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Uhuru burnt Ivory worth $105 million but who pioneered the trade in Kenya?


On Saturday, April 30 2016, Uhuru Kenyatta burnt elephant ivory and rhino horns worth $105 million. However, who exactly started the ivory trade? Exerpts of the article below written by Jared Odero for KSB may throw light on the main criminals who pioneered the ivory trade in Kenya. Links to illegal trade in Ivory and forced Kenyatta shares in companies

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Kenyans Sleep Hungry and are Less Confident with Uhuru Kenyatta’s Presidency

Mr. Okoth Osewe’s recent article at the Kenya Stockholm Blog calling for Kenyan civil servants to down their tools if forced to have a salary cut was timely, given the current push by President Uhuru Kenyatta to reduce the public wage bill. Interestingly, he and Deputy President William Ruto have decided to take a 20% salary cut each and have

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Why Kenyans Should Expect More Violation of the Constitution by the New Gangster Regime

Real power will be wielded by mount Kenya mafia cartel in the interest of the thieving ruling class Since it was promulgated, the new Kenyan Constitution has been violated several times without consequences especially in situations where the interests of the thieving Kikuyu ruling class mafia cartel is involved. This is a reality which Kenyans will continue to live with

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