BN: Shocking Video of Father Kizito Molesting a Young Kenyan Male

Updates snapshots!!

Here are the real photos. Decide for yourself if they are true or photoshopped:

This video was pulled down by Youtube.

Make sure that the kids are away before you click. Father Kizito is a well known catholic priest in Kenya. In this shocking video, he is molesting a young Kenyan male. We cannot guarantee that the video will still be at youtube by the time you click so hurry up. Here we go.

Okoth Osewe


  • That animal should be stoned to death. These are the people claiming to help poor africans and they have thier own agendas. Better believe the poor boys who claim that they ahve been taken advantage of instead of listening to the pedofile. He should be hanged pronto. That is not part of our culture period no matter what they say about gays or bogs or whatever they call them . Disgusting.

  • Mr Michael Ochieng’, a founding trustee of Koinonia Community Registered Trustees, a charity run by Father Renato Kizito Sesana, claimed the priest disclosed to him he had “been experimenting sex with children and unfortunately had been recording the same activities for fun”.

  • A well-known Catholic priest, Father Renato Kizito, is defending his reputation against claims that he sexually abused children under his care for 20 years.

    The Catholic church, whose reputation in other countries is damaged by cases of child sexual abuse, has promised to investigate all cases and punish appropriately those found guilty. “Children are easy targets because they are vulnerable,” said nominated MP and former Cradle executive director Millie Odhiambo.

    Children’s Legal Action Network (Clan) executive director Tom Chavaga said his organisation deals with between 5,000 and 6,000 cases of child abuse each year, some of which involve defilement. His organisation’s rescue centre receives 230 victims of violence a month, with 45 per cent being children.

    Cases of child abuse are rampant in urban areas especially Nairobi and the coastal region, he said. A disproportionate number of sex abusers are foreigners. Some are probably criminals in their own countries.

  • But in a dramatic move, the KTN aired a photograph of Fr Kizito in bed with a boy-both naked. The photograph was however edited because of its x-rated content. The station claimed that it is in possession of more graphic photographs of Father Kizito’s escapades with young boys below the age of 12.

    It is claimed that Fr Kizito used to take photographs as he molested the boys. He would later send the photos to his accomplices in Italy, who would in turn travel to Kenya disguised as donors and sodomise the boys.

    One of the boys told of how he together with his colleagues were taken for a ‘trip’ to the Coastal town of Mombasa, where they were sodomised by the prelate’s visiting friends. Fr Kizito later promised to pay the boys’ school fees and support them financially on premise that the boys would tell no one about their ordeals.

    KSB: I had the opportunity to watch the video before it was pulled down at Youtube and I can confirm that the video spoke for itself. I was equally shocked that the allegations are true. Kizito was in bed with a young Kenyan male and his identity was not disguised. What followed was horrible to say the least.

  • Kenyan serial pedophile

    Children have never been safe around a Kenyan serial pedophile called Nicholas Bwire Otieno. May he rot in jail if found guilty.

  • Incest in Dagoretti becomes “normal”

    “When people in Dagoretti discover that the girl next door is having sex with her father, nobody makes a big deal out of it because its a common occurence,” says Mwaura, a young man born and bred in the area. “If my friend tells me that he slept with his sister, I wouldn’t be surprised because this is Dago,” adds Mwaura. Dago is slang for Dagoretti.

    So prevalent is the curse of incest that Dagoretti’s notoriety has spread far and wide. Many people are reluctant to marry from this area for fear of what they will discover about their partners. Societal values are upside down. Single parenthood in Dagoretti is at alarming levels, and children from such households suffer increased rates of abuse from parents or persons dating their parents.

  • A woman called “Helen Bomba” was arrested at Umoja estate in Nairobi for suspected defilement of boys as young as 4 years old. Kenya is notorious for cases of sexual abuse on all levels.

  • Zippy Okoth dedicates a song to the sad reality of rape, child abuse and gender-based violence in Kenya.

  • Large Scale neo-Nazi Child Sexual Abuse in Kenya:

  • 11.What Percentage Of Priests Abuse, and Whom Do They Victimize?

    What Turns Our Catholic Priests Into Monsters:

    Catholic sex abuse cases:

  • Symbol of Unhealed Congo: Male Rape Victims

    According to Oxfam, Human Rights Watch, United Nations officials and several Congolese aid organizations, the number of men who have been raped has risen sharply in recent months, a consequence of joint Congo-Rwanda military operations against rebels that have uncapped an appalling level of violence against civilians.

    The male rape cases span several hundred miles and possibly include hundreds of victims. The American Bar Association, which runs a sexual violence legal clinic in Goma, said that more than 10 percent of its cases in June were men.

  • It is despicable that Father Kizito, who built a sanctuary and has been caring for those poor orphaned boys, is now suspected of having sexually molested some of them for many years.

    Having read various reports in the Kenyan media, I am not convinced with his argument that people want to wrestle the management of his Charity (worth three billion Kenya Shillings) from him, thus the photo frame-up. Although the Catholic Church leaders in Kenya came to his defense, they have not launched any serious investigations into the allegations.

    Since the 1980s, there have been cases of men going public about earlier molestation by Catholic priests specifically in the USA and Ireland, yet the Vatican has been shielding the perpetrators by transferring them to “safe zones”, where people don’t know their sordid lives. Such people continue molesting vulnerable boys who meet them for spiritual enrichment. Not all priests commit such lewd acts, but there are those notorious ones who are known to other church-goers, but stigma and denial often prevent open confrontation.

    Apart from the allegations against Kizito, various media outlets continue to expose the moral decadence that is widespread in Kenya. For instance, cases of pedophiles and incest are nowadays reported frequently. In the past, such acts were termed “non-African”, but to read that a “pure Kenyan” father can have sex with his own daughter for whatever reasons, shows that the country has gone to the dogs.

    For the three poor boys alleged to have been molested by Father Kizito, my take is that they have no financial muscle to fight him, just like other poor Kenyans who never get justice. Although they have since dropped the charges against him, it is important to continue exposing such acts in the media and other fora, to raise awareness.

  • Catholic Fr Kizito in new sexual abuse probe

    NAIROBI, Kenya, May 26 – Renowned Catholic priest Father Renato Kizito was arrested on Thursday over fresh charges of sexual abuse following accusations by his 26-year-old male secretary.

    The man told police that the sexual attack occurred on Tuesday night within Riruta area of Dagoretti, in the outskirts of the capital Nairobi.

    “A 26-year-old man who works as Fr Kizito’s secretary lodged a complaint that he had been sodomised by this particular priest and we are acting on it,” Kilimani Divisional police chief Bernard Muli told journalists at the station where the priest was questioned on Thursday.

    Police had earlier gone to a house where the priest was said to be staying, but they did not get him. He, however, presented himself at the Kilimani police station when he learnt that he was being sought.

    “The priest has recorded a statement and we have now taken him to hospital for forensic tests. We want to get samples from him so that a DNA examination can commence,” Mr Muli said, adding: “Samples have already been taken from the man who alleges he was sodomised and doctors have proved that he was indeed assaulted. What is remaining is to know whether indeed it is Fr Kizito who sodomised him.”

    Fr Kizito, 49, an Italian priest of the Comboni Missionaries who was detained at the station from 8am was whisked out and bundled into a police car which sped off to an undisclosed hospital, trailed by another saloon car with five heavily armed police officers.

    The priest who appeared shocked did not speak to journalists and when Capital News asked him why he was at the station, he only replied “I don’t know.”

    It is the second time the priest is being implicated in a sexual abuse case in the last two years.

    In 2009, the Catholic priest was accused of sexually molesting young boys under his care but he denied the reports and instead termed them as a “case of blackmail, defamation and extortion.”

    The renowned priest, who has worked in Kenya for over 20 years, offering charity work, dismissed a news item that had been aired by independent local television, KTN, showing a video footage of him with the boys.

    After investigations, detectives at the CID concluded that evidence linking him to the alleged charges was tampered with and subsequently concluded the investigations.

    Soon after police dropped the investigations on him, Fr Kizito placed paid up advertisements on local newspapers, where he claimed that those who accused him at the time had been manipulated to do so.

  • Unfortunately even with the evidence as clear as the day..our police investigators will just fumble and goof…and this case will be lost. Fr Kizito will walk free and go back to his pastoral duties and come back on the headlines when he snares another “catch”. In addition he will just see the right guys na hiyo case itakuwa bila evidence. What a shame!

  • A few years back a Catholic Missionary bishop in a diocese close to Nairobi retired early on what the Church termed health reasons. Later on it emerged that he had been sexually abusing boys. Something must be done now. Let nobody be protected due to his development records. Moral integrity is also part of development and if Fr. Kizito is guilty he should face the full force of law. Bishops, priests, Cardinals have been fired when they are found on the wrong side of the law.

  • Look at it this way, even if they aren’t all true, the church definitely needs to work off some of its karma. They’ve been stealing, raping, pillaging, torturing, murdering AND lying for centuries. I have no compassion for rapists who get themselves “murdered”­. Likewise I have no compassion for the most evil of institutio­ns (possibly) in the history of the world when they get a little comeuppanc­e.

    Perpetrato­rs always scream the loudest and whine the longest when their victims finally speak up. This is no different.

  • In the Caribbean, Africa, South America, and the third world, people are more fearful of the stigma associated with molestatio­n and “gay” status that they are afarid to come forward. Also, religious leaders are held in such high regards that it is a shock to even fathom that a Priest, Bishop or church leaders (the pillar of God on earth) would do such a thing,….­yet they do. The light will continue to shine through. The VATICAN is aware of all the abuse, the local churchs in foreign nations are quick to pay the police and scurry favors. It is time to end the Reptillian agenda, they are rapist, phedophill­iers and a just plane criminal. The church as is needs to wither on the vine. Time starts now!

  • the church and pedophilia are pretty much synonymous­. you know, like the church and hypocrisy, the church and bigotry, the church and homophobia­, the church and insanity..­..etc…..­.what a worthless and vile organizati­on the catholic church is. It is pathetic to hear people still desperatel­y trying to defend it.

  • What is particular­ly evil about the abuse of children by priests though is that priests are held to a higher standard and are believed to be trustworth­y. Priests are “like Christ” due to the sacrament of Holy Orders. Children were made all the more vulnerable because they and their parents trusted and respected priests.

  • The catholic missionary who was at the centre of a sexual abuse storm in 2009 is being held by police over similar allegations. Father Renato Sesana, better known as father Kizito, was arrested last night following fresh claims of sexual molestation by one of his employees. The arrest comes as the church faces criticism over its refusal to report sexual abuse by priests.

  • Who is father Kizito?

  • Is this story reality. I have not had an opportunity to watch news recently and the alleged video on youtube wasnt there when i searched. I just happen to be a doubting Tomas. I wish i could have a copy of whatever evidence to hold him accountable.
    At the meantime, I pray to God that this whole thing is fiction because it’s so ugly, shameful, and embarrassing especially for us Catholics.

  • We begin with the controversial catholic priest, father Renato Sesana, also known as father Kizito who spent the night in police custody after he was arrested in the wake of fresh allegations of sexual molestation. The bearded priest was arrested after a night long cat-and-mouse pursuit by the police. It all begun after one of his employees claimed that the priest had sodomised him after serving him with food laced with some drug. The 20 year old victim had been hospitalised at the Nairobi women’s hospital after the incident where tests confirmed the sodomy claims. Police this afternoon took father Kizito for DNA tests to establish whether they matched those of his alleged sexual molestation victim. Sylvia Chebet spent the night outside the catholic priest’s temporary safe heaven and now brings us the details of his epic surrender and subsequent arrest.

  • A holy father as they call themselves!!!!!!!! and the way we believe on their wards even give them our own children during holidays to receive teachings and blessing from such people!!What a hell on planet earth.Who can we trust then?People who claim to be Godly,chosen by God to proclaim His Holiness have turned to be Wolves.This time let him die from the Cell for they are taking advantage over the poor and the weak in the name of helping.He should be SEDOMISED too while in the cell so as know what he has caused to our young childred who have a long time to stay with his depression!Given time and power i can slaughter him and i mean it!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The reason again why justice in Kenya never works for the downtrodden poor. How can a person who “had indeed been sexually assaulted”, reported the matter to the said authorities, and the perpetrator arrested yet again after some mere ‘recording of statements’ the said perpetrator is let loose? Are these the same police out to investigate PEV suspects? Fool me again.

    Posted Friday, May 27 2011 at 22:00

    Catholic priest Renato Kizito Sesana was released on Friday after investigators said medical tests had failed to tie him down to sexual abuse accusations.

    Fr Kizito was arrested on Thursday morning after being accused of sexually abusing his 26-year-old secretary.

    Kilimani police boss Bernard Muli said the secretary was taken for medical examination, which showed he had been sexually assaulted.

    Fr Kizito was also examined by police surgeon Zephania Kamau but on Friday police said the results were negative.

    The day for the Comboni missionary started with the drama of being taken to the Kibera law courts without being arraigned before a magistrate to his release by the criminal investigations department.

    CID director Ndegwa Muhoro told the Saturday Nation his office had taken over the case.

    He, however, said releasing him did not mean there was totally no evidence. “He is innocent until proven guilty and I felt there was need for a deeper investigation,” he said.

    The priest’s lawyer, Mr Cliff Ombeta, said if investigations did not yield anything, his client would take action against the accuser.

    He was addressing a press conference at the Shalom House in the company of the Koinonia Old Beneficiaries Welfare Association.

    The lawyer vowed to demand clarification from the Police Commissioner on why his client was not arraigned before a magistrate on Friday and why charges were not preferred against him yet he had been in police custody for more than 24 hours.

    “Police should have fully investigated the case before arresting him,” said Mr Ombeta.

    The Koinonia Community demanded action against Fr Kizito’s accuser “for levelling false allegations against him”.

    But Mr Muhoro said it was too early to say the man made false claims.

    The group said allegations against Fr Kizito were meant to act as a build-up to revive a thwarted case almost two years ago in which he was accused of sexually abusing many children over the past 20 years.

    The Attorney-General ordered the case closed for lack of evidence.

  • Kizito is a smart devil…..he knows exactly what the police need to make their case stand in court and he didn’t leave any evidence….probably took a hot shower sooner after the act like Zuma of SA and cleaned up his victim too.Who knows?he had all the time since his victim was unconscious….something about Italians…even during census they demand you have to contact their mafia embassy…if you don’t trust us guys just pack and go…we know how hard it is to abuse kids back in Europe…


  • it does not matter how much he has invested, 3oomillion is probably what he gets from his child molesters friends for only one child handed to them, kenyans wake up your country is a paradise for child molesters and they hide in charitable organisations and the bible.What you think is money is peanuts for people engaged in padophile or child trafficking. Deport this dirty Catholic priest.

  • Those defending him have already given themselves to him in the past i should say.Why should we always protect evil doing?Post electral violence has strong defence,father kizito and his evil doing strong defence until taken away from court without information that there is no evidence!How soon did they lack evident?Next he is going to do so to their own children and evidence shall be found.What is he doing in KENYA and he is retired?CATHOLIC ARE RESPONSIBLE AND CAN WORK WITHOUT THAT IDIOT AND LET IT GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • please guys lets not point any finger at this priest!! he could have done it! but lets not forget that he is human like any other man! we are only condemning him because he is a priest and we believe priests dont fall! lets keep our peace and wait for the truth!! please guys!

  • Do we have any governance in republic of Banana(kenya)or just fat cat mps, who can not even impliment asimple paper which will any how implimented to safe gard our dignity. This dog sodomizer should be shiped to Italy , by orders from Kibaki and Raila on behave of all children in kenya

  • Kizito confessed to sodomy, says former charity trustee

    A Catholic priest at the centre of child molestation allegations confessed to having engaged in sodomy with children under his care, a court has been told.

    Mr Michael Ochieng’, a founding trustee of Koinonia Community Registered Trustees, a charity run by Father Renato Kizito Sesana, claimed the priest disclosed to him he had “been experimenting sex with children and unfortunately had been recording the same activities for fun”.

    In his affidavit filed in court, through his advocate, John Khaminwa, Ochieng’ claimed to have been in the company of a co-trustee — Mr Michael Owiso. He said they were shocked and decided to seek counsel from the priest’s Father superior.

    “We were of the belief that the matter was being handled appropriately when we learnt, to our surprise, that he had fled to Tanzania purportedly to learn Kiswahili in February,” he said.

    In the case, he is seeking orders to bar the priest, the Reverend Martin Wanyoike, Elia Gian Marlo and Katherine Karanja from acting as the organisation’s trustees and operating its bank accounts or entering the premises.

    The case is on grounds that following an alleged sex scandal against the priest he has excluded Ochieng and others from the running of the Trust.

    New team

    Wanyoike, Marlo and Karanja are some of the new trustees appointed to replace Ochieng’ and others.

    Ochieng’ is also seeking orders, including a warrant of arrest against the priest to show cause why he should not furnish security for his appearance in court.

    Justice Hatari Waweru certified the case as urgent and ordered the priest along with his new team of trustees to be served with the suit papers.

    The judge also ordered that the case be heard inter-parties on July 14, before any judge at the High Court’s Civil Division.

    Kizito had earlier denied molesting boys under his care and blamed his former board of trustees of waging a dirty war against him in order to take over Koinonia property worth Sh3 billion.

    Police grilling

    “Let me state very clearly. I have not sodomised any child ever in Kenya or anywhere else. I am ready to face anybody who can prove the opposite,” he said.

    Separately, police yesterday questioned Kizito over the allegations of sodomy.

    Kizito appeared before detectives investigating the claims at the CID headquarters, Nairobi, for the second day.

    He first went there on Monday with his lawyer and a church official.

    Sources said the officers want to clarify various issues before they make their recommendations on the case.

    “He has been here since morning and we are going on with our investigation. We have several issues that we want clarified,” said a source that did not wish to be named because he is not authorised to speak to Press.

  • Anti Child Molester

    Let us be reasonable It is a crime & sin to molest boys /children !It is also sin &a crime to Sodomise Babies/girls and boys>But This case is Different >According to the Molested guy he used to be Kisitus assistance for a period of 4 (four) years . On this particular day .He was invited by the Priest in his House They both ate & drunk .To appoint of He being asked to spend a night in Kizitos House and he accepted shasring a bed with his Master!
    On the other hand this guy was not a stranger to Father Kizito for working together he has sensed and learned the Behaviour of this Mzenge (homo) If you read the storo well He hasd asked the Priest if he could sponsor/Finance hie acsdemic somewhere in Italy and the father promised to take care of that matter.
    But at the end of the day the guy found himself being Molested by the same father both Back-style & fromstyle.What a fool a 26 yrs man is no longer a child /a kid <He is just a easy-going stupid Kenyan who sells his filthy (bottom to old miserable Roman Catholic Priests Who just got a solace in weak Black Nation that has lost any Moral Value that is Our Dirty & filthy Kenya ewhere Mizenges /Lesbians are Welcome Hence There is no Matata in this tribal Nation.
    That Idiot & silly Kenyan should be sentenced to Prison for Prostitution. At 26 a Kenyan Youth or a Somali/Ugandan /TZ youth must know selling sex in exchange for favours is a crime & a sin!

  • what happened to the heavy eyebrows that Fr Kizito has? did he cut them in the New Pic (2)?

  • Vulgar lies. Mr. Micheal Ochieng personally answer all this mud thrown to discredit Fr.Kizito and seize the assets of Koinonia. Kizito has not confessed to anything because nothing he did!

  • The pictures are fakes. Poor quality fakes.

  • In comment N° 14 BERNARD MOMANYI state:
    “Fr Kizito, 49, an Italian priest of the Comboni Missionaries…….”
    This is another false information. Fr. Kizito is born in 1943, therefore he is 68. But probably it was a bit ridiculous to state that:
    “A 26-year-old man who works as Fr Kizito’s secretary lodged a complaint that he had been sodomised by this” ….. 68 years old man !!!!!!
    Of course it is much more convenient to present him as 49 years old.
    Another lie, as many other have been told about Fr. Kizito!

    KSB: We can confirm that we saw the video b4 it was pulled down from youtube. The video could not have been “telling a lie”!

  • Dutch Bishop under probe over sexual offences in Kenya


    Wednesday, July 6 2011

    Dutch authorities are investigating claims of sex abuse against a former Ngong Catholic Bishop Cornelius Schilder.

    Bishop Schilder is being investigated for defiling a minor 18 years ago. The alleged offences were committed in 1993 when he served as a priest in Ngong diocese in the outskirts of Nairobi before taking over as Bishop in November 2003.

    Ellen Prummel a spokesperson for the Dutch Public Prosecutor’s Office told Radio Netherlands Worldwide (RNW) that they are investigating “if there are enough leads to warrant further investigation”.

    Ms Prummel stated that the fact that the victim resides in Kenya and has not notified the Dutch Police concerning the case makes the situation a “complicated affair”.

    According to the Dutch media, Bishop Schilder, now living near the Dutch village of Oosterbeek, has been interrogated by the police.

    On Monday his lawyer told RNW that Schilder denies all allegations against him.

    The accuser, 32-year-old Michael ole Uka, claims to have been abused by several foreign priests in Kenya.

    He came forward in 2005 and informed the church authorities of his allegations when he suffered such severe injuries from abuse that he required urgent medical treatment. The treatment was paid for by the Mill Hill Missionaries, the congregation to which the accused priests and Dutch bishop belong.

    Mr Uka also received financial compensation and further aid.

    The victim says the abuse started when he was seven years old. He claims several members of the clergy ‘passed him on’ to each other.

    The abusers paid Uka’s school fees, which made him feel obliged to permit the abuse, although he says: “I knew it was wrong what they were doing.”

    Since 2009 Bishop Schilder has not been allowed to carry out the duties of a bishop and as a priest he has been placed under supervision of Mill Hill.

    Vatican’s official line has been that Bishop Schilder was retired on health grounds.

    Bishop Schilder also added that he “considers it inappropriate to issue a statement as long as an investigation is ongoing.” He says he regrets that the media have publicised the matter before investigations are completed.

  • Many White priests are pedophiles. They hide behind benovelence but they know how to get their victims. Unfortunately, those molested children will likely become molesters as they think homosexuality, especially learned from a priest is fine and will be actively looking for victims to sodomize them. That is why here in N.America parents guard their boys asmuch as the girls as pedophiles are always on the prowl.

    Tanzanians shoould expose Fr Kizito if he ran to there. Most priest molesters move from one mission to another. It is so sad.

  • madness among many Catholic priests

  • Shikuku son sues Catholic Church for sexual abuse

    February 09 2013 at 00:00 GMT+3

    By Kipchumba Some

    The son of a deceased prominent politician has sued the Roman Catholic Church alleging years of sexual abuse at the hands of priests in Kenya and abroad.

    Emmanuel Shikuku, 45, has filed a case in the UK against six men who were part of the Mill Hill Missionaries order. He claims he was a victim of a series of rapes and other forms of abuse between 1978 and 1994.

    One of the men he names is former bishop of the Ngong Diocese Fr Cornelius Schilder, a Dutch national stripped of his duties as a priest in 2009 for allegedly abusing a Maasai herds boy.

    Emmanuel is a son of Martin Shikuku, a firebrand politician who passed away last August. He did not attend his father’s funeral as he was in Germany at the time pursuing his claim.

    After spending much of the last two decades in Europe, Mr Shikuku is back in the country to record a statement with police over the alleged crimes.

    He has sued six Mill Hill priests — four Dutchmen and two Britons — over sex attacks that allegedly began when he was a nine-year-old altar boy in Mumias.

    Painful childhood

    Speaking exclusively to The Standard on Saturday, Mr Shikuku described what he termed “the haunting memories of a painful childhood” he suffered as a result of the abuse.

    Asked why he has decided to file a complaint after such a long time, he said “shame, guilt and a fear of not being believed” had held him back until recently.

    Mr Shikuku abandoned priesthood training at St Joseph’s College in London in 1994, due to an addiction to alcohol. He says he started drinking to cope with the assaults.

    In a demand letter his UK lawyers Emmott Snell & Co sent to the General Council of the Mill Hill Missionaries, Mr Shikuku said he was first abused at the age of nine by a priest at St Joseph’s Catholic Church in Kakamega.

    “After these assaults, the same Father threatened to run down our client with his motorcycle if he told anyone what had happened,” reads part of the statement.

    The letter further reads that in 1979, while at Mumias Boys Primary School, Emmanuel was abused by both a student and a teacher at the school. When he turned to the local parish priest for help in form of a confession, “The Father took our client to his home where he sexually assaulted him”.

    Around 1992, Shikuku joined Mill Hill Missionaries’ parish in Kakamega to commence training on his way to priesthood. He says he disclosed his past abuse at the hands of other members of Mill Hill Missionaries to another Father.

    This allegedly opened him to more abuse with the priest threatening not to recommend him for the next stage of his path to priesthood if he did not give in to his sexual demands.

    Mr Shikuku’s claim becomes the third prominent incident of sexual abuse leveled against foreign Catholic priests in Kenya. In 2005, Moses Ole Uka from Ngong accused Fr. Schilder and other Mill Hill priests of abusing him.

    In 2009, Fr Renato Sessana, famously known locally as Fr Kizito from Comboni Fathers, was accused by a group of young men of abuse.

    The case was later thrown out of court due to lack of evidence.

    But in 2011, he was once again thrust into the limelight on the same charges after one of personal assistants accused him of abusing him after lacing his food with sleeping pills. The police later released him without preferring a charge.

    Lifelong trauma

    “It is very difficult for people to understand what people like me go through,” said Mr Shikuku. “It is a trauma that lasts for a lifetime and it takes courage to come out and speak about it.”

    Around 1993, after being selected for a one-year course at Mill Hill Formation House in Jinja Uganda, to study philosophy, Mr Shikuku said the institution’s rector abused him again in the pretext of “assessing” him for ministry.

    He said he was later sent to Tarasa Village in the Malindi Diocese for pastoral experience where he met Fr Schilder who had the final decision about whether he would go to St Joseph’s College, a Mill Hill seminary in north London, for his final training.

    “During further ‘assessment’ sessions, Fr. Schilder sexually assaulted our client,” the UK lawyers charge. “This occurred almost every night for around a month and was always associated with alcohol. Our client acquiesced to consuming alcohol in order to endure the assaults.”

    By the time he secured a place at St Joseph’s College in September 1993, Mr Shikuku said his alcohol abuse had increased to an unmanageable level.

    Even there, he was also allegedly abused by another priest, a staff member at the college. After this incident, the letter states, the Father informed Mr Shikuku of his dismissal from the Mill Hill Missionaries, thus ending his priesthood dreams.

    Our efforts to get a comment from the superior general of Mill Hill Missionaries did not bear fruit. The calls we made to them in their head office in Maidenhead,
    London, went unanswered and the so were the emails we sent them.

    Similarly, our efforts to get a comment from the office of Cardinal John Njue, the head of the Catholic Church in the country, were unfruitful at the time of going to press.

    Mr Shikuku said that he was not pursuing the case for financial gains, but added that “it is natural that any settlement, if it will come to that, will inevitably involve money.”

  • White trush!! Asslicker! Assjackar! Asshead! Asscracker! This idiot need to be killed.

  • American pedohile

    Friday, January 10, 2014

    American jailed for sexually abusing Kenyan minors

    By Antony Karanja
    More by this Author

    An American man was on Wednesday sentenced to 20 years in jail for sexually abusing 14 minors in Kenya over a period of eight years.

    John D. Ott, 68, who pled guilty in May last year to illicit sexual conduct with the 14 children received his sentence at a Federal Court in Washington DC.
    Once he completes his jail term, Ott will be placed on supervised release for the rest of his life.

    His practicing license has also been revoked and due to the nature of his crimes, he will also be required to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

    Ott who was working as doctor with various hospitals and aid groups in Kenya had earlier admitted to sexually abusing the minors who ranged from 9 to 17 years old between January 2004 and September 2012.

    The crimes were committed while he was working in Muhuru Bay, Sori and Kendu Bay.

    He also admitted that he frequently paid school fees for the victims as well as offering other forms of financial support.


    According to the United States Department of Justice, Ott had also started an orphanage in Kenya during his time in the country.

    Ott’s crimes came to light after a number of the victims confided in other American doctors about their ordeal.

    Chris Pillbury from Texas and Stephen Sokol from Maine who recorded the boy’s stories confronted Ott who became “evasive and sarcastic.”

    On realising that his past was catching up with him, Ott fled into Tanzania.

    Pillbury and Sokol contacted the US Embassy in Nairobi where they recorded statements with FBI agents.

    Upon realising that Ott had crossed into Tanzania, the FBI and its criminal division’s office of international affairs worked closely with personnel at the U.S. embassy in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, the US Customs and Border Protection National Targeting Center and local authorities in Tanzania and Kenya to apprehend Ott.

    He was arrested in on December 12, 2012 in Tanzania.

    This case is among many that have been prosecuted following the efforts of a national initiative known as “Project Safe Childhood” which aims combat the growing epidemic of child sexual exploitation and abuse.

    The programme was initiated by the US Justice Department.

  • Free dating Kenya

    This idiot should be hanged for all these crimes committed against the children of Kenya. Am so saddened by the wolves who hide in sheep clothing.

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