Kiambu Women Thieves: Is The Kenya Daily Post Anti-Kikuyu?

Kiambu women hiding stoeln loot below their vajeyjeys

Kiambu women hiding stolen loot below their vajeyjeys

Two Kiambu women were busted as they tried to hide jericans of cooking oil under their vajeyjeys in a shop-lifting operation gone awry. The news has been reported in The Kenya Daily Post and what is curious is that the paper asks: “What is wrong with Kiambu women?”, a question which, by extension, could be construed to mean that the paper is asking what is wrong with Kikuyu women in general or Wakikuyu in particular. This is because Kiambu is the headquarters of Kikuyus. For any ordinary Kenyan, the act of a woman hiding anything below her vajeyjey in the process of committing the crime called shop-lifting is not just absurd but also pathetic.

The bigger question which has to be asked during these trying moments for Kenya is whether by publishing the photo, and implying that something may be wrong with Kiambu (Kikuyu) women, The Daily Post is not stereotyping Kikuyu women especially those from Kiambu by giving the impression that these women could come up with the most unpredictable scenes ever in the name of making money. Many questions could then follow.

Are all Kiambu women prone to hiding stolen goods under their vajeyjeys or was this an isolated case? In the past, the Kenyan media has projected Nyeri women as “husband beaters” and now, Kiambu women are being portrayed as thieves who specialize in concealing stolen property under one of the most sensitive parts of the female body – the mighty, all powerful and all influential vajeyjey aka “the shrine”.

KSB does not want to get mixed up in the “tribalism arguments” that could be precipitated by the portrayal but another question which could be posed is whether women from other ethnic groups (like the Luo, the Luhya, the Kamba etc) could risk doing what these two women actually did – dishonouring that space below a critical organ by using it as a temporary shelter for stolen property. Remember, if there are no complications, all human beings have to pass through that passage to arrive at what is known by homo-sapiens as “planet earth”.

Needless to say, the fact that these two women engaged in an illegal act which tended to degrade Kiambu women does not mean that all Kiambu women are like them. In Stockholm, I know many women from Kiambu and I can bet my little finger that none of them could ever hide anything right there where the power and glory is suspected to reside. In fact, one has to study the vajeyjey monologues to get it right.

In retrospect, what the Kiambu women did could leave the innocent bystander with one more question. Apart from poverty which may have led these women to engage in such an operation, is it possible that there are women in Kenya who have lost all moral instincts to an extent that they could abuse that sacred position below such an important organ in the female body to hide stolen loot?

There are ethnic chauvinists who will, no doubt, take advantage of such scenarios to project Kikuyu women (or members of the Kikuyu community) as thieves who will do anything to steal anything as long as they want it. Most importantly, this case is coming up at a difficult time when members of the Kikuyu Mafia ruling class (not ordinary Kikuyus suffering with other Kenyans) are being accused of having stolen an election in an attempt to install Uhuru Kenyatta as 4th President. In the minds of members of other ethnic groups who are not gifted with the art of analysis, the Kiambu women story may actually be the final “evidence” that the Kenya 2013 election was actually stolen by the Kikuyu Mafia who control the state machine. In fact, the photo should have been presented to Judges sitting at the Supreme Court as proof that election was stolen. For Kenyans in this league, the argument could be very simple.

If a Kiambu aka Kikuyu woman could hide a stolen property right under her sacred vajeyjey, what can the thieving Kikuyu mafia do with votes (figures) to facilitate a Kikuyu win so that a Kikuyu can take over from another Kikuyu to enable the Kikuyu elite to continue looting the Kenyan economy continuously Kikuyu style? Remember, according to the “House of Mumbi doctrine”, Kenya belongs to Wakikuyu and whether they steal through the vajeyjey or through IEBC, it is allowed as long as the goal is reached.

How I pity the Kikuyu who suffers together with millions of other Kenyans but has to shoulder the burden of being referred to as perpetual thieves! How I loathe for the day that the crimes of the Kikuyu ruling class will not be blamed on the ordinary Kikuyu who sweats if out daily and who has nothing to do with the running of the government! Should the two women now be brought to the ICC to face crimes against vajeyjey, a holy shrine known to be associated with the origin of every life?

Okoth Osewe



  • This Kiambu Kikuyu thieving System is trully a culture and tradition that every Kikuyu Woman especially Kiambu women living within Big cities must(must) master Vajeyjey ( latest technology)to be able to feed their many father-less kids .And the rest these women sells them to get few shillings to support their starving kids .These women belongs to the lowest class category of kikuyus Yet when election Period comes all vote to their rich Kikuyu ruling thugs so that Kikuyus continue Bulding huge Shops(malls) Nakumatt so that poor kikuyu illitrate women can shoplift as their daily jobs.
    Shop-lifting in Kenya is a proffession ,millions people lives on thieving and sexual industry. The Govt of kenya encourages poor women to steal from foreign shops and mostly owned by asians and Nigerians.

  • No wonder the Kikuyu Mafia stole Raila Odinga’s vote in 2007 and 2013. These women are part of them. Thievvinggggg is in their blood.

  • If it quacks like a duck then it is a duck. Ukiona wao weka taya. Lol! Only in Kiambu County.

  • Kenya could have collapsed without Raila, he has worked hard to save the nation – Kenyans in general hate kiuks but they cant do without them though because they are kenyans – we forget easily that kales did atrocities which are condemned but turned just with the hope of being close to power.

    am talking about kiuks in government who made it clear that they are going to tribalize all strategic institutions under kibaki government to benefit their dominance on kenya – ask costarians and they tell u the port top brass is tribal.

    am not talking about the common kiuk number one tribalist worker and voter – but the top notch who use the small people for power, they have colonised kenyan economy and institutions – which has to be broken.

    we need not talk of Railas achievements but without favor i know his leadership style might be backward unless checked by citizens but we can’t allow people who do not respect law& order to run us.

    he has contained the greed exhibited by kiuks and even their financial reliance dealt with – u can see they can paralyze a nation to ensure confusion and corruptions goes on, am calling on other kenyans to wake up and save the nation from mediocrity and fakeness do no think they are smart – jaluos should stop concentrating on rights and go for it in terms of being lawyers and competing with these people – they are silently enemies within – if you are in business you can feel me.

    our struggle is to stop their impunity, love for short cuts, fear of competitions, lack of respect of humanity, love for money and fakeness – wake up kenyans let kenya be free for all – look at the security council, kra, central bank, treasury, ambasadors – they do not care unless we get in and fight intellectually not physically for a better kenya.

    they might have the buildings, farms, firms and all the material but with smart minds they can never match up – slow but sure brains neutralizes the impunity and corruption and that way we shall have majority in kenya financially stable.

    now say this – in return – other people are not smart, other people are lazy – u cant reach us even if you work hard oooh we own kenya blah blah the normal arrogance and pride.

  • Open Letter To The Young Kikuyu And Young Luo

    March 29, 2013

    By: Ephraim Njenga

    I write to you young Luos and young Kikuyus because you have not only been overcome by tribalism but have also been overtaken by it. If you voted for Raila because you hate Uhuru or voted for Uhuru because you hate Raila you are a tribalist by any other name. Many of you see the ongoing case at the Supreme Court as an opportunity to defeat and humiliate each other rather than advance the prosperity of our country. If that is how you see things you should be exceedingly ashamed of yourself and everything you believe in.

    The case is just about two individuals pursuing a job to perpetuate their fortunes and those of their close associates and relatives. If you are not an associate or a relative mind your own business. The Luo tribe is not the petitioner and the Kikuyu tribe is not the respondent. So stop behaving as if you are a party to the case.

    This country has been made great by our diversity. If this country was made up of only Luos and Kikuyus there would be coups, counter coups, civil strife and eternal chaos. We owe our relative stability as a country to our ethnic diversity not magnanimity of politicians. As for you young people there can be nothing more stupid than appearing to have inherited hatred from your parents. Hatred is not a birthright.

    Tribalism is a path reserved for lowly mortals and weak souls. Many of you are closeted tribalists preaching the waters of cohesion by day and drinking the wine of tribalism as soon as darkness sets in. If you are such I put it to you that you are morally inefficient, spiritually clueless, socially unfit and intellectually bankrupt. Now you better repent because the cup of your wrath is quickly filling up. May Eternal God the rejuvenator and redeemer of weak souls have mercy on you and hear your hearts to cherish and love one another.

  • Kenya: Nyeri Youth Circumcise 30-Year-Old By Force
    By Wambugu Kanyi, 6 September 2011

    A 30 -year-old man was yesterday forcibly circumcised in Nyeri town. The man, who works at a construction site by rowdy youth was stripped naked and carried on a push-cart around the town.

    He was subjected to public ridicule for over an hour. The youth took him to Nyeri provincial general hospital where he was booked for minor surgery. “He is man and at the same time a boy. He is a womaniser. We noticed he had not been circumcised while he was urinating.

    Today we decided to force him to become a man,” said one of the young men. They said they will ensure that he heals and gets back to work. Those interviewed said according to Kikuyu customary practices, men beyond 20-years must be circumcised. The young men raised Sh4,000 to cater for the medical expenses and his recovery.

    The men said they have embarked on an initiative to ensure that all the Kikuyu men who have attained the ages of circumcision are treated to minimise the spread of HIV/Aids. He said this is the second initiative after forcibly bathing the dirty men in town.

  • Hanna Mwikali Bithi

    Kikuyu Prostitute specialized in robbing foreign tourists a well organized system to rue white-men into sex dens only to rob them.
    watch the Video Drama Kikuyu hores robbing a Mzungu day-light in Nairobi street>

  • r these kikuyu malayas?
  • kyuks kila mahali

    Archieved from Raphael matunda; KIKUYU KILA MAHALI!!!!; Chokora kikuyu; Kuliwa na mbwa kikuyu; Kuchapwa na bibi kikuyu; IDPs kikuyu; Fake pastors kikuyu; Conmen river road kikuyu; Malaya koinange kikuyu; Wezi wa kura kikuyu; Shetani kikuyu; Add yours……..; Tuende kazi. Who is cheating Kenyans now??

  • Mr.Maina. Repeated injustices over a long period of time since independence has delayed the healing of this tribal ailment among the two tribes. However the Luos have tried but the Kikuyu never reciprocate. I hope you know this.

  • Praise these tough Kikuyu thieving women setting a an American tourist !

  • Another arrogant ,and illitrate Kikuyu was not allowed to enter UK!he was heard abusing officers at the Airport !The popular Kenyan Artist, King of Mugiithi from Kenya Mr. Mike Rua was denied entry at Heathrow on Thursday afternoon 28th March, 2013. He has been to the UK several times before. Mike Rua and his Drummer Muhamed will not be performing their Mugiithi UK Easter Tour in Luton and Manchester scheduled for Easter weekend as they have been denied entry to the UK at London’s Heathrow Airport by the UK Border Agency. … w-airport/

  • Another Kikuyu Woman this time from Nyeri caught redhanded having Anal Sex with neighbour<

  • We rhould always be thankful of the lessons we have learnt from the Pm he has proved tn the world how he is loyal to democratisation and rule of law

  • Africa is doomed
  • Daily post u r the best

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