Michael Osumba Harambee Target Reached: Body Leaves for Kenya Tonight

Michael Osumba's body after viewing at Söder Hospital Chapel on 14th August

Michael Osumba’s body: Leaves for Kenya tonight

The Michael Osumba Funeral Committee in Stockholm is pleased to announce that the target of SEK 43.000 (Ksh 580.000) that was needed to transport Osumba’s remains to Kenya was reached on Saturday, 28th September at the “Final Push” Harambee that was called by the Committee. The funds drive, which was held at Nancy’s residence in Farsta, raised SEK 5.500 which was the outstanding amount needed by the Funeral agency tasked with transporting the body to Kenya.

Subsequently, the cash was delivered to the agency yesterday, Monday, September 30th and the body is scheduled to leave for Kenya from Arlanda International Airport tonight via Ethiopian Airlines aboard flight ET715 to Adis Ababa after which it will be transferred to flight ET803 to Nairobi. The plane is expected to land at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport at 12.40 Kenya Time.

Through Chairman Jared Odero, the Committee would like to thank all Kenyans, friends, well-wishers and sympathizers who heeded the call for the Harambee to help the Osumba family transport the body of their loved one to Kenya for burial.

Many thanks to all those who spent many nights at the Harambees plus all those nice Kenyans who helped with food, transport and other practical responsibilities without which the goal could not have been met. The Committee sends special thanks to all members of Club 1000 who contributed generously thereby making a big difference in the situation together with members of Club SEK 1500 who all joined hands to ensure that Michael Osumba’s body is transported to Kenya for burial.

The Committee has been working under very difficult circumstances and the Chairman would also like to thank all Committee members who put a lot of time and resources to ensure that the goal was reached. Many thanks to our Ugandan friends who showed great solidarity at a time of tragedy that had beset the Osumba family.

The Committee has been in touch with the Osumba family which will receive the body once it arrives in Kenya. Mr. Oyuga Odada, a Kenya-Stockholmer and Committee member, is also in Kenya and is scheduled to be part of the delegation that will receive the body tomorrow. Oyuga has been mandated to represent the Committee at the Osumba funeral and to deliver a message to the bereaved family in Kenya.

With the body scheduled to leave for Kenya tonight, the Committee’s main task has been accomplished. The Committee is set to meet soon so that it can be dissolved, time when any outstanding issues will also be resolved. Once again, “Thank you very much” for your support.

Okoth Osewe
Media and Information Desk
Michael Osumba Committee

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