July 28, 2014


Fireworks at Iryn Namubiru’s Stockholm Show: Opening Pix


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July 25, 2014


Photo Album of Two Tourists Killed in Mombasa, Kenya Due to Mounting Insecurity

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July 24, 2014

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KSB Exclusive: Photo of Dead German Woman Tourist Killed in Mombasa

dead german woman killed in mombasa

NAIROBI (Reuters) – A German female tourist was killed in the Kenyan port city of Mombasa on Thursday in the same area where a Russian visitor was murdered earlier in July by a criminal gang, police sources said.

Kenya’s coast has been the scene of a series of bombings and shootings by militants and gunmen that have left dozens of Kenyans dead in recent months. Some Western nations have warned against travel to Mombasa because of the violence.

“A female tourist was shot in Kibokoni area,” Robert Sicharani, head of Tourist Police Unit in Kenya’s Coast region, told Reuters, adding that the case was being investigated. “She was confirmed dead at the hospital,” he said.

He did not give details about the woman’s identity but a police source, who asked not to be named, said she was a 28-year-old German and that she had not been robbed. The source said her Ugandan male companion was injured in the attack.

A Russian woman was killed by a gang which had robbed her companions earlier in July in the same area, which lies near Mombasa’s historic Fort Jesus.

(Reporting by Joseph Akwiri; Writing by Edmund Blair; Editing by Sonya Hepinstall)



July 22, 2014


Kenya Stockholm’s 2014 Nyama Choma Pix Update

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July 16, 2014


“Wezee Wapewe” Presents: Soukous Explosion! 18-19/07

Dekula Band “Ngoma Ya Kilo”

Place: Lilla Wien “Little Nairobi”
Date: 18-19/07/2014
Time: 21.00-01.00
Addr: Swedenborgsg. 20
Pendel: Södra Station
New CD Shujaa Mamadou Ndala
Buy it from itunes, amazon, qabu

July 15, 2014


AU Undermines Jurisdiction Of Its Court

Dr. Odora

Dr. Odora

The amendment creates an exceptionalism only enjoyed by African leaders. It shields them and their cronies from accountability. This obnoxious law must be challenged by all persons of good will.

The rights of leaders are always tempered and balanced by their duty and obligation to protect the rights of citizens. All acts of a leader must be carried out within agreed legal frameworks.

This decision by the AU leaders is gross abuse of power and a dereliction of duty. ICC’s difficulties in prosecuting Heads of State do not translate into extending immunity to all African leaders.

On Friday, 4 July 2014, the African Union (AU) amended the Protocol on the Statute of the African Court of Justice and Human Rights to provide for blanket immunity from prosecution for African leaders and their ‘senior government officials’.

The language of the amended Protocol is clear and succinct: “No charges shall be commenced or continued before the court against any serving African Union Heads of State or Government, or anybody acting or entitled to act in such capacity, or other senior state officials based on their functions, during their tenure of office.”

The language of the Protocol protects a broad range of perpetrators. It extends unfettered immunity from criminal prosecution in any jurisdiction in Africa. The amendment also creates an “exceptionalism” that is enjoyed only by African leaders. It shields the leaders and their cronies from accountability. This obnoxious law must be challenged by all persons of good will.

It is regrettable that other democratic states in Africa, such as South Africa, Namibia, Tanzania, Ghana and Senegal did not stand shoulder to shoulder with Botswana to oppose this antiquated law.

Instead, they allowed themselves to join the ranks of unsavoury dictatorship like Egypt, Uganda, the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC); other failing states such as Somalia, Mali, Libya, Niger, Central African Republic (CAR); and ungovernable states like Nigeria whose writ does not cover northern Nigeria, thanks to Boko Haram.  These undemocratic states have ceased to represent the interests of their people or to act on their behalf.

In democratic countries, the lines between the citizens and the state are based on recognition of a citizen’s individual rights which is then framed in terms of what the state needs to do to protect those rights.  The state, through its leadership, neither murders its citizens, nor gets away with it subsequently.

The rights of leaders are always tempered and balanced by their duty and obligation to protect the rights of its people. All acts of a leader must be carried out within agreed legal framework. Leaders who fail to follow the law must be accountable for their actions before courts of law. The Protocol adopted by the African leaders on 4 July, turned this basic legal principle on its head.

The new ‘impunity law’ ignores Africa’s history of the 1970s, 80s, and 90s when military dictatorships and one-party state’s governments brutalized their citizens without any form of accountability. Some of these ‘criminal’ leaders of the 70s, 80s, and 90s are still in power today and were instrumental in the adoption of the ‘impunity law’.

More recently, between 2000 and 2014, more than 6 million civilians were murdered in the DRC by its government and the governments of neighbouring states after invading the DRC; in South Sudan, troops from neighbouring states have joined the blood-letting. It is some of these criminal acts that are the forces behind the ‘impunity law’.

Africa cannot close its eyes and hide behind the facts that Bush and Blair have not been prosecuted and therefore African leaders should not be prosecuted. Charity begins at home, and it is important that Africa puts its house in order before it begins finger pointing at leaders of foreign nations.

After all, African leaders pride themselves of “African solutions to African problems”. Well, Bush and Blair are not Africa’s problem; leave them to the ICC to handle. On the other hand, African leaders are Africa’s problems and the African Court must handle them. That sounds fair, doesn’t it?

There are more serious and pressing problems for the AU to address. Nigeria, the biggest economy in Africa and the most populous state on the continent, with excellent record of peace keeping, cannot protect its own children from Boko Haram militia; Libya, a wealthy nation, cannot protect its sovereignty as militias divide the country; Egypt, a country with a rich history, is busy murdering its own people; and CAR is heading towards genocide while South Sudan is falling apart through political and tribal vendettas.

Instead of seeking solutions to these, and other grave issues, African leaders are more concerned with protecting themselves from criminal prosecutions.

Any good student of history easily recognizes that mere existence of immunity clauses in any legal framework, regardless of how it is used, is itself sufficient to create conditions under which impunity flourishes. A citizenry that is always abused by those in authority, eventually becomes used to the idea of abuse, develops a compliant mode and fearful, and even possibly an accomplice to his/her degradation and humiliation.

Impunity unites governments of otherwise remarkably divergent political creed: from Cairo to Kampala; Bangui to Harare, these governments share one thing in common – terrorizing the civilian population without accountability. Besides Botswana, the lone sane voice at the AU summit, all states whose constitutions’  guarantee individual human rights and free access to court, ganged up  to grant to themselves and their cronies immunity from prosecution for atrocity crimes.

The ability for an ordinary citizen to murder a person and get away with it is already bad enough, particularly when police investigators need to be bribed before they can perform their official duties.

For Heads of State or Government to give themselves a right to murder hundreds or thousands of people, without any form of accountability, vests immense power in these leaders who, whether properly elected, rigged elections or gained power through armed rebellion, have no right to pass such a law without the consent of the people.

The representatives of victims, NGOs and human rights organizations were denied access and the right to participate  in deliberations leading to the adoption of the ‘impunity clause’. This is particularly distressing seeing that one of the objectives of the Constitutive Act of the AU, as stipulated in Article 3(h), is dedicated to “promote and protect human and peoples’ rights in accordance with the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights and other relevant human rights instruments.”

With the recent adoption of the ‘impunity clause’ to protect heads of state and government from prosecution, this makes the provision hollow and a mockery of justice.

Overall, the decision by the AU leaders granting themselves immunity from prosecution is gross abuse of power and a dereliction of duty. I know from my years of experience in the conduct of international criminal prosecution that the AU’s ‘impunity clause’ can be viewed by some analysts and critics as an abstraction, one that is difficult to get people to care about viscerally.

What is more, the issue of international criminal prosecution is invariably complex, making it even harder to engage the public in a widespread and positive way because of the experiences of the challenges encountered by the ICC in prosecuting past and present Heads of State and Governments. But what is pertinent is to separate the issues that undermines the good work of the ICC from justification being peddled around to demonise not only the ICC but international criminal justice wholesale.

The fact that the ICC has encountered difficulties in prosecuting Heads of State does not translate into extending immunity to all African leaders.

By Alex Obote-Odora, Consultant in International Criminal Law and Policy, Stockholm.

July 12, 2014


The Late Vinnie Atieno Buried Secretly in Sweden Last Tuesday

Atieno's mother Scolastica Adhiambo

Atieno’s mother Scolastica Adhiambo: Raising the alarm while the daughter has been secretly buried in Sweden

The late Vinnie Atieno, whose real names were Vincencis Atieno, was secretly buried in a cemetery in the city of Malmö, Sweden on Tuesday, 8th July 2014. The secret burial came after Vinnie’s sister stripped naked last Friday and stopped the burial on grounds that family members were not involved in the funeral arrangements. Although it is not clear who ordered the burial, it is unlikely that it could have taken place without the conniving of either of Vinnie’s two former boyfriends who are also the fathers of Vinnie’s two children.

As the burial was taking place, Vinnie’s mother in Kisumu, Kenya, was raising the alarm through the Kenyan media to the effect that she was in the dark as far as both the death and funeral arrangements are concerned. Speaking to the East African Standard, Jactone Obong’o and his wife, Scolastica Adhiambo, said that they had been preparing to travel to Sweden to get involved in their daughter’s funeral arrangements when everything went dead. Vinnie’s sister who travelled from Germany to intervene could not be reached by the family by the time they raised the alarm while everybody who was apparently involved in the funeral arrangements in Malmö could not suddenly be reached.

According to reports reaching KSB from different sources in Malmö, Kenyans in Malmö congregated at Vinnie’s house following her death where a decision was taken that her parents would travel to Sweden for purposes of funeral arrangements. At one of these meetings, it is known that the father of Vinnie’s eldest child was present while it is also known that some money was raised towards transport costs of Vinnie’s parents. What is unknown is how after this meeting (whose agenda was to transport Vinnie’s parents to Sweden), someone fixed Vinnie’s burial for Friday last week before her parents could arrive in Sweden.

Another hanging issue is the whereabouts of cash that had been raised towards transport of Vinnie’s parents. According to a source, attempts by Vinnie’s sister (who attended the fund raising meeting) to get custody of the funds was quashed by a Committee because “she did not look like she could take care of the funds”. Further the amount that was raised could also not be established and now with her secret burial in Malmö, the mystery surrounding her death and hurried up burial has simply deepened.

At the funeral, KSB has established that there were only eight people, 4 Kenyans and four Swedes. One of the Swedes is known to have been the father of Vinnie’s child and the question which arises is whether he could have ordered the burial using his child as an excuse to take over the burial process. This is because in Sweden (just like in many countries), only a next of kin can order a burial. In the case of Vinnie, the most credible next of kin who was on the ground in Malmö was Vinnie’s blood sister who had already stopped the burial so how could she have been buried secretly barely three days after the funeral was stopped? Who were the four Kenyans who attended the secret burial and where did Vinnie’s sister vanish especially after she stopped the burial last Friday?

After the burial was stopped by Vinnie’s sister, the funeral Agency knew and understood that there were key issues that needed to be resolved especially the participation of Vinnie’s family in all funeral arrangements so how did they go ahead with the burial even when Vinnie’s parents were raising the alarm in Kenya?

Last Friday, Vinnie’s burial is known to have been attended by many Kenyans in Malmö. Where are they and how could these Kenyans have allowed Vinnie’s funeral to proceed without the participation of members of her family and after they knew and understood the problems that stood in the way. These are fundamental questions that need to be answered. Regardless of the burial, Vinnie’s parents need to travel to Sweden to sort out this matter because the secret burial has denied them the right to pay their last respects to their departed daughter. What has happened in the case of Vinnie cannot happen in any civilized society. In summary, who decided that Vinnie should be buried in Sweden? Kenyans in Malmö must come together to help Vinnie’s family resolve the issue even though she has been buried. It is not the end of the story because a body can be exhumed. The matter is even more painful when the post mortem report detailing the real cause of Vinie’s death has not been released.

Something does not simply add up. A Kenyan dies mysteriously in Malmö, the children are taken over without participation of the Kenyan’s family members, the post mortem report is withheld by the Swedish authorities, a funeral is hastily arranged by unknown people, the funeral is then stopped by the Kenyan’s sister who had to strip naked to stop the process then a secret funeral attended by eight people is then hastily arranged without family consultation before the body is quickly buried when the parents are raising the alarm and complaining about exclusion from everything. This case should not be allowed to set a precedent because today it’s Vinnie and tomorrow it might as well be your family going through a similar agony in this wilderness called Sweden.

Okoth Osewe

July 12, 2014


Esther Arunga’s Apology Letter To Parents

Esther and hubby Timberlake in Australia

Esther and hubby Timberlake in Australia

I must address a subject that I have feared and is long overdue. One that is touchy! My purpose in writing this letter is to tell parents out there what kind of damage they do to their children KNOWINGLY or UNKNOWINGLY when they mistreat their child’s spouse and children. And what kind of damage it does to their relationship with their child and their grandchildren. I do this in the hope that I can prevent this damage from being done to someone else. It is too late for our family.

You want only the best for your children. You want them to grow into adults who are capable of making choices for themselves. This means you need to let them make those choices. This includes whom they fall in love with and decide to marry. Life is a learning experience. If they fail at something, then they will learn a lesson from that experience! You cannot shelter them and expect them to grow at the same time.

Sometimes the choices they make are not the same ones you would choose for them. They are not supposed to be your choices and you need to wish them happiness and be emotionally supportive of them. That means you do not interfere. You do not instigate, you do not demean the spouse, you do not pass right by that child’s house and go onto another child’s–play favorite’s.

You give your love and you let the chips fall where they may. The danger is; nowadays should parents force daughters/sons to marry persons against their wishes..they’ll marry to please both their parents, society and church. But in turn, out of wedlock misconducts begin. Because it leads the victims jump off their parents’ chosen spouses cages onto hot frying pans of the people their hearts will chemically vie for. That’s why there’s too much sin even inside the church giving birth to death – AIDS and stone cold souls.

If your child and their spouse love each other and are happy with their relationship and their life together, do not try and find things wrong that just are not there! Be happy for them! It is okay to be wrong! So you never thought you would like the spouse, you never thought they would change into a person you could like! That does not matter, your child is happy and you may be blinded by something you should have let go of a long time ago!

If we daughters are so bad, then why are so many of us silent sufferers at the hands of our parents/parents in-laws? Why do we take the hits that keep on coming? It is because we love those children of others that we bring in your folds…..in laws.Parents can sometimes force pressure on to their children. A relationship that was supposed to be enjoyable lacks that time to enjoy their youth and turn their united fists in to fighting tools against the hard hitting parents.

Challenging relationships can offer some of our most powerful growth opportunities. We shouldn’t end relationships lightly at the pleasure of parents or parents’ in-law, even when they prove difficult, especially because, as we shall see, we must ultimately, at some level, engage with the defense mechanisms most prevalent in our environment. But when we have strongly considered all of our options, applied optimally effective strategies, and still determined that the relationship is highly unlikely to become a healthier one, it is then reasonable to remove ourselves from the situation.

My mothers and fathers out there, if your child and their spouse love each other and are happy with their relationship and their life together, do not try and find things wrong that just are not there! Be happy for them! It is okay to be wrong! So you never thought you would like the spouse, you never thought they would change into a person you could like! That does not matter, your child is happy and you may be blinded by something you should have let go of a long time ago!
Do not treat the children of your child’s that you don’t like the spouse of differently than that of your other children’s kid’s. Big hint–The kids who are treated differently know! And they do not understand why! It is hard to have to explain to your child, “Honey, I’m sorry but grandma and grandpa have never liked me, they didn’t want your dad to marry me so they treat you differently,” when your children want to know why grandma and grandpa treats them so differently! Grandparents, it is wrong to put your grandchildren in the middle.

The stupid neither forgive nor forget; the naïve forgive and forget; the wise forgive but do not forget…but my loving husband whom my former admirers would love to hate sat with me humbly for the past 2 years over this matter. At first, he put sense in to my mind back in 2010 to withdraw a lawsuit against my husband. What people have never understood is I did not directly sue my parents. But the attorney company I hired to press the legal charges against Dr Njenga who abused my well being went on charging everyone who was involved. I was so angry at my father when I learnt that actually he signed those procedures which gave Dr Njenga a nod to conduct his psychological abuse on me and I lost my child in a pool of blood in the aftermath.

The media immediately launched offensive attacks against me without considering the post psychological effects I just rose up from. Dr Njenga abuse, my husband jailed, lost child, combined family’s continuous scathing attacks, hired hit-men tracking me everywhere and CID police on my case. I slid to personal psychological defense mechanism system since my husband wasn’t there around me. The people who were around me by then were cowards, big talkers and chicken hearts. I resorted to being my own bodyguard, doctor and media attacks fighter until my husband got released from jailed!

Defense mechanisms which are specific archetypal patterns of behavior that result when human systems – whether on the individual, family, social, cultural, national or global levels – take on particular suboptimal structural configurations. These structural configurations developed in response to trauma, an event that wounded my system, infringing on its ability to meet its human needs for a period of time, to an extent great enough to affect the system’s arrangement of parts. Physical trauma led to structural changes on the physical, as well as on all other levels, while other forms of trauma impacted the more abstract, but equally crucial, structural aspects of my human system. It was very bad with the memories of huge loss of blood, beatings, CID trauma and Limuru ordeal.

Healthy systems, in anticipation of or in response to events or conditions, develop firm, but flexible boundaries. In the wake of a significant trauma, however, a system may develop a more extreme configuration – either overly rigid or overly flexible – that protects itself and its most important elements in order to best survive the immediate situation. Crucial as this response may be for short-term coping, this defensive structure may remain long after the original trauma has run its course, continuing to generate dysfunctional behaviors that inhibit the system’s ability to meet its needs and to develop or maintain sustainable health and maturity.

Trauma – consisting of several types and originating from personal, family, social, global and environmental sources – has grown so prevalent in many of our human systems that it has become normalized. Events and conditions that significantly diminish our ability to meet our evolved human needs have often come to be perceived as inevitable or even desirable. Thus, the resulting structural changes and defensive behaviors associated with trauma have become pervasive, exerting a profound impact on our lives, our institutions and our planet.

This is why dear Kenyans, it’s been a lengthened battle between this tiny army and you. Whether we like it or not, we belong to one country. We remain children of the same blood and culture. A time reaches when we need to put this foggy filth behind us and move on. Am not expecting everyone to like me for already some were full of hate for “their” own selfish reasons and they know it. I am writing to formally apologize, for all the moments of pain and misery that I might have inadvertently caused you, throughout my formative 2 and a half years. I also take this opportunity to forgive you in each and every trauma you’ve put me through!!!!

I therefore take this opportunity to apologize, for my constant bickering with you my beloved dad and mother (when I wasn’t trying my hardest to ignore you). I realize that you are not the annoying, sociopathic space aliens that I once thought. You are, in fact, quite wonderful wonderful people. Thanks to my husband who tirelessly inserted the positive thinking in to my senses of reason and thought that brought major meaningful senses. Now I reached a decision.

Children begin by loving their parents; after a time they judge them; rarely, if ever, do they forgive them. It is time for parents to teach young people early on that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength which I missed but I can now see sense in it from the age of 13 when they were not there for me till the age of 29. How many years of parental absence? The most loving parents and relatives commit murder with smiles on their faces. They force us to destroy the person we really are: a subtle kind of murder. I hope you understand this and relieve me of this burden. I do confess though that I did not think you liked me in the past 2 years. They put a live teddy bear in my crib. I have therefore decided to put all this bitterness away and forget it for good.

This is not a condition, but I request you Dad and Mum to kindly accept my husband and child as part of our society. They’re the family I got. Whether we like this fact or not, they’re one of the major things that sent me away. Now am back and request to be accepted back with them. Is that okay Mum? Is that okay? Matthew 19:6

The Holy Bible says at Ephesians 6:4 “And you, fathers, do not provoke your children to wrath, but bring them up in the training and admonition of the Lord.” Which means I have decided to come back to the dynamic family of the Arungas because I’ll never be provoked to anger again.

To you my dear mama, I was a mama’s daughter right from the time I remember. All my childhood memories have you in their frames. I learnt to walk erect soon enough, in more ways than one, with your unconditional love and affection. You taught me to be thankful, count my blessings, and learn from my mistakes. I couldn’t let you down. You had the vision to look at our family as a team and strengthen my wings to enable me to take off on my own in my early teens. You gave me all the space I ever needed to grow.

You weathered all the storms and turbulences that struck your path and demonstrated with élan, that a woman has many roles to play and being a mother is one of them. Little did I realize then that this was your way of imparting early lessons in motherhood. You braved the loss of your own mother with the composure of a saint. The dignity with which you let go of her was a tribute to her life shared with you. You were there again, guiding my steps when I walked into matrimony. I learnt from your marriage, that the secret of seeing it through the years is in just staying married. You taught me that it takes a lot of courage, patience and selfless love to wade through the difficult times which cloud the happy moments.

You took our child Sinclair into your arms when the world enjoyed the negative relationship that was between me and you. I chanced to see the joy and tears in your eyes which I missed seeing when I was in your arms. You were willing to learn the ropes of being a mother with me once more and better yourself at it, all over again. You had only yourself to compete with. Hats off to that spirit! Your happiness only increased manifold when I placed my daughter in your arms.

You probably felt that the almighty had given you one last chance to work on her in the areas you missed out on, with me. I know for sure that your efforts will bear fruits one day. I know that I shouldn’t have acted like that and that is why I am truly and deeply sorry for making you hurt on both the inside and on the outside, but you must believe me that my love for you will either stay the same or grow to be more because without you my son lacks a grand mother. And it’s reaching a time where your role over him is knocking the door. I am flying back home soon to visit you and make up for the rest personal family matters that I may not discuss here.

To maintain a joyful family requires much from both the parents and the children. Each member of the family has to become, in a special way, the servant of the others. I am ready to rejoin this family again and fulfill this fruitful epistolary of good times that we did miss in absenteeism.

Let parents bequeath to their children not riches, but the spirit of reverence!! May I be forgiven in the name of Jesus Christ!AMEN
Your Daughter,


July 10, 2014


Vinnie Atieno’s Family in Agony Over Daughter’s Death in Sweden

Atieno's mother Scolastica Adhiambo

Atieno’s mother Scolastica Adhiambo

A family in Kisumu is mourning after their daughter died in Sweden mysteriously. Jacktone Obong’o and his wife Scolastica Adhiambo say their daughter Vincencis Atieno died in Sweden last month and they learnt about her death through her sister, Diana, who lives in Germany. Diana is said to have travelled to Sweden where authorities confirmed the death and told her that the body had been kept in a mortuary to await her relatives. The ailing Adhiambo says Diana stopped communicating after sometime and they are now in the dark about what may have happened to Atieno’s body. According to Adhiambo, Atieno had travelled to the country with her Swedish boyfriend, a Mr Henry Lilja, whom she had met in Kenya.

Couple separated
The couple are said to have lived as husband and wife for five years and even had a child before separating. However, Adhiambo disputes that the two were married. “The man never came to my home and had never officially introduced himself to the family. He did not pay dowry so I cannot say they were married,” said Adhiambo. After parting ways with her initial boyfriend, Atieno is said to have moved in with another man, who later abandoned her with an 11-month-old child. Adhiambo says she last spoke to her daughter on May 23, when she promised to send her some money. She, however, did not keep the promise.

“I kept sending messages to her inquiring about the promise, but she never responded,” she said. According to her, no clear information has been forthcoming about her daughter’s death as there has not been any communication between the relatives and friends in Sweden and the family. “All their phones have since been witched off. Her Kenyan friends who promised us a ticket and visa to enable us to travel to Sweden have also gone quiet,” she said.

According to her, none of Atieno’s two boyfriends has agreed to bury her remains, although they are said to have assumed custody of the children. The family is now appealing to the Government to help them trace the whereabouts of their daughter’s body.


July 8, 2014


Mrs. Jane Owili and Charles Orwe’s Mom Passes On: Open House Set Up

This is to inform Kenyans and all concerned that Mrs. Jane Owili and Mr. Charles Orwe have lost their mother in Kenya after a long illness. Consequently, the entire family has been plunged into deep mourning. An “Open House” has been established at the residence of Mrs. Jane Owili at Drakensbersgatan 37 in Hornstull where relatives, friends and well-wishers continue to pour in to condole with the bereaved family.

The late Mama Jane and Charles was admitted at a Kisumu hospital where she left a huge bill of Ksh 2.5 million. A major funds drive is planned for Saturday, 12th July at Hornsgatan 137 (T-Hornstull) from 14.00 hrs. Those who will be unable to attend the funds drive can show their solidarity by supporting the family through account number 5611102368 at Nordea. All contributions will be greatly appreciated.

A support Committee is in the process of being set up to mobilize all people of good will to show solidarity with the bereaved family. Further information can be obtained by contacting Mrs. Owili at 0739778560 or through 0762718020 or 0737610687.

We at KSB convey deep condolences to the bereaved family during this time of great shock and sorrow. Losing a mother is not an easy experience and we hope that the family will gather the strength necessary to go through this difficult moment of great shock and sorrow. May the almighty God rest the soul of the departed Mama in eternal peace.

Okoth Osewe

July 6, 2014


High Drama as Vinnie’s Sister Strips Naked to Stop Burial at Swedish Cemetery

 I first met Vinnie Atieno last year in October. She was an incredibly beautiful girl and I told her so. I met her in a mall with her daughter. We exchanged numbers and become friends. I only went to visit her in her home once but we talked a lot on the phone. She passed away on 16th June 2014 at the tender age of 28.

I attended a meeting that would be the start of a series of meetings that would determine where Vinnie would be laid to rest. The whole family situation was complicated to say the least. On one side of the family was her mother in Kisumu and on the other, her sister in Germany.

Vinnie had come to Sweden 8 years ago and had 2 children; one, a 7 year old boy who’s father was a Swedish guy. Vinnie divorced her son’s father and met another Swedish guy; the father to her second child (a girl, 10 months old).

At first, I obviously thought that Vinnie would be buried in Kenya but I later found out she would be buried in Sweden so her children would be able to visit her grave one day.

Anyway, the Kenyan community in Malmo rallied together and met on different occasions to discuss the whole matter. A newly formed Kenyan organization (Kenyans United in Sweden – Skåne) was responsible for making a lot of the necessary arrangements.

A meeting was held on 28th June at my friends’ house to raise money to assist with the air travel costs to bring a few members of Vinnie’s family from Kenya for the funeral which was to be held on Friday, 4th of July.

From the onset, Vinnie’s death has been shrouded in mystery. For starters she died in her home and did not wake up after sleeping. The results of her postmortem were not released. We did not know what killed her.

On 28th June her aunt from Switzerland and sister from Germany were present. A lot of people contributed money to assist the family and the only thing we were told was that we were all welcome for the funeral and there would be a reception after the funeral.

The funeral day
I had planned to attend the funeral and woke up concerned about what black dress to wear. I was mentally prepared for a sad, nostalgic day.

I went to meet my friend so we could go to the funeral grounds together. She had to step out of the house shortly but she had been hosting Vinnie’s family and Vinnie’s aunt came to the house to change into a black dress. I took a taxi with Vinnie’s aunt and a few other people to the funeral grounds.

That’s when I found out that no one from her family in Kenya had flown in to Sweden and the sister  did not want the funeral to proceed.

We got to the grounds at around 1pm in the afternoon and the drama that ensued was nothing short of being in a really horrible movie.

Vinnie’s sister did not want Vinnie to be buried because she said she suspected that Vinnie’s second boyfriend killed Vinnie. Yes, a murder accusation.

She claimed that he was trying to rush the whole thing so that the truth could not be uncovered. Apparently she had spoken to someone in the Kenyan embassy in Sweden who said that they have to stop the whole thing because foul play was suspected.

First she tried to talk to the funeral director and explained her part of the story. He said that he had no idea Vinnie’s family in Kenya had all these objections and he said he would try to talk to the Swedish family side so that the burial could be halted.

No underwear
She was being emotional and combative and the funeral director told her if she did not calm down she would be arrested by the police.

I think at some point the police were called because she was causing a scene and had no underwear on. Yes, no underwear on. She flashed her privates to the funeral director once. I was in a state of shock.

Things got worse when the father of Vinnie’s daughter drove in to the funeral grounds. Vinnie’s sister rushed to him, started to hit him and hurl all kinds of accusations at him. Shortly, the police arrived. Big and tall Swedish policemen; with guns and all.

They tried to calm her down and had a long conversation with her. They were also in a state of shock. She was telling them, “You Swedish policemen are nothing compared to German police.” That girl was showing no fear.

The funeral director emerged from some meeting to tell her that Vinnie would not be buried on that day, till her mom came from Kenya.

Meanwhile many Kenyans had convened for the burial and had no idea what was happening. There was a service held in the chapel and a whole group was outside the chapel and another group was inside. According to her sister, the group inside was betraying her. The service ended Mats left and the police left. They should have stayed.

Pussie flashed several times
Her sister started hurling insults at Vinnie’s son’s father and at Vinnie’s mother in law, accusing them of taking Vinnie’s daughter father side. Then she started screaming and displaying her private parts. Who knew I would ever write this sentence on my blog. She did that several times.

We turned in shame; we did not know what to do. We did not know how to stop her. A girl tried everything she could in vain.

After that, some people went home, some people went to a reception hosted by Vinnie’s mother in law.

In conclusion:
The day was horribly embarrassing for all involved. Everyone felt that all these grievances should have been aired before a funeral date was picked. The case is complicated but I don’t know how effective stripping naked is to get your point across.

We have no idea what is happening in Kenya, if her mom will travel. I think people contributing money out of their free will should not be taken lightly. A new funeral date has been picked but who knows what will happen in this saga. As my Tanzanian friend said, “Can’t she be left to rest in peace?”


July 5, 2014


Rila Odinga’s Letter to CJ Mutunga on Complicity of the Judiciary in Suppression of Civil Liberties

Raila Odinga: Made election pledge.

Raila Odinga: Cord to ignore order

The CORD fraternity is dumbfounded by news that a court of the Kenya Judiciary has issued an order against the Principals of the coalition ordering them not to convene any mass action in Kenya on the 7th July 2014 and stating that the said Principals shall be personally liable for any damage during the protests they convene.

From the very outset I wish to reiterate to you Article 37 of the Constitution of Kenya which states that:“Every person has the right, peaceably and unarmed, to assemble, to demonstrate, to picket, and to present petitions to public authorities”.

Mass action is just a common phrase to describe the exercise of this constitutional right and is not a legal principle that can rend itself to interpretation of the court outside the confines of Article 37.

It must then be taken to mean that the Kenyan court has ex-parte, without wanting to hear any representation from us, and without due regard to the indefeasibility of our rights as citizens of Kenya, decided that I, my co-Principals and the entire CORD fraternity, cannot enjoy any of the rights granted to us by Article 37 of the Constitution.

Further, against all principles of Constitutional law, dictates of responsibility of government and basic common sense, the court has purported to create a hitherto unknown legal responsibility for the conveners of an assembly to be personally liable for the independent personal conduct of all attendees.

In what we now call the dark days, the Judiciary became an ally of the Executive in the abuse of the rights of people, particularly those who fought for greater democratic space. We all remember how Judges like Norbury Dugdale were kept as watchmen for the Executive and readily issued any order, however outrageous, that was needed to stop the exercise of fundamental rights that the State considered to be a threat to its dictatorship.

Rulings like the one issued against CORD today only fortify our concern that Kenya is marching backwards to the dark era, instead of forward to a happier, freer society that we long desired and fought for.
It is disheartening to see that we are going back to those days and that it is happening under the new Constitution.

Kenyans have put their faith in this Judiciary and in you as its Chief Justice to restore the constitutionalism that was abused in the years past and to restore, preserve and protect their liberties against all threats from the State.

You must not let Kenyans down. We hope that this matter will receive your urgent attention and intervention. On our part, we in the CORD fraternity shall ignore this attempt at unconstitutionally delimiting our rights and shall continue with our planned assembly and demonstration as was intended by the people of Kenya when they promulgated the Constitution. The Constitution is on our side.

JULY 4, 2014.

July 4, 2014


Family of Late Vinnie Atieno Cries For Help To Stop Her Secret Burial In Sweden

Late Vinnie Atieno

Late Vinnie Atieno

Hi. It is with deep sorrow that I write this. I am the sister of the late Vinnie Atieno. I want anybody who can assist me because I am puzzled about the whole situation. Theres no way thet strangers can arrange for her burial without the family’s concerns being addressed. They have planned to burry her tomorrow which me and my family is against. We first want to know the results of the postmortem and they are saying they cant release it untill August. So I don’t understand why so I want people to join hands with me and help me stop the burial that is planned for tomorrow afternoon. Thanks and God bless you all

Diana Obonyo: sdiana368@gmail.com


June 30, 2014


Millie Nyambok Funeral Committee Dissolved

The Millie Funeral Committee

The Millie Funeral Committee

This is to inform Kenyans and friends that the Millie Funeral Committee was dissolved yesterday, Sunday, June 29th 2014. The Committee was set up in early June to assist Mrs. Millie Nyambok following the death of her sister in Kenya.

The Committee comprised of Mr. Ochieng Nyambok (host), Mr. Mark Gaya (Chairman), Mr. Charles Otieno Owiyo (Treasurer), Mr. Okoth Osewe (Information Desk), Mrs. Teresa Mawa and Ms. Rose Adero.

Addressing the Committee at the dissolution meeting, Mr. Nyambok thanked all Committee members for doing a fantastic job following the demise of his sister in law. He said that his wife was now back from Kenya after the funeral. He said that the family was grateful for the solidarity friends showed them at a difficult time.

The meeting was then addressed by Chairman Gaya who also thanked Committee members for a work well done. He said that the Kenyan community is not so big in Stockholm and urged members of the community to continue with the same spirit of solidarity especially during difficult moments. Mr. Gaya said that he was happy with the response of friends following the loss of Millie’s sister and thanked members for working hard to accomplish the mission of the Committee.

At the time of the bereavement, Rose Adero was in New York to attend to a private matter. Addressing the Committee, Rose said that although she was away, she was always with the bereaved family and the Committee in spirit. She said that coming together as a community during times of need always makes one feel good. She passed greeting from Kenyans in New York.

The meeting was updated about the Committee’s final financial Report after the last update. A total of SEK 1,400 was collected after Millie left for Kenya and the cash was transmitted to Millie accordingly. This brings the final figure to SEK 14,480. Charles Otieno thanked everybody who contributed generously to help the Committee reach its target. After all issues were discussed, and with no further matters arising, the Committee was dissolved.

Okoth Osewe
Information Desk
Millie Funeral Committee

June 24, 2014


Mau Mau Veterans Say Uhuru Kenyatta Must Talk to Raila Odinga to Reduce Tension in Kenya

Secretary General Gitu wa Kahengeri: Corruption and insecurity must be sorted out

Secretary General Gitu wa Kahengeri: Corruption and insecurity must be sorted out

THE Mau Mau Veterans Association has called on the Jubilee government to heed the Cord’s calls for a national dialogue. Secretary General Gitu wa Kahengeri said President Uhuru Kenyatta must sit down with the Cord leader Raila Odinga to find a lasting solution to the very many problems affecting Kenyans if the country was to move forward.

Addressing journalist after opening the Association’s branch in Kangundo, he said rising cases of insecurity, corruption and sky-rocketing cost of living should form the national dialogue agenda.

Kahengeri said the solution to the problems lie with Kenyans. “No one in this country is independent and whether Uhuru likes it or not, he must prepare to hold talks with Raila to sort out the problems threatening to tear apart his administration,” he said.

Kahengeri said the country has achieved a lot in development since independence and insecurity should not be allowed to reverse the gains. “Uhuru should accommodate opposition views if he expects this country’s economy to grow,” he said.

“When Raila calls for a dialogue it does not mean he is commanding the President. He is simply saying the opposition has views that could help salvage this country from terrorism,” Kahengeria said.

He advised Uhuru to immediately convene a national meeting with all the stake holders in the country to save Kenyans from terrorism. “I am optimistic that the meeting would definitely do something to save the country from terrorists who are killing innocent Kenyans for no apparent reason,” he said. He also challenged Kenyans to support the national dialogue saying their ideas were noble in the fight against terrorism, corruption and high cost of living.


June 23, 2014


Who Says Kenyans Should Pray Again?

Those calling for prayers have ugali on the table while those being told to pray are starving to death

Those calling for prayers have ugali on the table while those being told to pray are starving to death

Since flag independence in 1963, Kenya has been a “Praying Nation”. If God could come down to earth to solve problems in our Kenya, Kenyans could, by now, be living in absolute paradise. For more than 20 years after Moi came to power in 1978, we went down on our knees to pray for a multi-party state after Moi converted the country into an authoritarian one Party dictatorship where, we were told, KANU was our mama and baba. It was not until Kenyans abandoned prayers and went to the streets to pay with life and blood that multi-party was realized. The day when the country was set on fire and Moi gave in was baptized “Saba Saba” and the commemoration of this day usually goes with an evaluation of the country’s democratic and human rights situation. But that was just the beginning.

24 Years of prayers against the Moi/KANU dictatorship
Before the birth of Saba Saba, Kenyans had been praying for the vanquishing of the Moi/KANU dictatorship, prayers which ran for a staggering 24 years. As the bible says, God helps those who help themselves so apart from constant prayers, Kenyans set up NARC to help overthrow a regime that was not only mismanaged by the Kalenjin mafia cartel but was also propped up by the Kabarak Syndicate, a corrupt coterie of wealth grabbers who had held the country hostage using the state machine. In masterminding the Moi/KANU overthrow, the mission was dubbed the “NARC Revolution”. For a moment, we dumped prayers and went to the ballot and Moi (together with his corrupt clique) was overthrown. Even before Kenyans could finish celebrations, a new call to prayers was made.

Taking a pose from prayers to engage at Bomas
Consequently, Kenyans went down on their knees to pray. The problem was that although Moi was gone, citizens realized that the situation was still bad because the country was operating with an old Constitution that could not address the problems of the day. As they prayed for Moi to go, Kenyans had, on the side-lines, been praying for more than 20 years so that a New Constitution could descend from the sky and drop down so that the country’s problems could be resolved. Millions of Kenyans got stuck in church, crawling on their knees, castigating the devil and shouting hallelujah with all versions of the bible at hand. However, it was not until Kenyans took a pose from excessive prayers to engage at Bomas that a New Constitution was eventually promulgated on 27th August 2008.

In 2007, churches were burnt in Nairobi to prevent prayers

Burnt Church following election rigging in 2007

Burnt Church following election rigging in 2007

That was after citizens prayed for a free and fair election in 2007 and God refused to answer these prayers. This was because the devil used his satanic agents in government to rig elections and when citizens went down on their knees to pray for peace in the face of a rigged election, Sir God refused to answer our prayers, probably waiting for Kenyans to try and help themselves before he could intervene. The country abandoned prayers, churches were burned in Nairobi to prevent prayers while in Eldoret, citizens were roasted alive in church where they had sought refuge. Instead of further calls for prayers, we called Kofi Annan who resolved the conflict through the nusu mukate agreement. But that was after more than 1500 Kenyans were slaughtered, hundreds injured and more than half a million converted into internal refugees aka IDPs. Paradoxically, we have been praying for the last six years for the IDPs to be resettled and those who are supposed to resettle them are the same crooks telling us to pray so that national dialogue (a peaceful way of resolving the dispute9 does not take place.

If Kenyans concentrated on praying for a new Constitution in 2005, the country could probably have ended up with a mongrel constitution that was being pushed by the very satanic forces now calling for prayers. Instead of continuous prayers, citizens went and voted at the Referendum on 20th November 2005 and the mongrel constitution was rejected to open the way for the delivery of the real thing.

When the devil corrupted election results…
Even after it had been completed, the New Constitution could not have been adopted if Kenyans opted to open their bibles again and ask God to force the devil to influence his satanic agents to adopt it. Kenyans went and voted at a Referendum and the New Constitution was promulgated. Some elements who opposed the New Constitution are, today, telling Kenyans to rush to church and pray so that National dialogue does not happen. Isn’t this hilarious? With the New Constitution, we thought that we had finally nailed it.

We thought we had started the match to a new democratic Kenya where stealing of elections, muzzling of The Press, political assassinations, insecurity, corruption, unemployment, summary executions, unaffordable cost of living and other evils created by past satanic presidents and their mafia cartels  would be a thing of the past. So we thought!

Although God did answer our prayers and gave us a peaceful election, the devil came around and corrupted the results, leaving us with a stolen election, not once, but twice, in 2007 and 2013. Since then, we have been praying for God to help us “move on” under the new and corrupt regime of Uhuru Kenyatta but he has refused to answer our prayers because we are going nowhere.

Forces demonizing Baba are the very ones asking for prayers
Then, God summoned Baba to the United States to inspire him because the country is falling apart. For two months, millions of Kenyans prayed for Baba, hoping that a solution to ethnic appointments in government, insecurity, corruption and other vices bedeviling out country could end.

After meeting Baba at Uhuru Park, he called for National dialogue. Immediately after, the forces of darkness sitting at State House started demonizing Baba and now, these forces are asking for prayers so that National dialogue does not take place. As mentioned earlier, God helps those who try to help themselves.

Prayers alone will not put ugali on the table

First, put ugali on the table and every Kenyan will join in national prayers

First, put ugali on the table and every Kenyan will join in national prayers

Prayers without action will not end corruption, create jobs for the youth, reduce high cost of living, stream medicine in hospitals, vanquish the Mount Kenya Mafia cartel running government, end rampant tribalism in government, end insecurity across the country, stop looting of the economy, end Kikuyu ruling class arrogance, stop political assassinations, end muzzling of The Press or put ugali on the table.

Progressive and forward thinking Kenyans must not be brain-washed by Jubilee/Uhuru propaganda about prayers because in Kenya, religion has been converted into business. Let Uhuru and his satanic clique pray at State House as Kenyans match towards Saba Saba.

The Jubilee government is in a state of panic and bribing men of religion with stolen millions to trumpet the need for prayers when millions of deprived, exploited and poor citizens are calling for justice.

A hungry man is a hungry man

Muzzling free speech during Kibaki's dictatorship:

Muzzling free speech during Kibaki’s dictatorship:

Prayers and revolution do not mix. In Iraq, Libya, Syria, Palestine and other highly religious countries, prayers go hand in hand with armed resistance to oppression and injustice. The current campaign by panicking Jubilee operatives for national prayers to divert attention from Saba Saba is designed to pacify the oppressed so that they can continue being oppressed.

Those calling for prayers have ugali on the table while those being told to pray are starving to death. Anybody calling for national prayers in a situation where there is no food on the table must first feed the national congregation before calling for prayers. Even Jesus Christ first fed his congregation with fish before feeding them with the word of God. A hungry man is a hungry man and it is highly unlikely that the current hype for prayers will stop Saba Saba. For now, only time will tell and time is ticking.

Okoth Osewe

June 22, 2014


Esther and Timberlake’s Son Died After Falling from the Stairs

The 3 year old son of Ester and Quincy Timberlake died after falling from the stairs. According to www.couriermail.com.au, a post-mortem examination on the body of the late son was expected on Friday, June 20, 2014. After he fell from the stairs on Wednesday at 2 pm, the boy was rushed to Kallangur Home where doctor’s failed to save his life. Apart from the post-mortem, police investigations are also said to be continuing.

KSB sends deep condolences to the Timberlake family following the sudden death of their son. We hope that the family will have strength and courage to go through this difficult moment of great shock and sorrow. May the Almighty God rest Sinclare’s soul in eternal peace.

Okoth Osewe

June 20, 2014


Esther and Quincy Timberlake’s Son Reportedly Dead

According to information reaching KSB, Sinclair Timberlake , the son of Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake, has reportedly died under suspicious circumstances in the Brisbane suburb of Kallangur where they live. At the time of going to blog, Sinclare’s parents were reportedly being questioned by the Queensland police to establish the circumstances of the death. KSB has been unable to confirm the news but is trying to reach either of the parents to for any information.

Okoth Osewe

June 19, 2014


Mystery Surrounds Death of Kenyan Woman in Malmö

A Kenyan woman said to be in her early 30s has died under circumstances that remain mysterious. According to investigations by KSB, the woman was allegedly found dead in her apartment flat by the Swedish authorities who had apparently gone to the flat to check on her.

Sources say that the woman is a mother of two children aged 7 years and 9 months and that the Swedish authorities were prompted to dash to her apartment after her 7 year old went to school and told teachers that her mother had “refused to wake up”.

The kid had reportedly tried to wake up her mother to fix breakfast ahead of school but after many trials without success, the kid gave up and went to school and reported the incident. According to sources, the woman had no known ailment and no one is able to understand how she passed away.

Alarmed, the teachers alerted the Swedish authorities and an ambulance was called to the apartment after which medics pronounced the woman dead before the body was transported to the mortuary. Subsequently, the children were taken over by the Swedish authorities for safe custody.

Following the death, the family in Kenya has been informed and Kenyans in Malmö will have to raise funds for the body to be transported back home for burial. The tragedy has shocked the Kenyan community in Malmö who knew the Kenyan woman as a kind hearted and loving person.

A post mortem is yet to be conducted on the woman’s body to establish the cause of death. In the meantime, the woman’s friends in Malmö have been plunged into deep mourning.

Okoth Osewe 

June 19, 2014


“Wazee Wapewe” Presents: Soukous Explosion! 20-21/June

Dekula Band”Ngoma Ya Kilo”

Place: Lilla Wien “Little Nairobi”
Date: 20-21/06/2014
Time: 21.00-01.00
Add: Swedenborgsg. 20
Pendel: Södra Station
Buy it at itunes, amazon new CD,
Shujaa Mamadou Ndala.

June 18, 2014


Names of Mpeketoni Dead Released by Red Cross


In his today’s address to Kenyans following the Mpeketoni terror attacks, Uhuru Kenyatta claimed that members of a certain ethnic group (read Kikuyus) were the ones profiled and killed by people whom the president alone (in the whole world) believes were not terrorists but killers sent by Raila Odinga! Red Cross has released the names of the dead.


Kenya Red Cross

June 17, 2014

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June 17, 2014


Robert Omuga’s Dad Passes on in Kenya

Robert Omuga, a Kenyan national, has lost his father, Mzee William Omuga Kiyaka. Robert will be traveling home this week (latest Thursday) to attend his father’s funeral.  

Since there is some urgency in the matter, friends, well-wishers, sympathizers and all people of good will can contact him on Tel number 0735443561 to deliver their condolences and to provide moral support to Robert and family during this trying moment.

Contributions towards this course can be channeled to his (Robert Omuga  Williamson) Nordeabanken  ac number 7012308677.

KSB sends deep condolences to the entire family of Robert following the loss of a close and loved member. We hope that the family will find courage and strenth to go through this very difficult moment marked with great shock and sorrow. May the Almighty God rest Mzee William Omuga’s soul in eternal peace.

Okoth Osewe

June 16, 2014


Al Shabaab’s Statement on Sunday’s Mpeketoni Attacks

al shabaab mpekotoniIn the name of Allah the most merciful, the most beneficent, HSM commandos have last night carried out a successful raid on the town of Mpeketoni in the Lamu district. In a daring raid that commenced shortly after 20.00 hours Sunday night the Mujahideen descended upon the town in the cover of darkness and, following a short battle, they secured the town and its parameter – including the police station – for more than 10 hours before successfully withdrawing, leaving behind a trail of destruction and scores dead.

The Mujahideen set fire to the police station, bank, a number of hotels and several other buildings in the town before withdrawing. The Kenyan government is fighting a losing war and has turned its vengeance on the Muslims in Kenya. As such, the Mpeketoni Raid was carried out in response to:

(a) Kenya government’s brutal oppression of Muslims in Kenya through coercion, intimidation and extra judicial killings of Muslim scholars, particularly in Mombasa and the violation of Muslim honour and sanctity.

(b) Kenya military’s continued invasion and occupation of our Muslim lands and the massacre of innocent Muslims in Somalia.

(c) In addition to that, the town raided by the Mujahideen was originally a Muslim town before it was invaded and occupied by Christian settlers.

We hereby warn the Kenyan government and its public that as long as you continue to invade our lands and oppress innocent Muslims, such attacks will continue and the prospect of peace and stability in Kenya will be but a distant mirage. Do not ever think of living peacefully in your lands while your forces kill the innocent in our lands. Brace yourself for the depredations of war and that which you have with your own hands sown.

To the tourists visiting Kenya we say thus: Kenya is now officially a war zone and as such any tourist visiting the country do so at their own peril. Foreigners with any regard for their safety and security should stay away from Kenya or suffer the bitter consequences of their folly. You have been forewarned!


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