Man who stabbed ex-girlfriend shot dead by Swedish police

man shot deadA man suspected of attempted murder was yesterday shot dead by police in Uppsala after he stabbed a police officer on the shoulder during arrest. A major police operation was initiated in the afternoon to track down the man suspected to have stabbed a woman earlier during the day in an apartment on Dragarbrunnsgatan in central Uppsala.

The man was found in Ulleråker area and during arrest, he stabbed a policeman on the shoulder. Police fired shots and wounded the suspect.

A witness who spoke to journalists said that he heard three gun shots and later saw a lifeless body on the ground. Paramedics who rushed to the scene tried to revive the man but failed. He was later pronounced dead at the hospital. However, the woman who was stabbed by the suspect survived and was taken to hospital.

According to Christer Nordstrom, a police spokesman in Upland, the man had a relationship with the woman although police did not go into detail about what happened before the man stabbed his former girlfriend. Also, police did not describe the type of injuries which may have been sustained by the woman.

A police officer who participated in the search for the suspect in central Uppsala earlier in the day was reported to have been injured and taken to hospital. It was not immediately known whether the policeman sustained his injuries after being attacked by the suspect or by another person.

Nicholas Johansson

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