Mary Mathenge Touched By Juliet’s Sitaution

I would just like to convey my condolences to relatives and friends of the late Juliet Kavinga who was brutally murdered in Sweden.  It is really sad that with all those African friends she had in Sweden nobody adviced her on how to go about getting help for her unborn child even though she was “illegal”. 

I wish somebody had tried to help her and that she did not  have to live such a stressful life like she did because she seemed like a nice person, according to “her friends” who did nothing to help her. 

I was wondering too, don’t you guys in Sweden have like human rights lawyers or advocates against women abuse.  I live in the USA and I believe if she had been here, she would have had some organizations like shelters for abused women or other organizations who would have fought for her and her unborn child to get Resident Permit, medical care during and after the birth of her baby and also help to make sure the man pays child support. 

I can not believe that her murderer was let go even though he had a criminal past and there was all that evidence on him.  I hope this is not the end of the case and that justice will be served.  I also hope Wakenya will look out for one another when they hear of someone going through what Juliet was going through by seeing what they can do to help them. 

I am proud too to hear that she got some help from Wakenya when she was found homeless and that they gave her a place to live and also a place to work and did a very good job with the harambee thing to send her home for burial.

Mary Mathenge
Kenyan in USA