Mamma Grace Owuor Aroka Passes On: “Open House” Daily: Prayers 6th Aug

grace owuor aroka passes on

It is with great sadness, shock and sorrow that the Aroka family in Stockholm announces the demise of Mamma Grace Owuor Aroka who departed on Thursday, 24 Augusti 2017 at Avenue Hospital in Kisumu.

Mama Grace was the wife of the late Nathaniel Owuor Aroka and the mother of Beatrice Alilla, George Aroka, Jared Aroka, Ken Aroka, the late Nelly Aroka, Cris Aroka, Calvin and Nancy.

She has several grandchildren and grand-grand grandchildren. Her grandchildren resident in Stockholm are Nelly Aroka (who is named efter the late Nelly Aroka), Denice, Louise, Joshua, Nat nyar Kendu, Annabel and Everlyn-Amanda .

An “Open House” has been set up at Sockenvägen 461 from 16.00 to 21.00 hrs daily. The nearest T-banan is Skogskrykogården, five minutes walk to the house which is located at the crossroads between Nynäsvägen and Sockenvägen.

A Prayer Meeting/Harambee is scheduled for Saturday, 6th August 2017 and the venue will be communicated later. For further information contact Jared Aroka 0720339965 or Patrick at 0708856925.

Those who will not be able to make it can show solidarity with the bereaved family through swish account held by Vicky at. 0723303836. The late Mama Grace has left behind a huge hospital bill and any contributions will be greatly appreciated.

The KSB community takes this opportunity to send deep condolences to the bereaved family following the loss of a loved mother who will be greatly missed by all those who knew and loved her. Weeks after the Aroka family suffered a major loss of a loved one, the cruel hands of death has struck once again.

We hope that the family will gather the necessary strength and courage to go through this very difficult and trying moment marked with great sadness and sorrow. It is God who giveth life and God who taketh away life. Mama Grace has faught a good fight and now she has departed to be with her maker. May the Almighty God rest Mama Grace’s soul in eternal peace.

Okoth Osewe



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