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Flashback: Kikuyunization of Government Under President Mwai Kibaki

Lest we forget: One of the major problems during the dictatorship of Daniel arap Moi was not just corruption but rampant tribalism in the appointment of top government officers. When Kibaki seized power in a democratic election in 2002, he said that the era of corruption and tribalism was over. As he started his misrule of Kenya, corruption and tribalism

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KRA Statement on Today’s Brutal Police Attack on Innocent Demonstrators in Nairobi

The Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) has always reiterated that from a Socialist perspective, what is called “The Constitution” is a piece of paper which will always be violated by the capitalist ruling thugs whenever their interests are threatened. In other words, The Constitution can only be implemented effectively if the process of implementation is on the hands and controlled by

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Challenges Facing Uhuru Kenyatta’s Laptop Promise for Kenya’s Standard 1 Pupils: Part 3

Uhuru’s moral obligation Uhuru Kenyatta has to take ownership of the laptop project. He may have copied the idea from some politicians in India who promised voters freebies like laptops, cows, TVs, electric fans and so forth, during elections in 2012. Nevertheless, on July 12, 2013 Uhuru reaffirmed his commitment to the project when he addressed members of the Editors

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