In Loving memory of the Late Jackson Ocan Acellam: Two Years Have Gone!


In the loving memory of the late Mr Jackson Ocan Acellam who suddenly passed away on the 16th of February 2016 in his residence in Ayul, Kitgum. Jackson was the son of the Late Jakayo Morris Obwoya of Lemo Labonyo and the late Miriam Lapura of Kitgum Matidi. Sadly missed by his family who live in London,U.K and Stockholm, Sweden.

His former wife Christine Arach Okidi and their children, Edward Ocan and Miriam Lapura Ocan. It is two years since you suddenly left us without saying good bye. The cause of death was left inconclusive and still remains a mystery. Jackson will always be missed and loved, we hope to meet him one day, but for now may his soul rest in eternal peace.

The Jackson Family


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