“Kikuyu Community Should Wake Up”, Says Mercy Gachoka

My name is Mercy Gachoka and I am currently studying in Finland. I have been following the current events and the prior happenings that seems to have taken Kenya to the shameful state it is in right now. I was born and grew up in Kenya and that is the only home that I only know.

I have therefore decided to speak and come to the rescue of my people who are being misused by the current government because I cannot contain it anymore.

I highly condemn the injustice performed against Hon. Raila Odinga by open rigging and the dictatorial approach employed by the illegitimate Kibaki government to retain power. This is the worst dictatorship of its kind in the 21st century.

It is unfortunate that most Kikuyus are paying the price of their selfish leaders. I would like to make it clear that Kibaki was a “President of his close allies” and we as Kikuyus should also refuse to pay the price of the sacrificial lamb.

I just got to know of Martin Ngatia through a friend and I would like to connect to him because I believe he has God given wisdom on the country’s way forward. I would like to get in touch with Martin and I would really appreciate if you helped me do it.

I share the same dream with him (and I believe all of you) that Kenyans have got the power to refuse the divide and conquer approach which has been used by both Kibaki and Moi regimes as a survival strategy in their leadership while thousands of Kenyans remain in a sorry state.

Yours Sincerely,

M. Gachoka

We agree that we are one Nation. We are also saddened by the killings and even appalled that some of our countrymen “celebrated” Kibaki’s stolen Presidency. We hope that you will use the contacts sent via mail to reach Mr. Martin Ngatia. He is one of the best politicians we have in Stockholm