Dishon Kinywa Attacks Clay Onyango

To say the least, Mr. Clay Onyango is a fraudster. I was in Stockholm four years ago and Clay did some very nasty (if not fraudulent) things to me personally. I wonder why the Swedish people let someone like him to run a bogus office with the pretence that it’s a travel agency.

I have no grudge with Clay. But, he should know that God is watching him “na Mungu sio athumani”. I have met people in Kenya and the United Kingdom complaining of Clay. What kind of a coincidence is this?

I am actually just laughing because I knew that one day, this was going to happen. I am happy myself that this is coming out. I felt obliged to say one or two things about this man.

Dishon Kinywa


Bwana Kinywa, you could have been specific in what Clay did for you otherwise this attack could amount to character assassination.

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