Saba Saba: Mau Mau War Veterans Must Be Honoured; TJRC Report Must Be Implemnted – Martin Ngatia


  • The information we have now is that Uhuru Kenyatta held a large meeting of Kikuyu officials and others in his government. They agreed that:

    1. The police use their network of roadblocks to prevent a large influx of CORD supporters entering Nairobi
    2. They intimidate participants by stop and search tactics, detaining any they wish
    3. At 4 PM sharp, the police and army will move in to positions to begin dispersing the crowds
    4. A special squad has been set up to “take care of Raila and other leaders”
    5. Shoot to kill orders have been granted to Kimaiyo and Karangi

    so the stage is set for a blood bath as yet never seen in Kenya. The African Apartheid regime is not willing to condone any threat to its existence and will defend its right to tyrannize over Kenya by force.

    In the counties: GEMA county commissioners have set aside elected officials and taken over the running of all county affairs. A parallel clamp down has been ordered. There will be killings in Kilifi, Kwale, Kakamega and of course Kisumu. Note that these killinbgs are pre-planned as a way to scare “the rest” as the killers put it,
    More soon

  • Thika Town News

    The thieving Kikuyu Women in Thika Town

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