Ngatia Attacks Opinion Polls, Chebukati, Matiangi, NIS and Challenges Uhuru

With just a day to the General Election, IEBC Chairman Wafula Chebukati has been giving mixed signals, not just about election prsedures but also network connections of polling stations across the country. There seem to be no clear policy at IEBC Headquarters although certain issues that appear contradictory are clearly covered in the Constitution.

For example, IEBC officials have contradicted Chebukati on the status of unstamped ballot papers with Chebukati saying that all ballot papers will be invalid if they are not stamped and Chiloba, his junior saying that stamping ballot papers is not mandatory.

chebukati matiangi nis

Initially IEBC has assured Kenyans that all polling stations across the country had network connectivity to be able to transmit result but just two days before election, Checukati announced that more than 11,000 polling stations had no network. He added that under the circumstances, Returning Officers at polling stations will have to move to locations with connectivity in order to transmit results, a measure that is rout with unforeseen consequences.

In this video, Mr. Martin Ngatia takes different issues at the same time. Not only does he attack Chebukati but also challenges Uhuru Kenyatta and Kenyans generally ahead of the August 8th elections. Watch the video then have your say.

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