ODM-K Scandinavia Has Done Us Proud

Mr. Editor, I am not a member of ODM-K Scandinavia but I must say that the Party has done us proud. Through your blog, I follow very much what the Party is up to.

I am one of those Kenyans who parted the Party on the back when I read that land that had been grabbed at the Ambassador’s residence had been recovered through campaigns by ODM-K Scandinavia – kudos to the Party’s brilliant leaders.

Another score is the acquisition of “Wananchi Pavillion” where the Memorial of the late James wuod Maggero was held. I live in Stockholm but for the first time, a Kenyan group has an Office right in Stockholm’s Central Business District. The Swedish system is very restrictive and for a group of Kenyan politicians to pull an office in the center of town is an achievement that is worth mentioning.

My friends in Kenya continue to write me emails about the Katuku address (video you posted at Youtube) by Mr. Martin Ngatia and others. Its good that KSB has made these videos available because they can change the way people think. Now, Kenyans at home who think that Kenyans abroad do not care about the country have something to think about.

I really sympathize with the Kenyan Ambassador to Scandinavia because she has opened herself to a lot of criticism simply because she has refused to meet Kenyans. ODM-K Scandinavia is doing a good job in keeping the Kenyan Embassy “on its toes”.

I have read that in Zimbabwe, the British Ambassador (I don’t have her name here) has been moving from police station to police station looking for Zimbabweans who have been arrested by the Mugabe government in order to fight for their release and Mugabe is not happy.

In Stockholm, the Kenyan Ambassador has refused to meet her own people and this is a big shame. I am thinking of joining ODMK-Scandinavia but only as a supporter because I can’t do politics.

To the Committee of ODMKS, keep up the good work. To KSB, you have my support. I don’t go to sleep without checking out what’s new at the blog. A friend of mine sometimes calls me if she is off line to ask whether something imeanguka at KSB.

Caroline in Stockholm