for the youth, spiralling inflation, starvation of vast sections of the population, poor remuneration of workers who live on starvation wages, lack of

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Raila Odinga Book Presentation In Uppsala 09/03

Kenya’s elections in late December 2007 plunged the country into an immediate crisis of unforeseen dimensions. The unexpected degree of spontaneous as well as planned violence erupting gruesomely killed an estimated 1,500 people, caused large-scale destruction of property and resulted in the displacement of some 350,000 people. It became evident that the hitherto widely perceived relative political stability in Kenya

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