Yours Proudly Kenyan

 Najivunia kuwa mkenya – this is because Kenya is a very special and unique country.  Many things that happen in Kenya have never been witnessed anywhere else in the world.
Sample this:

Kenya is probably the only country which insists on being called a democracy while it definitely isn’t. Kenya is probably the only country in the world whose Electoral Commission boss declares that he doesn’t know who won in the presidential race – yet statehouse continues to be occupied.

It must only be in Kenya where he that wins in two provinces defeats he that wins in six provinces – isn’t this interesting? Kenya is surely a country with a transport network that is simply
unpredictable and just can’t be explained.

Sample this – results from Wajir, Funyula, Budalangi, Isiolo, and Lodwar take a just day to reach KICC Nairobi , yet results from Kiambaa (just past Muthaiga-Kiambu) take more than three consecutive
days being transported to Nairobi.

Am sure Kenya must be the only country in the world where 95,000 votes are realized in constituencies with only 70,000 registered voters  – truly Kenyan    ama?

Kenya must be the only country in which a presidential candidates name goes missing in the Voters register in his own constituency on polling day.

It must only be in Kenya where the winning party has its deputy captain (vice president) and 20 ministers swept away by the opposition’s tsunami. The most ‘popular’ party then gets only 35 MPs while the ‘unpopular’ one scoops 100 parliamentary seats.

Kenya must be the only country whose citizens don’t learn from the mistakes of others. The KANU-LDP MOU was dishonoure by Moi, the NAK-LDP MOU was trashed by Kibaki  now  ODM-KENYA  trusts PNU to honour their recently signed MOU – how naive.

Kenyans are a very interesting lot. The words GRAND COALITION or PARTY CHAIRMAN means absolutely nothing to the Kenyan voters. Sample this – all the party chairmen in PNUs Grand Coalition lost their seatsto the opposition.

FORD KENYA – Chairman Musikari Kombi – OUT
FORD PEOPLE– Chairman Simeon Nyachae – OUT
NARC KENYA – Chairman Raphael Tuju – OUT
TIP– Chairman Kalembe Ndile – OUT
NEW FORD KENYA– Chairman Mukhisa Kituyi – OUT
SAFINA– Chairman Paul Muite – OUT
AGANO–  its Chairman – OUT
MAZINGIRA– Chairman Wangari Maathai – OUT
FORD ASILI– Its Chairman stood no chance
CHAMA CHA MASIKINI –Chairman Assitant Minister Koigi Wamwere – OUT

Lastly, Kenya must be the only country which insists that it has a free press,  yet if media houses are not being raided then they are being BANNED from live broadcasting. You see why I love my unique country?

Yours proudly Kenyan
Kennan O Ngar


The writer has once been a resident of Stockholm but moved to London many years back.