Janet Nyagudi’s Medical Fund-Raising Appeal: 10th Nov in Stockholm – Urgent!

janet nyagudi medical fund

Janet Nyagudi: In critical condition

It is with outermost concern and great urgency that friends of Janet Nyagudi, a Kenya-Stockhomer, announces that Janet is currently admitted in hospital in Kenya where she is in a critical condition.

Janet left for Kenya recently to visit members of her family and at the time of her trip, she was already unwell, having suffered a debilitating stroke a few years ago. At first, things were going well for Janet in Kenya but sadly, her condition begun to deteriorate at an alarming rate, prompting relatives to rush her to hospital where she was immediately put on an oxygen mask. She had difficulty in breathing.

Although Janet has shown signs of improvement, her condition is still classified as “critical” while both relatives and friends continue to pray for her during this tough and difficult moment of great uncertainty.

In the background is a huge hospital bill piling up on a daily basis while her Swedish insurance firm, which has been footing the bill, can no longer intervene because she is passed the 45 days bracket when the company can sort out medical expenses when a client is ailing and admitted abroad.

Janet’s condition is such that she cannot travel back to Sweden for urgent medical attention because doctors have said that she is medically unfit to fly.

Back in Stockholm friends and all people of good-will have decided to chip in and help Janet who is known by friends as a compassionate, kind, humble and very generous person. Now, Janet is in a difficult situation and she also needs help. Her medical bills needs to be sorted.

Friends and all people who would like to show solidarity with the ailing Janet are hereby informed that a funds drive will be held for her on Saturday, 10th November 2018 at the residence of Lenza Odhiambo in Huvudsta – Släggbacken 5 from 14.00 hrs. The funds drive is being coordinated by a team of volunteer friends who have offered to stand with Janet during her most needful hour in this life.

Well-wishers and sympathizers alike who will not be able to make it to the event for some reason can Swish their contributions to Alice Odhiambo at 0730670517 who is not only a good friend of Janet but also one of the key organizers of the Janet Harambee. Further information can also be obtained through Alice.

Back at KSB, we take this opportunity to wish Janet Nyagudi a quick recovery while hoping that the funds drive will be a success. Today, it’s Janet but we can never be sure as to who is on the line tomorrow. Come one, come all. All are cordially welcome!

Okoth Osewe


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