Raila Odinga Declared President-Elect by Nasa Secretariat


Article 86 of the Constitution requires as follows

“At every election, the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission shall ensure that—

a. whatever voting method is used, the system is simple, accurate, verifiable, secure, accountable and transparent;

b. the votes cast are counted, tabulated and the results announced promptly by the presiding officer at each polling station;

c. the results from the polling stations are openly and accurately collated and promptly announced by the returning officer; and

d. appropriate structures and mechanisms to eliminate electoral
malpractice are put in place, including the safekeeping of
election materials.”

We have information of the actual presidential election results contained in the IEBC database.
The data, which confirm the authentic and legitimate result of the presidential election, shows that the two leading candidates obtained the following votes:

raila odinga declared winner

● Raila Amolo Odinga 8,041726 votes
● Uhuru Kenyatta 7,755,428 Votes
Screenshots of the results as displayed on your website and monitors at Bomas show the following results:
● Uhuru Kenyatta 8,056,885
● Raila Amolo Odinga 6,659,493
Evidently, the accurate and lawful results in the presidential election is the transmission received from the polling stations and contained in the IEBC servers.
We have annexed the following:
● The actual and complete data contained in IEBC servers
● The screenshots obtained from the IEBC website.
We therefore demand as follows:

1. That you stop forthwith the display of unverified and unauthenticated results.

2. That you allow political parties to download all the Forms 34A and Forms 34B to enable them to verify them expeditiously. It is practically impossible for political parties to verify all the 41,000 documents with only two terminals that the IEBC is providing.

3. That Rt. Hon. Raila Amolo Odinga and Hon. Stephen Kalonzo Musyoka be declared as the President and the Deputy President of the Republic of Kenya.


Hon. Musalia Mudavadi
Chief Agent, NASA Coalition

Sen. James Orengo
Alternate Chief Agent, NASA Coalition


  • Kenya would be at far if perhaps guys like you would exist in more numbers to create a change

  • Kenneth Munge · Stockholm, Sweden
    Bullshit!! Kenya is a democratic state and that’s why you are in court today. We know your destructive tactics and the police have to provide security to other peace loving Kenyans who have worked hard to amass property which can be looted or destroyed. You can carry on with your prayers in churches.

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