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Yours Proudly Kenyan

 Najivunia kuwa mkenya – this is because Kenya is a very special and unique country.  Many things that happen in Kenya have never been witnessed anywhere else in the world. Sample this: Kenya is probably the only country which insists on being called a democracy while it definitely isn’t. Kenya is probably the only country in the world whose Electoral

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Tribal Appointments In Kenya: A Reflection Of Kibaki’s Ethnic Bias?

Observations by one Dr. Job Obonyo in cyberspace reflect President Kibaki’s three pillars; (a) TRIBALISM (ethnic favoritism & nepotism), (b) ETHNOCENTRIC RESOURCE ACCUMULATION by all means (i.e. systematic corruption and irregular public assets acquisitions) and (c) a SYCOPHANCY-BASED system of unbounded politics which ensures that party loyalty is transient. The bitter truth – Kibaki is perpetrating extreme tribalism with a

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“Keeping It Real” By Mukami

I totally agree with what Mr. Clay Onyango posted about forgiveness. Think about this; Funny how the phrase ´´Life is too short“ isn’t taken seriously Until we suddenly lose a dear one….. Funny how we really take life for granted …. Funny how tragedies and deaths are the saddest events ever Yet are always awakening calls to us all to

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