Hon Machage Telling President Uhuru the Uncomfortable Truth He Doesn’t LIKE


  • Senator Machage has spoken for the Kenyan masses and in a nutshell, has revealed what ails the Jubilee Government. He has also touched on past economic injustices, which have denied the former Nyanza Province socio-economic growth, due to withheld funds allocated by the central government and other international agencies.

    It is a shame that President Uhuru Kenyatta has consciously chosen to isolate mainly the CORD Coalition Opposition areas because they did not vote for him, yet as President, he should serve all Kenyans equally.

    Why does his Government not reject the taxes paid by CORD members?

    It is noteworthy that VAT on consumer goods affects all Kenyans regardless of their ethnicity and political affiliation, thus exhibiting the brewing conflict which might ‘birth’ a Kenyan ‘Arab Spring’ revolution.

    Uhuru needs a sober approach to crucial national issues now that we all know he is living the lie of promising Standard One children laptops which he has not delivered, and indebting the country through excessive expenditure especially from his numerous travels abroad, and other unnecessary and uncontrolled budget allocations.

    With Uhuru Kenyatta at the helm, Kenya has definitely gone to the dogs!

  • Machage lectures Uhuru again

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