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Flashback: Kikuyunization of Government Under President Mwai Kibaki

Lest we forget: One of the major problems during the dictatorship of Daniel arap Moi was not just corruption but rampant tribalism in the appointment of top government officers. When Kibaki seized power in a democratic election in 2002, he said that the era of corruption and tribalism was over. As he started his misrule of Kenya, corruption and tribalism

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Kenya Stockholm’s Wzee wa Kazi vs Young Turks Football Challenge Cup: Today, Saturday 16th Aug

Tumbo Kubwas Vs Six Packs! Today, Saturday 16th August, Kenya-Stockholm’s Wazee wa Kazi Football Team will be playing against the “Young Turks” at Enskede IP (Enskedevägen 115) in Stockholm city. The match, which has attracted massive talk within the Kenyan community in Stockholm, will kick off at 15.00 hrs. Hot in the air is whether the Young Turks will live

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