Brief Report on the “Keegan Funeral Brain-Storming Meeting” Held Yesterday in Stockholm

Funeral Committee to be formed

Man Keegan Kagwe

The meeting that was called yesterday to give direction on the Keegan Funeral process decided that an ”Open House” will be set up from tomorrow, Friday 29th November at Keegan’s residence at Lördagsvägen 25 in Hökarängen from 14.00 Hrs.

Although no Committee was set up, Kenyans who were present at the meeting mandated Sandy, a leading personality in Kenya-Stockholm, to take over as Chairperson ahead of tomorrow’s meeting. The meeting also decided that all official information about the Keegan Fund-raising process would be transmitted through Sofia Njoroge (0705916422) and Steve Kadir (0701493053). Among prominent personalities who attended the meeting were Gerry Midenyo and Jared Odero.

Another resolution was that the final line-up of the Committee would be known tomorrow, Friday after the meeting. The meeting noted that the day’s meeting had been called at short notice and that given the number of Kenyans who could not be at the meeting but who had called to express interest in being part of the process, the Committee building agenda needed to be pushed to Friday.

Further, the meeting agreed that because it is the most established Kenya-Stockholm media out-let, KSB would play a big role in collecting and disseminating information about the Committee’s activities and mobilization efforts.

The meeting urged Kenyans to turn up in large numbers tomorrow as preparations to give Keegan the send-off he deserves begins in earnest. Keegan’s mother is expected in Sweden and the organizers are in contact with Keegan’s family, both in Kenya and Sweden. Those who would like to take contact with the Interim Chairperson can do so through 0737803451. Further information will be communicated as it becomes available.

Okoth Osewe
Information Desk
Interim Keegan Funeral Committee in Stockholm

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  • That uncouth Kikuyu woman is illitrate brought here by a white swedish hubby from the remotest village in jigger infested mts,i heard she always boasts of having 2 vijejeys one for whites the other one for her landsmen ,especially when his hubby is at work. i also heard she is not onlu semi-illitrate but went to schools only 2 years hence her poor parents who could not afford her school fees. She also has a problem when walking becouse of destruction, from caused by jiggers .Kenyans in Stockholm should organize a prayers and pray for her through Jesus Christ our saviour Whose Power is able to move mountains.

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