How Could Ambassador Purity Have Come To This?

Since she arrived quietly in Stockholm in August last year to take over from former Ambassador Mukiri Kinyanjui, KSB has never wasted any opportunity to criticize the Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia H.E Mrs Purity Muhindi for catastrophic mistakes, gigantic failures or acts of omissions in the process of her work at the Kenyan embassy. Reactionary KSB critics who have been hollering to the effect that KSB attacks on the Ambassador are superfluous have eventually taken their cue – thanks to the “Embassy engineered” botched attempt to kidnap a seriously sick diplomat from his hospital bed last Thursday so that he could be repatriated to Kenya together with members of his family.

Kenyans in Stockholm might have been used to the antiques of the Ambassador. But the very act of trying to drag a helpless patient from a hospital bed so that he could go and die in Kenya has left the Kenyan community in Stockholm totally stupefied.

When news swept across the city that the diplomat was scheduled to be kidnapped under the supervision of Madam Ambassador, horrified Kenyans who could not believe their ears hurriedly took leave from their work places to intervene, not just because the diplomat’s right to treatment was being violated by the Kenyan government but because the very act of kidnapping the ailing diplomat to Arlanda International Airport was Satanic to say the least. How could Ambassador Purity have come to this?

After making a reconciliatory speech at the Kenyatta day reception in Stockholm on 20th October, a keen observer could have expected compassion and love on the part of the Ambassador especially when dealing with a bed-ridden fellow diplomat suffering from a chronic and debilitating disease. The presence of the sick diplomat on a hospital bed called for extra sensitivity and tender loving care. The point is that the incorrigible action of the Ambassador after her Kenyatta day speech stands out as a perfect example of hypocrisy at the highest diplomatic level.

The action comes weeks after the Kenyan Human Rights Commission released a report showing that since June this year, the Kibaki dictatorship has murdered 500 Kenyans through its police force which is reported to have shot these Kenyans at the back of the head “execution style” before dumping their bodies at various mortuaries across the country. Now that a frail and weak diplomat was on his way to being kidnapped to be repatriated to Kenya to die, is there any difference between the Ambassador who heads the Kenyan embassy and Kibaki who heads the Kenyan government? If Madam Purity could pull this kind of surprise, what else can she do?

The kidnap scandal aside, repeated reports from the Embassy indicate that the Ambassador is dictatorial, authoritarian, tyrannical and commanding in the crudest of ways. She behaves like a little goddess at the Embassy and this could explain why she treats Kenyans in Stockholm like miscreants. The kidnap scandal has now proved that if, to the Ambassador, Wakenya in Stockholm are crooks, Embassy staff are worthless. You won’t believe this. At the Kenyatta day reception, the Ambassador did not introduce “Support staff” working at the Embassy even though they were present and expensively dressed. After introducing the “Diplomats” she moved on with the agenda leaving Wakenya to wonder whether the rest of the staff members were just pets licking tables at the Embassy.

When a group of Kenyan dignitaries came to Sweden during this summer, a top Narc Kenya official convinced them to meet Wakenya. When the Ambassador got wind that the officials had been booked by Narc Kenya Scandinavia, she hijacked them to her residence and warned them against meeting Wakenya arguing that Kenyans in Stockholm are alcoholics who will drink themselves flat then begin to ask them useless questions! Wakenya had gathered – complete with Nyama choma. When the Narc Kenya official called the dignitaries to find out where they were, they said that they were at the residence and that they were “not coming”.

That was after the Ambassador sacked a Kenyan who was working as a gardener at her residence to give the job to a Swedish company. She then refused to pay the Kenyan his wage of 10.000 kr although the Kenyan had worked at the residence of the late James Kiboi.

The ink had not even dried when Purity emerged with deep arrogance after ODM Scandinavia discovered that land at the residence had been grabbed then transferred to a neighbour under mysterious circumstances. As ODM-Scandinavia opened a campaign to try and recover the land, Ambassador Purity continued to swing at the Embassy as if nothing was happening. When the heat became too much, she secretly reinstated the fence of land that had been curved off as ODM-Scandinavia members opened Champaign. During the campaign, she called police to threaten the Kenyans but the cops were cool because the Kenyans were not violating any law.

Then Jamhuri day came around and guess what Her Excellency did! She hand picked Wakenya who were to attend the reception through a scandalous dispatch of invitation letters selectively, prompting ODM-Scandinavia to open a new struggle with her on grounds that all Kenyans have a right to attend Jamuhuri reception. In the end, Wakenya who had not been invited gate crashed at the function but she was helpless and could not stop them.

The history of Ambassador Purity at the Embassy reads like one failure after another. If she is not making a mistake, she is making an over sight. In Stockholm, a public weddings by any Kenyan couple is rare and when one comes up, Wakenya normally expects the Ambassador’s presence as long as the Boss is in Stockholm. When Pastor Beatrice had her wedding, Purity skipped it although she did make it to Muraya’s wedding this year – hurray! What she didn’t understand is that for many Wakenya, the act of an Ambassador skipping one wedding and attending another amounts to discrimination and that is how it works in Stockholm. Someone could have advised her to send a representative to deliver her apology then Wakenya could have assumed that she was busy.

A Kenya embassy official gets seriously sick and Ambassador Purity tries to drag her from his hospital bed to go and die in Kenya. Another diplomat actually dies in Oslo while on duty and his wife is quickly employed at the Embassy as “an attaché” (nothing personal). Now, if we may ask, is this discrimination, favouritism, nepotism or corruption?

Property belonging to the ailing diplomat has been packed in a container, the Embassy has stopped the diplomat’s child from going to school while the Ambassador mobilized a Doctor to travel by first class to help in the kidnap operation. When we say that Ambassador Purity should go, is this kind of call out of tune?

Our Embassies and High Commissions should change the way they work. Don’t spend many years abroad being useless. If you feel you have nothing to do for this country then go and work elsewhere.” Those were President Kibaki’s words, not KSB’s.

For Purity, “Changing the way of work” in Sweden means taking over the work of Immigration police, violating International conventions about the Right to treatment and when the scandal explodes, you keep quiet. Ambassador Purity defies even her own Boss! This is the only point where we agree with Kibaki. That the likes of Ambassador Purity is “being useless” and she ought to find work elsewhere, away from Stockholm where Wakenya do not see her.

Just imagine, the cremation of the body of James wuod Maggero, a Kenyan citizen was done without the Ambassador making a single comment even as Kenyans protested from left, right and center. In Stockholm, Kenyans are routinely arrested and put into custody but for Purity, its always business as usual. By the way, did you hear about the controversy surrounding the selective invitations to Kenyatta day celebrations this year?

During her tenure, Purity broke the record when it comes to the time a new passport application takes – six months. The list endless. One good thing is that even the Ambassador’s known sycophants are unable to cope with her weaknesses. We welcome them in the “Attack Club” and hope that they will be productive in the struggle to ensure that once Kibaki goes, Ambassador Purity will be sent back to Kenya kupumzika because she has been weighed on the balance and found wanting.

In the meantime, the Ambassador should leave our diplomat alone to recuperate. That would be her best Christmas present to the diplomat who has served the government for 20 years and who needs some peace.

Okoth Osewe