SEK 24.775 Raised at the Michael Osumba Harambee: New Harambee on Saturday, 7th September

michael osumba

Mr. Michael Osumba: Body awaiting transportation to Kenya for burial as Kenyans fund raise in Stockholm.

According to final figures released by the Treasury of the Michael Osumba Committee, a total of SEK 24.775 was raised after all expenses incurred to organize the Harambee. The breakdown is as follows: Cash raised from the contribution book at the harambee was SEK 14.000; Club 1000 SEK 15.000; Drinks 7.300; Food SEK 1.525 while Open House at Nancy brought in SEK 1.150. From this break-down, total revenue realised at the Harambee was SEK 38.975.

According to the Financial Report, expenses to organize the Harambee cost SEK 14.200 and if this amount is deducted from the total amount raised, final figures of money at hand totals to SEK 24.775 This is after all Committee members who bankrolled the event at SEK 15.000 were refunded their monies.

After the Harambee, a balance of drinks not consumed are worth SEK 5.200 if the drinks are sold at Harambee price. The drinks were all transported to Nancy’s residence for safe keeping.

Members of Club 1000 who delivered are as follows: 1. Jared Odero 2. Martin Ngatia 3. Jasper Orieny 4. Hellen Opwapo 5. Brian Arwa 6. Okoth Osewe 7. Dr.Otieno  Wariaro 8. Florence Asum 9. Pamela and Edward 10. Nancy Wandaka 11. Clay Onyango 12. Teresa Mawa 13. Nelly Musira 14. Petty Okulo and 15. James Owuya. As stated above, these contributions amounted to SEK 15.000.

Five members of Club 1000 who personally pledged their contributions and who promised to pay are: Joseph Goga, Gideon Nyakwar Oyundi, Lillian Mbova, Catherine Maundu and Oyuga Odada. If the five honour their pledges, the Club 1000 contribution will increase to SEK 20.000 and this could bring the total amount raised to SEK 29.775.

Speaking to KSB, Jared Odero, Committee Chairperson, thanked everybody who contributed generously towards the Harambee. He also thanked all Committee members who have been working tirelessly to organize the Harambee.

Cash that was targeted for body transportation cost was 45-50k while transport for the Osumba family was placed at 25-30k. This means that the target was not reached and under the circumstances, the Committee has decided to call a new Harambee on Saturday, September 7th 2013 from 16.00 Hrs.

To avoid further expenses, the Harambee will be held at the residence of Nancy in Färsta at Grumsgatan 4. The Committee has appealed to Kenyans of good will to turn up at the Harambee to help the Osumba family realize their objective of transporting the body of their loved one to Kenya for burial. Further information will be published as it becomes available.

Okoth Osewe
Media and Information Desk
Michael Osumba Funeral Committee in Stockholm

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  • Requiem Oshanta Wetsche

    God is great, Praise the Lord !Look how merciful the Great God we adore!He is merciful kind .god of love Look how he sent his Angels to save this family in Taiwan -City>

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