Clay Onyango Hits Back At Rumour Mongers

Regarding an article published at KSB by Dishon Kinywa who pretends to be in London. As KSB mentioned, you are out to assassinate my character as other rumour mongers in Stockholm. I know all my clients and that name doesn’t ring a bell. This is the last article I will write in response to any accusations.

I don’t want to lower my dignity by replying to articles that are not educative or progressive to Kenyans like the one you sent to KSB. In your article, you mentioned that you knew that one day this was going to happen. What has happened?

You also mentioned that you have no grudge with me so why didn’t you come out clean and say what I did? For your information, I know you are still suffering, looking for your papers in London and changing addresses while dodging cops.

You said Mungu sio Athumani. Mungu  has really helped me in my achievements. I am not in jail as you think. I got married 2 years ago and had a wonderful wedding that was well attended by so many friends. I have 4 lovely kids and a wonderful wife.

I have just started another business that is picking up so well. My advice to Dishon Kinywa, Gerry Midenyo, George Mengo and a few others who might pop up is: Please visit a  mental hospital. It’s free in Sweden. You do have a loose nerve in your brains.

You have been living on earth for approximately 18,250 days. Think wisely and write educative articles instead. I have so many people who believe in me so don’t waste your time.

I do apologise to Kenyans and friends who might think this was uncalled. I really appreciate all your support.

Clay Onyango

We hope that the war of words between Mr. Clay and his detractors will soon come to an end. Clay is a businessman and any accusations of fraud, dirty dealings or drug peddling should be backed up with hard evidence. Empty accusations in the Net will never crystalize into evidence but will make Clay’s accusers look ninny.