Ulambaji: Should Kenyans In Stockholm Turn To Prayers?

Pastor Samson In Deep Prayers

Wakenya wenzangu, sometimes KSB is accused by critics of spreading propaganda but let us look at the naked facts that are readily available to everybody who has been in the loop before throwing a single stone.

Sometimes last year, an ailing Mr. Cheruiyot, a former Kenyan diplomat, escaped being kidnapped and deported to Kenya from his hospital bed following instructions by Ambassador Purity Muhindi. A woman Doctor was flown from Kenya to facilitate the kidnap operation because the Swedish authorities insisted that Mr. Cheruiyot was too sick to travel alone. At the time of the kidnap attempt, Cheruiyot’s property had been packed in a container while his family had been rounded up.

It was good news when it emerged that a group of Kenyans who were very upset by Purity’s inhumane behaviour managed to mobilize to the hospital and stopped Cheruiyot’s deportation. After the victory, the Kenyans rushed to the net to tell the world what they had done and every Kenyan had reason to be proud of the bravery and solidarity of these Kenyans.

At a political level, this was the moment of Hallelujah because some Kenyans who participated in stopping Cheruiyot’s deportation are countrymen who have been standing on the political sidelines since they came to Sweden. I thought that political consciousness among Kenyans in Sweden was on the rise ahead of the General elections.

To cup it all, a known opportunist who was in the frontlines was among a group of Kenyans who boycotted last year’s Jamhuri day in protest at what Purity had done. Nashon Mbugua and another group were demonstrating outside the Hotel where the Jamhuri bash was taking place and I took several pictures which were later featured at KSB. I called a Pastor at the Bagarmossen Church and I was told that with God, “anything is possible”. I just smiled.

For KSB, it was a moment of good propaganda and Purity was lambasted to the maximum. Then last Friday, Purity called a secret dinner funded by tax payer’s money and some of the Kenyans who attacked her for the Cheruiyot thing and who were on the frontlines were the same people eating Omena with the Ambassador. They were reportedly swallowing huge balls of ugali after making big othonjes (the hole you dig into the ka ugali with your thumb to scoop soup) as they chatted away the evening.

You won’t even believe what they were talking about. Eti “Yule Osewe ni mjinga sana…”, as they licked their fingers. It is reported that only Daniel Kottut, one of the Embassy bosses, was smiling at what Omena could do to people.

“Osewe has been like that. Just ignore him because he is always making noise”, another one was heard giving Purity advice as he requested for a bottle of Lauder’s whisky to drop a tot. “He should go home and practice politics instead of kusumbua watu hapa Stockholm”, another one threw in a word of support as Purity nodded slowly. Where is our community heading to with this level of open ulambaji?

After elections were stolen in Kenya, a group of Kenyans spent almost two hours demonstrating outside the Kenyan Embassy to protest at the election theft and to attack Kibaki. The event was captured on video and you could have been there to watch patriotic Kenyans singing “Kibaki ameiba kura”. Some Kenyans who were protesting were new to Kenya-Stockholm activism and once again, the signal was that Wakenya had been pushed too much to the wall by Kibaki.

Purity was so scared that she reportedly went somewhere to hide from the demonstrators even though the demonstrators were peaceful. Kottut, who was to receive our protest statement, could not even step out of the Embassy because he was too terrified so police took the statement to him.

When the Embassy called the secret dinner last Friday, some Kenyans who were shouting anti-Purity slogans at the demo were the very people who were swallowing mbuta with her, bought with tax payer’s money. I understand that even githeri and mukimo was on the menu! One of them even put in a “political argument” to justify the swallow. Eti Raila is eating with Kibaki so…

These are the facts to ponder. If you confront these Kenyans to question them about their double dealing, they will begin to hit you below the belt. Eti you are very ugly and that even if you attend an “ugliness contest”, you will be refused registration by the panel because they do not want “obvious winners”. Another one will tell you that you are so short that when you walk along the road, you lean on the pavement! May be, we need to turn to Bargarmossen for prayers!

Okoth Osewe

One comment

  • Bravo Okoth Osewe for being consistent in reporting happenings and for exposing ‘social flip-floppers’ in the Kenya-Stockholm community. In this case, these are characters that tread back and forth on issues pertaining to the current relationship between the Kenya Embassy leadership in Stockholm and the Kenyans at large. Some consider this relationship frosty while others are happy with it. Quite a lot of this depends upon how some individuals have been treated by the Embassy in the past.

    The flip-floppers are those that become momentarily emotional and support grievances against the Embassy, but quickly forget them when they are extended an occasional invitation to enjoy ‘goodies’ (free food and beverages). This becomes a great moment to shine in their ‘Sunday best’ and mingle with fellow back trackers, while pledging loyalty to the Embassy leadership.

    The moral behind this piece is that stick to your principles, no matter what is offered to sway your psyche.

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