Rejoinder To “Proudly Kenyan”

It is only in Kenya elections where a Presidential candidate steals the vote then is later sworn in to assume Office in less than an hour without the national anthem being sung, the sword of power being handed over and without the presence of the diplomatic Corpse. Don’t mind that the “invited guests” were mainly family members of “The president’s” key sycophants.  Then, the acceptance speech of the fake Prezzo says in part: “With elections now behind us…”. Sure, the riots are ahead!

In Kenya, you can create a serious crisis by stealing Presidential vote and as “talks” to resolve the crisis begins through some “eminent persons”, you sneak to an African Union summit as “President”. When you come back to Kenya, you tell the opposition complaining “to go to court” without caring about the talks! And that is after the UN Chief has already arrived in the country to “support the talks”, initiative where a former UN Chief is actually the Chief negotiator.

In Kenya, you steal elections then send your dogs to back to the effect that “there will be no negotiations with losers”. You then begin the negotiations and send the dogs away but as the agenda of the talks is being announced, you come back and say that the court system is the best option because election petitions have always been handled well in Kenya.

It is only in Kenya where police shoots a demonstrating civilian and after the action is captured on camera and broadcast on National TV news, the Police Boss comes and accuses the journalist of having “edited” the video to show that someone was shot by police. When evidence mounts, the police chief comes back on Telly and says that someone was actually shot and that action has now been taken. Kenya is a great country.

In Kenya, the Electoral Commission publishes an advert in the national dailies about contested election results then minutes later, the Chairman of that same Commission calls a Press conference and says that he doesn’t know anything about the advert because he was not consulted. Talk about Kivuitu the bandit.

Look at it this way. You loose an election in Kenya (Raphael Tuju, Musikari Kombo and former Vice president Moody Awori all lost). But in Kenya, it is OK that such losers were brought on TV News Conferences to answer questions from journalists to defend the government soon after elections were rigged. When Tuju was asked what he was doing at the Press conference yet he lost elections, he said “That is not an issue”. That is Kenya, our country.

The ban on “Live media coverage” was made by John Michuki, the Minsiter of Internal security. The ban was issued by Michuki as Minister even before the fake President announced the line up of his Cabinet. When push came to shove, Michuki ended up as Roads Minister! Only in Kenya! Besides, there is a “ban on live coverage” but news is actually being transmitted live because the news reader is always live. What happens next in Kenya? The government looks the other way! The vote of the House Speaker was transmitted live on TV despite the ban and the government did not prosecute. In other words, you can break laws before the media and get away with it. After all, elections were also rigged before the Media.

Just imagine this. An important personality like the Chairman of the Africa Union travels to Kenya urgently to try and resolve a stolen election crisis where people are being killed indiscriminately with more than quarter million internal refugees already created. When the AU Chairman arrives, the government spokesman Mutua announces that the AU boss has come to drink “a cup of tea” with the fake President. The Chairman later leaves empty handed. Only in Kenya!

Two opposition politicians are killed in less than 72 hours and before investigations can begin, the government plants stories in the media that the killings were the result of love gone sour. They call it “Love triangle”. Our country is really unique.

If you want to deal with anti-government demonstrators in Kenya, order police to shoot to kill otherwise you are losing it. That is Kenya and if in doubt, look at what Saitoti, the Minister of Internal security, told police. That is our country. If you love it, call it “business as usual” in the post election period!

You have a neighbor at Kibera slums and you have been borrowing one another stuff like salt, onions, tomatoes et al for more than 15 years. He is not a member of your tribe though. But once elections are rigged, you take a machete and cut his/her throat because the one who has rigged elections comes from his/her tribe. Don’t say that this happened in Rwanda because there, elections were not rigged! Its only showing in Kenya. 2B Continued…  

Okoth Osewe