Here Is Esther Arunga Being Taken Away For Questioning By Aussie Police Over Son’s Death


  • Esther Arunga, so sorry for your sons lose. Kindly call your parents and apologise for all the filth you made them go thru. You sued them and talked all shit about them, with no respect at all. God has seen their pain which you caused, you know what you did to them. Since you fell out with your parents, so many bad things have crossed your path. Kindly give them a call and make up with them.

  • Jane can you stop supporting primitive cultures? Why are you supporting witchcraft?
    Apologise for what?Have you yourself apologised?Pole sana Nyani haoni Kudule.Is that how you advice somebody in a family disaster?Why don’t you wish the family a quick recover in a foreign country very far from home. I really pity you Jane.

  • Zongi Songi, which planet do you come from? Its in the bible, respect your mom and dad. You know what I am talking about and she knows the truth. I said pole to her, did you read between the lines. Enjoy your life with primitivity.

  • Jane which bible are you talking about ?why do you think every tom and dick is a christian?Why don’y you respect various religions and denomination ,even the pagans and the atheists?
    please stop hiding your dump head in the sand.The Timberlake family will overcome their demise very soon .Everybody of good will wishes the family a quick recovery.Jane you better stop your black magic and primitive witchcraft dark power.

  • Kenya Kikuyu lady in a big Shame in America USA

  • Political Gimmicks
  • Political Gimmicks
  • Arunga moves to new house

    Bereaved Couple Esther Arunga and Quincy Change Houses in Australia after Death of Son Esther Arunga and Quincy Timberlake are now evading media and public scrutiny in Australia after the tragic death of their 3 year old son.

    The couple are said to be leading a life where few know what they are actually doing. Some of our sources in Australia have indicated that Esther Arunga is working in one of the local departmental stores while Quincy Timberlake is just a stay home dad.

    Even the couple’s parents in Kenya are wondering what they are up to with a woman claiming to be Quincy Timberlake’s mother coming out to demand that Quincy get in touch with her. According to a report on the Daily Nation, Ms Rose Meg Wambitta has not spoken with her son for a very long time, she says.

    Police have not preferred any charges on the couple with the authorities still waiting for post-mortem report on the death.

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