The Kenya 2017 Elections Has Already Been Rigged in Advance – Martin Ngatia


  • Keen Observer

    Kenya police Force deserves Hitlers Medal brutal Price>

  • no salary for Uhuru employees

    Uhuru workers get first salary in months
    By Nairobian reporterUpdated Thursday, July 3rd 2014 at 23:02 GMT +3

    Some senior government officers who were handpicked by the president have been working without pay for months until two weeks ago when he personally intervened to get the contracts and job descriptions.

    According to our little birdie, the contracts had been put on hold because some of the officers did not have sufficient qualifications for the positions they had been appointed to.

    How the officers survived for months without pay and without inviting COTU boss Francis Atwoli for mass action to initiate ‘dialogue’ with their paymaster is a mystery.

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