Is Uhuru Kenyatta the Last Kikuyu President?

In this video, Chairman Martin Ngatia of Kenya Red Alliance (KRA) delivers a very chilling message that has also been vibrating in Kenya – that Kenyan can disintegrate if the August 2017 election is stolen by the corrupt and thieving Kikuyu ruling class.

According to Ngatia, elections have been stolen so many times that it is unlikely that Kenyans will accept the results of another rigged election in August. The fundamental problem is that after the Mount Kenya mafia has traditionally stolen the vote and seized the instruments of power, they usually begin to implement a program of tribalism and looting of the Kenyan economy thereby making the lives of ordinary Kenyans a nightmare.

In the video, Ngatia takes the Kikuyu voter to task for supporting and allowing the mafia cartels to take over power only to misrule Kenya. The Kikuyu voter is warned about a possible disintegration of Kenya in the event of election rigging in August with the consequence that everybody will suffer with Kikuyus having nowhere to run to.

is uhuru kenyatta last kikuyu president

Ngatia warns that if election is rigged, Kenya may go the “Yugoslavia way”, a country which was split into pieces because the various ethnic groups that formed the Yugoslav nation did not agree especially on the question of power and political control.

Just like in Kenya where the Kikuyu are seeking to dominate political power through election rigging by exploiting their control of the State machine, the problem in Yogoslavia was that the Serbs were seen by other ethnic groups as seeking to become a dominant group within the eight federations that formed Yugoslavia. The details of the country’s break-up are complex but in this video, Ngatia draws parallels with the situation in Yugoslavia at the time of the break-up and Kenya today.

Ngatia advises the Kikuyu to tone down Kikuyu nationalism by changing their behaviour, attitude and mentality. He avers that Kenya belongs to everybody and that the tendency of concentrating state resources on the hands of the Kikuyu ruling class through the support of ordinary Kikuyus is a dangerous recipe.

Ngatia predicts that on the basis of his track record, Uhuru Kenyatta will be a one-term president. Ngatia goes a step further and hopes that Uhuru will be the last Kikuyu president, probably in this century. Watch the video and have your say.

Okoth Osewe

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