Shocking Audio Featuring TNA’s Moses Kuria and Uhuruto’s Apologist David Matsanga Bragging About Killing Blogger Robert Alai

Jubilee’s Mafia Boys Passing Time With Assassination Talk of Political Opponents


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  • Matsanga traitor

    EXPOSING MATSANGA,Separating The Truths From The Lies

    Dr. David Nyekorach Matsanga a lawyer by profession,loud and controversial by nature has been the topic of discussions in Kenya for the past few days albeit his well organized terrorism on the ICC more particularly the prosecution with vested personal attacks on the former prosecutor Moreno Ocampo whom he accuses for doing shady investigations into the PEV cases.

    Less is known about him to the public. Matsanga is a fugitive from Uganda who fled and took refuge in Kenya in 1986 when Museveni took power. After sometimes in Kenya he moved into the UK for training.

    He was able to find work in London. He later became a broker in the negotiations between UN and the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) and ICC fugitive Joseph Kony. For the
    12 years he was the spokesperson for Kony,he became a diehard LRA apologist and a rabid critic of the Museveni led NRM government.

    But in the wake of ICC cases in Kenya,Matsanga cropped up again under the pretence of “pan-Africanist” in this shadow he could frequent Hague courts where he admits to have stole confidential files baring names of witnesses. Through this,he ousted witness number four exposing him as a liar and extortionate.

    Despite his boastful words of being a pan African,his family lives and works in the UK,applauding the irony.

    His outrageous volume has earned him a name in the local media and now they are all following him like the neighbourhood $@# seeking to have a piece of him. Jeff Koinange opened up the beehive by bringing him on his show and ever since Matsanga struck the celebrity gold mark,getting interviews here and there,begging the question,what’s his mission,keeping in mind the fact that the current Kenyan media has been stepped on and the government holds it by the balls.

    Truth of the matter won’t be told on the mainstream media unfortunately. Matsanga says he has never meet Uhuru Kenyatta face to face despite being loud and coming out as his counsel to the public. However Nairobi Exposed confirms that the foreigner in the name of Dr.Matsanga enjoys state protection,with a government vehicle and two GSU officers attached to him.

    The Pan-African Dr. lives in a posh apartment in Nairobi’s Parklands area which sources reveals that it belongs to a senior intelligence officer.

    Matsanga has been largely named as one of the busy bodies arm twisting the witnesses and interfering with the ICC cases. In a confidential report doing circulations in major pro ICC sites describes him as a Ugandan fugitive who lives in Kenya.

    It’s said that Matsanga conspires with key office holders at the Hague leaking out witnesses information which he then uses to “intimidate” the named.

    What motivates the pseudo expert to chest thump in a foreign country,what is he doing in Kenya,who is footing his bills,what message is he sending though his body language,why has he all of a sudden become media sweetheart,what’s the hidden agenda,check out the next post as we reveal more and bring in expert views.

    Peeling back Matsanga continues…..

  • who is Matsanga?

    Who is David Nyekorach Matsanga?Publish Date: Aug 15, 2009

    Newvision Archive

    By Chris Kiwawulo

    DAVID Nyekorach Matsanga is a man who changes with the tide. The 54-year-old born in Bududa, then part of Mbale district, fled Uganda in 1986 after President Yoweri Museveni came to power.

    For the last 12 years he has been an on-and-off spokesman of LRA leader Joseph Kony. During this time he was a diehard LRA apologist and a rabid critic of the NRM Government.

    Matsanga went to Shikhuyu Primary School before going to Manjasi High School in 1973.

    According to Alfred Musamali, an old boy of Manjasi High School, Matsanga’s father is the late Makuyi Wamema, a former employee of Budada Secondary School. “Matsanga’s clan name is Wamema.

    He became Matsanga as a result of the 1970s tradition requiring anybody seeking to repeat P7 to do so under a different name. When he was registering for S4 exams in 1976, he added the name Nyekorach,” Musamali says, adding that he failed his O’level exams.

    Matsanga claims he has a masters degree in Political Sciences and a Phd in Psychology. However, it is not clear if he sat his A’ level examinations.

    Colleagues who have been with Matsanga know him as a man who is quick at sniffing opportunities. When Idi Amin was overthrown in 1979, he embraced the new rulers – the UNLA Government.

    He eventually joined the UPC youth wing and the intelligence service, then called National Security Agency. Around 1983 he was arrested after being suspected of having killed a person during a brawl in a Mbale bar.

    He remained in detention until the Obote government fell in 1985. Upon release from jail, he tried to start a business in his home area, Bududa.

    He soon got involved with rebels, attempting to overthrow the Government of Museveni in the late 1980s. He was the local guide who led ex-army chief-of-staff Opon Acak when the army ambushed them near Bududa Hospital in the late 1980s.

    Acak was arrested and Matsanga fled into exile in the UK. While in London, Matsanga disagreed with Obote supporters such as Joseph Ochieno, creating a gap between him and the UPC members in the diaspora.

    In a twist of events, he became the official spokesman of the LRA in early 1998. He later explained that he had wanted to turn the LRA rebels into a liberation front to rescue Uganda.

    “However, I found that LRA had already sinned beyond repair and my efforts were not successful,” he stated at a press conference in February 2000 when he publicly apologised to Ugandans for his role in the rebel ranks.

    Surprisingly, he was brought back as LRA chief mediator by Kony in early 2008. But he was dropped when the LRA leader failed to turn up for the highly publicised signing ceremony in Ri-Kwangba on April 10.

    He later insisted that he resigned to pave way for investigations. Press reports at the time said he had been arrested by Southern Sudanese authorities at Juba airport with $20,000.

    Matsanga is also a man who does not take chances with his life. While in Juba, he reportedly carried a poison detector to meetings, which he used to check food and drinks served to him.

    Before he was appointed LRA negotiator, Matsanga was a public relations consultant to Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe.

    Based in the UK then, he was credited for boosting Mugabe’s image internationally, especially after his re-election in 2002, through his research outfit called Africa Strategy.

    Matsanga, however, fell out with Mugabe after he was allegedly tortured in Harare.

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