Man Nzoro’s Mom Passes on in Kenya: “Open House” Daily

Joseph Munene, also known as Man Nzoro, has lost her mom in Kenya. An “Open House” has been set up daily at Nzoro’s residence at Albyvägen 12 in Alby (6th Floor) for mourners to condole with the bereaved Nzoro who will travel to Kenya to attend his mother’s funeral.

KSB has spoken to Nzoro who sounded shocked at the news of his mom’s death last night. “I still cannot come to terms with the loss of my mom”, he told KSB. A date for a “Prayer Meeting” will be announced as soon arrangements are complete.

We at KSB send deep condolences to the entire family of Nzoro following the loss of a close and loved member of the family. We hope that Nzoro, together with members of his family, will find the courage to go through this very difficult and trying moment marked with great shock and sorrow.

According to Nzoro, his mom has been ailing for some time although he was surprised that she had passed away. May the soul of Nzoro’s mom rest in eternal peace. For further information, contact Nzoro on: 0736289306.

Okoth Osewe

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