Millie Nyambok Funeral Committee Dissolved

The Millie Funeral Committee

The Millie Funeral Committee

This is to inform Kenyans and friends that the Millie Funeral Committee was dissolved yesterday, Sunday, June 29th 2014. The Committee was set up in early June to assist Mrs. Millie Nyambok following the death of her sister in Kenya.

The Committee comprised of Mr. Ochieng Nyambok (host), Mr. Mark Gaya (Chairman), Mr. Charles Otieno Owiyo (Treasurer), Mr. Okoth Osewe (Information Desk), Mrs. Teresa Mawa and Ms. Rose Adero.

Addressing the Committee at the dissolution meeting, Mr. Nyambok thanked all Committee members for doing a fantastic job following the demise of his sister in law. He said that his wife was now back from Kenya after the funeral. He said that the family was grateful for the solidarity friends showed them at a difficult time.

The meeting was then addressed by Chairman Gaya who also thanked Committee members for a work well done. He said that the Kenyan community is not so big in Stockholm and urged members of the community to continue with the same spirit of solidarity especially during difficult moments. Mr. Gaya said that he was happy with the response of friends following the loss of Millie’s sister and thanked members for working hard to accomplish the mission of the Committee.

At the time of the bereavement, Rose Adero was in New York to attend to a private matter. Addressing the Committee, Rose said that although she was away, she was always with the bereaved family and the Committee in spirit. She said that coming together as a community during times of need always makes one feel good. She passed greeting from Kenyans in New York.

The meeting was updated about the Committee’s final financial Report after the last update. A total of SEK 1,400 was collected after Millie left for Kenya and the cash was transmitted to Millie accordingly. This brings the final figure to SEK 14,480. Charles Otieno thanked everybody who contributed generously to help the Committee reach its target. After all issues were discussed, and with no further matters arising, the Committee was dissolved.

Okoth Osewe
Information Desk
Millie Funeral Committee

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