“Keeping It Real” By Mukami

I totally agree with what Mr. Clay Onyango posted about forgiveness. Think about this;
Funny how the phrase ´´Life is too short“ isn’t taken seriously
Until we suddenly lose a dear one…..
Funny how we really take life for granted ….
Funny how tragedies and deaths are the saddest events ever
Yet are always awakening calls to us all to treasure the ones we know,
Live peaceably together at all times and in the best way possible.

Gone are:
Fathers/mothers, husbands/wives, brothers/sisters, friends,
Mentors, teachers, peacemakers….
Intellectuals amongst willing learners for true learning experiences,
True supporters of good causes,
Individuals who are constant reminders of the common decency
And goodness of a human heart,
Simply true angels that roamed amongst us and touched a lot of lives.

Like my mum always used to remind me,
“Never let the sun go down on your anger and whatever you do, however offended/angry/ pissed off you may feel never let the last words you say to anyone be mean/nasty/hurtful.” You never know, that could be the last time you see/speak to them. No one wants the last nasty words resting on their conscious and replaying to the ever popular phrase-If only……

“Sorry”, “Thank you” and “I love you” are straight up the hardest words, but using them sure makes life a lot easier. Come to think of it………..….well I just ran out of words.

Mukami Susan.